Gossip “Women’s Boots”

Boots, as a kind of special shoe, are the most distinctive feature of the tube shoes without ankle. The origin of boots is no longer verified. A widely circulated statement is that the nomadic people in northern Eurasia have invented their boots. The initial purpose was to protect the calves and avoid frostbite caused by the severe cold in winter. Another statement is that Sun Yan, the militaryist of the Warring States Period in our country, found that the soldiers had been marching for a long time, and the calf was sore, and it could soothe the pain with fabrics. Inspired by this, Sun Yan improved the design of the military shoes, extended the leather sewn around the mouth of the shoe, so that he was surrounded into a cylinder and firmly wrapped the calf, which made the original look of the boots.

Except for women in nomads, women have the habit of wearing boots. For a long time after boots, women and boots do not have too much fate. At that time, the knights from the soldiers from the frontiers of the sideline to the signs of the rivers and lakes needed boots to protect their legs from officials entering and leaving the chapel to the hunter.

Since the modern industry revolution, with the improvement of living environment and working conditions, boots have gradually withdrawn from the daily equipment of men. In addition to men in the cold zone, men still need to wear boots to protect the cold, men’s boots have shrunk to few occasions such as horses, hunting, and wild adventures. I am afraid that only when we can see men wearing boots now, I am afraid that only the army is. Boots are still a tool for relieving fatigue fatigue, unblocking blood circulation in the foot, and maintaining the irreplaceable state of fighting in the battle status of soldiers.

Although men and boots farther away, women and boots go closer and closer. The ingenious craftsmen of the shoe industry have devoted a lot of effort for the design and production of female boots. It is not an exaggeration that women’s boots have developed to this day, which has long been beyond its function to protect their legs and feet, and has been given more connotations and intentions by the times. The boots of modern women are an important carrier of their thoughts and culture. Through women’s boots, we can glimpse women’s obsession with graceful figures, desire for noble identity, and pursue independent personality.

Observing women’s boots should undoubtedly start with the length of the boots. This is where different styles of boots are the most different. At the same time, the boots are left to people with the most direct view after drawing other design elements. Early women’s boots were the recovery of men’s boots. The height of the boots was calculated from the ankle, which was roughly in the middle and lower sections of the gastrocnemius muscle -the main saying was the flat, flat, and slightly different due to the difference in personal leg ratio. Generally, it was slightly different. Generally, it was slightly different. Generally Between 10 and 20 cm. Over time, the height of the boots has evolved in two directions. The first is to shorten to a slightly covering ankle and about 5 cm above the foot. Such boots are actually high -top shoes, but people name them short boots. Another trend is to grow upwards until the knee is not over. What’s more, at some fashion conferences or auto shows, some models of the boots wrap the thighs mostly. If it is not the exposed stockings exposed between the tube mouth and the thigh roots, it really makes people think that it is a pair of leather pants.

If a woman makes a choice in different height boots, I believe most women will use high boots as the first choice. Indeed, the charm of high boots is irresistible. It decorated the outer contour of women’s calf is extremely perfect, especially the back lines like the slightly pulled bowstring, which is fully tight. Plum women put on it, and no longer have to worry about the bloated and relaxed legs and belly will be seen; thin women put on it can also hide the weak chicken feeling caused by slender lower limbs. However, not all women can control high boots. Those tibia are short and thick, and women in the five or five are a bit funny to wear. Compared with Westerners, East Asian women have short legs. Therefore, most women in my country had to bury the dreams of wearing boots secretly in their hearts, and retreat to select the puppet boots, and positioned the mouth of the boots under the knee. From this perspective, the maximum length of a rational woman’s choice of boots can basically reflect the self -confidence of women’s figure.

Women choose boots, since they can’t do whatever they want on the boots, then they are careful on the bottom of the boots. The human designers see through the vain mentality of women, and they can fully transform and upgrade the bottom of the boots. Some raised the original boots that were slightly raised, and “grafted” to the outsole of high heels. Some of them are inspired by more than ten years of popular loose cake shoes, and the light bottom plate has been thickened from the outside. Some of the inner bottoms of the boots from the soles of the feet are raised, and the land has become an increased inner. Others raised the bottom of the boots under the forefoot and the boots and heels, and took the reputation of the “waterproof platform”. Put on these thick boots at the bottom of the boots, women can always increase a little height, which can be regarded as a little compensation for women who can’t wear high boots. Of course, women with a model figure will be more favored by designers. When designers design boots for them, they often mix high and high -heeled elements together, so as to enlarge the characteristics of leg length to the extreme. The analogy of the image is like a basketball player. The ordinary height of one meter eight is the tissue defender. After putting on the boots, it seems to develop twice and grow into a giant of more than 1.9 meters. Women need to wear such “double high” boots. They need to wear a period of adaptation. They have to wear them for the first time. They have to be careful. It is difficult to rest assured that they will take their steps boldly, for fear of sprained their feet. That cramped look is like an old society, and the feet woman who is not in the second door.

