Asian health crowd (mid -frequency therapy instrument)

1. A good morning in the sun, you sit in the office to write a plan for the meeting tomorrow. Suddenly, your neck is stiff, and the whole shoulder is sore.


2. In recent months, I have always had back pain in my neck, and I turned my neck slightly and made a stunned sound.

3. In addition to neck discomfort, I also occasionally feel dizzy, dazzling, and weak limbs. I went to the massage hall to massage several times, but still did not see the effect.

4. Packing meat in the back of the head, the “rich bag” bulge, and the neck tilted forward.

According to the latest statistics

At present, nearly 150 million people in my country have cervical spondylosis


82% of the elderly over 60 years old account


50 to 60 -year -old people are 71%

With the popularization of computers and mobile phones

Cervical spondylosis has a trend of younger youth

The “low -headed” youth -year -old youth cervical spondylosis has a disease rate of 59.1%, and even teenagers are not spared.

And medical discovery

Cervical spondylosis can cause at least 70 diseases throughout the body

Everyone knows that it is the best way to reduce the time to sit for a long time every day, put down the mobile phone, and appropriately increase the amount of exercise to relax and adjust.


But it is almost impossible for students, work classes, daily workers, and people who need long -term desk. But always find a way, spend some time to relax it.

You know, if you ca n’t get rest and conditioning for a long time, your muscles will become tight and tight, stiff, and your waist and back are prone to problems. The consequences are unimaginable.

Usually, there is no time to go to massage museums, even if there is, the price is not cost -effective. The prices of a masseur need about 88-128 yuan at a time, and the frequency of once a week, which costs thousands of dollars a year.


I don’t want to go to the massage hall. I buy a instrument to massage at home, which does save time and cost, and there are not many types of massage in the market, but the problem is really: the shape is too ugly and the volume is too large. This can be reluctant to accept it. But the function is single, especially if the gear cannot be adjusted as needed.

Each person’s symptoms and bearing ability are different. If you cannot adjust your function and strength according to your own conditions, you will cause secondary damage to the cervical spine. This is not a massage, this is aggravating the condition.

With the changes in the living habits and working environment of modern people, there are fewer and fewer daily activities, and there are fewer that can insist on exercise. Therefore, there are more and more obese people. The gospel of life can serve you for 24 hours, so that you can effectively relax your muscles and muscles anytime, anywhere. You don’t need to exercise, but you can let your muscles participate in aerobic exercise at any time. Make you easily, more comfortable, faster, more aspect, healthier, and more effective than exercise!

Bi Shengyuan T+Mid -frequency pulse massage instrument, to modify the micro -current through the medium frequency pulse to reach the lesion. You can choose intelligent in different parts. You feel that you can post it where you feel pain. It can easily solve your pain in 20 minutes. At the same time, it can eliminate inflammation, clear the meridians, promote blood and lymphatic circulation, effectively suppress, relieve, and eliminate various adverse symptoms.

Bi Shengyuan T+Middle Pulse Massage instrument simulates the principle of traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture. Through the pulse microorganism, it accurately stimulates acupoints and nerve endings. Qi, as the saying goes: “Qi Hai is in one pass, Baidong Tong” is imbalanced in women’s dirty qi, irregular menstruation, and dysmenorrhea have a good physical therapy effect. At the same time, it can also increase intestinal peristalsis and discharge stools.

Bi Shengyuan T+Mid -frequency pulse massage instrument is your 24 -hour personal fat -burning shapinger. If you are not satisfied with which part of you, you can post it. Under the action of the medium frequency pulse, quickly go deep into the subcutaneous tissue, accelerate the local blood circulation, open the depression knot , Sandas, stagnation, dredging the meridians, promoting metabolism, and allowing your local microcirculation to achieve the best results.

At the same time, acupuncture therapy stimulates different acupoints, warm and nourish qi. Detoxification and dampness. During this continuous metabolic process, the instrument intelligence combines Chinese medicine acupuncture+traditional Chinese medicine massage+Chinese medicine physiotherapy+aerobic exercise and other position. Accelerate the burning of subcutaneous fat, thereby achieving the effect of targeted fat reduction and shaping.

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