Supor Jingyun Water Cup gives you a temperature love

The “2015 China International Kitchen Expo will be held by the China Hardware Products Association and the German Cologne Exhibition Company, which will be held in the National Convention and Exhibition Center from October 21st to 23rd, 2015. The China International Kitchen Exhibition will be recognized as China’s authority and the most influential influence One of the kitchen exhibitions of Li will present a wonderful annual kitchen industry event for exhibitors and audiences. Related products will also be exhibited at this expo.

The reporter learned from the relevant person in charge of Supor that Supor Jingyun’s series of water cup products will be unveiled. Let’s first understand a car insulation water cup product in the Supor Jingyun series.

304 Medical Stainless Steel to ensure healthy drinking water

Anyone who is accustomed to using the insulation cup knows that some thermos cups often have a odor when drinking water. This car insulation cup in Supor uses 304 medical stainless steel from the inside to outside. Smell, truly healthy and safe.

One -click button, driving safely

Because the air in the car is relatively dry, it is very easy to dry and dry, and need to replenish water in time. But while drinking water, pay attention to driving safety. The Supor Jingyun series of car insulation cups adopt an exclusive bullet cover positioning design. The one -click button is designed. As long as the insurance buckle is pulled, the lid can be unlocked. It is convenient for drinking water in the car and ensuring driving safety.

苏泊尔晶韵水杯 给你有温度的爱

U -shaped diversion outlet design, safe anti -burns

Although some thermos cups have good thermal insulation effects, because the design is unreasonable, it is easy to cause people to burn when drinking water. Supor Crystal Rhymes series car thermal insulation cup food -grade PP material, U -shaped anti -scald water outlet design, while ensuring the quality of the water while ensuring the safety of drinking water.

In addition, the Supor’s crystal rhyme series of car insulation cups uses a full sealing intake hole and outlet design, which can achieve closed, that is, vacuum heat preservation and cold; Anti -water!

Since the official listing of the bamboo rhyme series in Supor in 2014, a certain good image has been established in the minds of consumers. Xiaobian believes that in 2015, the Supor Jingyun series of water cups will achieve more extraordinary results! Supor Jingyun’s series of water cup products are all good works for practicality and appearance. At that time, you can go to the hardware exhibition to see it. I believe it will definitely bring you a wonderful experience.