An indispensable element of a woman’s boots is the opening on the boots. This is not the standard of boots. Most short boots or some types of mid -boots are not designed. If a woman wants to put the boots on the leg, she can only put her feet into the boots, just like a visiting light to explore in the dark mine. Once the bottom of the boots is touched, the original straightened ankle follows the arc of the tube wall slowly slowly. Slowly bent until the toes resist the head of the boots, and the feet are fitted with the boots. Because the relatively fixed tube mouth must be filled with elastic muscles, it will produce great friction. In addition, the curvature of the ankle is not completely matched with the corner of the inner wall of the boots. Therefore, in emergency situations The embarrassment. The designers obviously noticed such defects, so they broke the cracks of one or two vertical bodies on the boots, and the zipper or shoelaces was stained at the cracks or put on the shoe eyes. With this design, when a woman wears a boot, she only needs to pull the zipper open or loosen the laces. The original closed boots were completely exposed to its inner wall, or the caliber of the boots can be expanded, so that you can quickly insert your feet into the boots. Instead, it fits the empty cavity surrounded by boots, boots, and boots. After that, pull the zipper or tie the shoe lace, the entire boots will be restored and wrapped in the calf. Different styles of boots are different. Some are generously opened in the front of the front side of the boots, and even extended to the boots; It is difficult to find out for a special perspective. According to the suggestions and feedback of some female customers, some designers played flowers on zipper or laces. For example, some chain uses mirror coating, which forms a clear contrast with the dark tone of the boots; some chain paint is the same or similar color as the boots body, which maintains the harmonious unity of the background color as much as possible; there is any The shoelaces pass through the shoe eyes with superimposed “Zhi”; some shoelaces are tied like zebra crossing. Such a unique ingenuity, from one side, also reflects women’s unique obsession and attention to the near -seeding of the fine branches.

After finishing the “shape” of women’s boots, let’s enjoy the “color” of women’s boots. The initial color of women’s boots basically inherited the style of leather shoes, mainly with stable and conservative solid colors, such as black, brown, and white. In the middle and late last century, with the development of dyeing technology and the rise of women’s equal rights, more colorful colors gradually introduced the color system of women’s boots. For example, the same gray blue as the air force flying jacket, orange -yellow close to teak, purple -red color similar to wine, and khaki that is the same as almond. At some exhibitions of some clothing leather goods, we can also see some more up -of -the -boots of boots, such as Yin Hong like blood, silver -lustered mercury color. In addition, some of the female boots sewn with wildlife fur or leather still retain the original color and texture of the fur. In recent years, inspired by Western fairy tale crystal shoes, some styles of women’s boots have introduced transparent plastics as the material of the boots, and the skin tone of the legs is the “color” of the boots. One effect.

While expanding the color of the boots, some bold designers also incorporate the concept of color matching into practice. Some styles of boots are no longer a whole body, but use different colors in different parts. The more conventional approach is based on the same benchmark color or color system. Different parts are adjusted through the elements of depth, light and dark, to form moderate contrasts without losing the overall harmony. For example, the boots are black, and the gray trim is sewn on both sides of the zipper on the boots. A more radical approach is to apply the color contrast or opposite to different parts, causing visual impact and psychological fluctuations, which in turn stimulates women’s desire to buy. For example, white boots stitching black boots. In general, although today’s women’s boots are not lacking in color design, most women still choose classic black and white monochrome styles. Because of this color, it can be versatile of various styles and styles. After all, if a pair of boots with excellent colors on the legs, women will be busy for a long time for choosing clothes, which does not meet the fast -paced life requirements of modern society.

