Waste -epidemic prevention agricultural and forestry waste made into paper soap, Taiwanese fir, Ma Juan essential oil antibacterial fragrance

Environmental Protection Information Center reporter Liao Jingyi reported

As the epidemic of new crown pneumonia slows down, when Taiwan is moving towards the “new life of epidemic prevention”, to wash your hands is a good habit of developing! Is it more convenient to wash your hands out? The wood fiber group of the “Agricultural Committee” Lin Test Institute develops a 4 -square -meter category, rubbing for 20 seconds, “paper dissolution your hand” soap, and add antibacterial functions, extract from Taiwan’s fir leaves, horses, and fruits. The essential oil is thin to meet the needs of antibacterial cleaning and easy to carry.

废物防疫 农林废料再制成纸香皂 台湾杉、马告精油抗菌留香

The wood fiber group of the Lin Test Institute of the Agricultural Committee of the Agricultural Committee responded to the paper soap developed by the epidemic, and the technology transfer is currently open. Photography: Liao Jingye

Agricultural and forestry waste 20 seconds of paper dissolved in the hand is like magic

A 4 -square -meter small paper piece, rub it in your palms, rub out the fine foam, follow the seven -character tactics of “Internal and Outside the Bow”, and wash your hands after 20 seconds. Disappearing, leaving only the faint aroma in his hand. This small paper has a lot of competence. It is the research and development team of the wood fiber group. It uses pure natural fibers to make paper with special methods, and combines the essential oil extracted by native plants to develop “paper soap”, which is environmentally friendly and convenient.

At the beginning of the epidemic, the wooden fiber group of the Lin Test Institute also thought about how to contribute to the director of the epidemic, and lock the development of products that are convenient for “washing hands”. The team leader He Zhenlong first designed soaps similar to lipstick gum, adding natural essential oils, cleaning and moisturizing hands. However, although lipsticks are easy to carry, they must cover the lid back every time. discount.

废物防疫 农林废料再制成纸香皂 台湾杉、马告精油抗菌留香

So he moved his thoughts to paper soap, and asked Xu Jianguo, a papermaking expert in the same group, and Xu Guangping, an expert in essential oil product research and development.

Xu Jianguo said that the technology of letting the paper dispersed into small fibers with the water flow, and the technology of entering the sewer with the water pipe diameter has matured, and toilet paper is one of them. Seems to disappear, in fact, the fiber gradually dispersed with the water, and dispersed after the sewer. Water disperse the fiber of toilet paper instead of dissolving. Therefore, after throwing the toilet paper into the toilet flushing, the fiber must be considered in the design that the fiber must be decentralized and cannot be plugged in the water pipe.

So, what about the paper used for washing table? He Zhenlong said that due to the smaller diameter of the washing table, he had to choose a shortened agricultural and forestry waste. Therefore, rubbing for at least 20 seconds to completely scatter the fiber into the water without blocking the handwashing water pipe, it has become the technical focus of paper soap. After understanding the principles of the R & D team, the technology focuses on paper production; the raw materials of the paper come from the remaining agricultural and forestry waste to practice the concept of waste utilization and circular economy.

What a large paper fiber can be completely scattered in your palms after 20 seconds. Will it not be washed too long and can’t wash too fast? After dozens of sample evaluations, and finally cooperated with the native plant essential oil soap formula prepared by Xu Guangping, the 4 square meter is the best size. He Zhenlong explained while demonstrating. The water with the water was rubbed out of the fine foam first, and when the paper was gone, it means that the washing time was more than 20 seconds. If you don’t know the small paper of your palm, you really think it is magic!

The paper soap is 2 cm in length and width, and washed for 20 seconds. Photography: Liao Jingye

Add native plant essential oil sterilization, maintain both hands and leave aroma

废物防疫 农林废料再制成纸香皂 台湾杉、马告精油抗菌留香

The paper soap with essential oils is added. It is not dry or tightened after washing the hands, and there is a faint aroma. He Zhenlong said that there are many raw materials options for essential oils. The preferred two essential oils extracted by Taiwania Cryptomerioides and two essential oils extracted from Litsea Cubeba. Trees need to be cut; secondly, they all have antibacterial functions, especially Ma Juan and anti -inflammatory functions. However, the smell of essential oils in Taiwan fir blades is less pleasing. Therefore, this product uses compound formulas, and all essential oils of this formula are extracted from native plants in Taiwan.

Ma Juan is a native camphor plant in Taiwan. It extracts essential oils from fruits, antibacterial anti -inflammatory and exuding charming aroma, becoming the highlight of paper soap. Photo source: Lin Test Institute

There is another reason for choosing Taiwan fir. It is to use the Shan Sattae residual material and waste use of the Six Turtle Research Center of the Lin Test Institute. “Although it is the remaining waste, it has extracted essential oils and added value, and it also has a hard -to -buy antibacterial effect.” He Zhenlong said that this is also the core value of the circular economy.

In addition, Ma Juan was originally a native camphor plant with a lot of functions and scent. From the essential oil ingredients extracted from fruits, the antibacterial effect was stronger than Taiwan. Others, such as native plants to hand incense, are also good antibacterial oil materials.

The technology of the Lin Test Institute is expected to propose a technical transfer case in the near future. Only by the industry, the industry will ask for inquiries and transfer, and the public will have the opportunity to buy it on the market.

废物防疫 农林废料再制成纸香皂 台湾杉、马告精油抗菌留香

The essential oil extracted from the fir leaves has antibacterial effects and added value to dredging. Photo source: Lin Test Institute

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