2022 Summer new Korean children’s sandals

2022 summer new Korean children’s sandals are on the market! All kinds of beautiful and beautiful shoes, the mothers are coming to choose one for their little princess!

Little daisy children’s sandals


The new Korean version of the children’s sandals in the summer of 2014, the three -dimensional flower of the daisy decorative upper, sweet and cute, the rear heel is embellished with willow nails, adding a stylish texture.

Top color flower children’s sandals

A very beautiful Korean version of children’s sandals, the color of the flowers embellish the upper, brings the sweet atmosphere of the little princess, the black and white contrasting sole, and the impact of the visual sense.

Bunny children’s sandals


The cute rabbit shape on the sandals is exquisite in workmanship, cute appearance, naughty, and is loved by the majority of babies.

Diamond bow sandals


Summer new Korean children’s drilling butterfly dull shoes, ritors of different sizes on the upper, decorated with exquisite bow, shiny, very flattering!

Cartoon Snoopy sandals

The upper decoration is based on the image of Snoopy Cartoon, which is very cute. The simple decorative magic lace is convenient at the same time without losing beauty.

Beads Children’s sandals

This Korean beaded children’s sandals, bright crystal beaded decoration, exudes a cute and charming flavor, beautiful and fashionable, can attract the attention of everyone everywhere!

The above is the 2022 summer new Korean child brought by Xiaobian




Is there a one that Baoma likes?