At the same time as “color”, the “quality” of women’s boots is constantly innovating. The most primitive boots are sewn with animal skin. Until now, women living in Siberia or Arctic Circles still retain the craftsmanship of making animal leather boots. Thousands of years ago, the construction technology was born in Eurasia, which opened a new way for the material of the boots. The difference in fur to leather, the difference in the word represents the huge changes in the nature of the material. Fur hair is easily damaged and rotten; leather is durable. The application of modern chemical treatment technology has significantly improved the durability of leather. Today, leather boots are still the mainstream of women’s boots. Because leather is an auxiliary product of animals, its output and quality are insufficient, so since the industrial revolution, people have explored the production of other materials into the production of boots. At the end of the 19th century, the rise of the automotive industry brought about the development of rubber technology. People found that the rubber is soft but not losing toughness, and has good corrosion resistance, so the rubber is used as a new material for making boots. Although glue boots fail to replace the position of leather boots, their excellent waterproof performance and inert chemical properties have been accepted by women on some occasions. For example, in the rainy season or country exploration, some women who admire fashion will wear bright long tube rubber boots to stroll on the road of water or stepping on the soft soil. This romantic atmosphere is “British Fan” in online language. In the middle and late twentieth century, the world set off a revolution in synthetic materials. People can finally prepare new types of materials that do not exist in nature through chemical equipment without relying on active plant resources. A composite material called “artificial leather” came into being. This material made of resin, plastic, and artificial fiber stacked and sticky, because of its appearance texture and physical characteristics, it looks like natural leather, and naturally becomes the preferred alternative to natural leather. The advent of the artificial leather has greatly promoted the development of the shoe industry. To this day, the low and medium -end women’s leather boots sold in the market are basically a mixed material for artificial leather or artificial leather and natural leather. Only high -end leather boots insist on using natural leather. Although the artificial revolution lacks natural atmosphere, because of its large -scale industrialized production, the price of women’s boots becomes approachable. As more women joined the army to buy boots, the manufacturer of boots also followed the trend, and it was constantly new in the design and production of women’s boots. Today, the prosperity of the boots industry has derived the so -called “boots” culture and has become a distinctive sign of contemporary female culture.

The most fundamental purpose of women’s boots is to create a cool figure, enhance elegant temperament, add sexy charm, and convey it to the outside world, obtain praise from others, and show their own personality. To achieve such a goal, not only should we consider the conditions and status of the women’s body, as mentioned earlier, as mentioned earlier. The same style of boots, wearing women in different ages, different figures, different costumes, different occasions, different places, and even different times, there will be different effects. What regrets it is that not all women realize this. Among women today, many people are in love and follow the trend. They often can’t afford the advocacy of the seller and buy boots in their bare brain. Today’s live broadcast shopping is booming, and some female anchors selling boots are psychological confusion and price induction, and they have pulled a lot of female compatriots.

So, how should a woman reach the expected effect by wearing boots? Obviously, this does not have a rule that is allowed to be all around. But we can still find some taboos from some failed events or successful examples and find some rules. First, high boots and short legs are basically insulated. This has been explained in the previous article. We sometimes see some women of one meter and five meters on the street wearing over -knee boots. In fact, this kind of dress does not achieve the effect of pulling the legs, but instead reminds people that people have limited legs. Of course, if your waistline is high enough and the proportion of upper and lower body is perfect, the small man can also wear a atmosphere, but such an opportunity is rare. Second, do not wear narrow mouth boots for fat legs. Some styles of mid -to -high boots are designed with a narrow mouth. Such a design can make the inner cavity of the boots fit the outer contour line as much as possible, which plays a role in reshaping the rear arc of the calf, and eventually makes the entire calf show a beautiful sense of strength. Some women’s calves are relatively loose and relaxed, and they are not suitable for narrow -headed boots. However, out of the persistence of beauty, squeeze their fat legs into the narrow -mouth boots, just like putting the pieces of meat that are not cut without cutting. Forcibly pouring into the sausage casing, making people look uncomfortable. The softened leg and belly became stiff on the surface, but in fact the entire calf was like wearing a steel ring. The blood was not lucky, and it was sore for a long time. This kind of beauty and not life reflects the unclear awareness of women’s social value, and also reflects women’s overgrowth anxiety about secular evaluation. Third, wearing boots less exposed thighs. Maybe it was a trend that was scratched at the fashion conference. In recent years, many women have paired with boots with hot pants and mini skirts. Boots mean closed, shorts represent openness, and the two show on one person, which can indeed bring a visual impact on people. Dressing like this directly exposure your thighs, it seems that it can win the return rate of men, but it is not a way worth copying. This means of stimulating primitive desires to win men should not be accommodated by the values ​​of modern women. The reason why it is widely accepted in all corners of the society is because women and men’s actual social status are not equal, and women want to break free of dependence on men. From this perspective, the road of the women’s liberation movement is still long, and women’s pursuit of independent personality is endless.

Women add up the boots, and the boots add color to women.Women and boots are such a relationship.Under the topic of women and boots, I said a lot of gossip today.But one thing is certain that women and boots, like the elderly and the sea, the relationship between the two will continue, and the story between the two sides has no final ending.