The era of the second child is coming, and the multifunctional mother bed loved by the mother’s love, I have to buy it when I get married

At a glance, she has melted her girl’s heart, and she knows that it is a girl’s room at a glance. Children’s rooms with small space are very suitable for using such a child bed. The area is not very large. It is sweet and simple. Girls like pink. They are innocent. With small desks and bookshelves, the entire room is perfect.

This Mediterranean -style solid wood children’s bed is made of natural solid wood. It is suitable for boys and girls. It is a very practical children’s bed.

Using solid wood feet pillars, the bearing capacity is stronger and more durable. The upper fence of the upper pavement+opening 2 is selected by 1. You no longer have to worry about the safety of the child’s sleep on the pavement. Creative design is conducive to the development of children’s imagination.


This super luxurious princess city castle bed is made of all -solid wood, romantic princess park, and the little princess can live, play, and grow here to realize the dream of childhood. Generally, high and low beds are high, which can effectively protect children’s safety.


The combination of dark blue and log color, the overall color matching is also very attentive. The strong Mediterranean style is presented in front of your eyes. Fun rudder decoration, full of childlike, creative design, is conducive to the development of children’s imagination, beautiful and stylish shapes, colorful color, durable and durable color is the choice of mothers.


The colorful and happy double -layer combination bed height bed height bed and mother bed went out to bed. The little princess’s castle, none of the girls would dislike it, I couldn’t help but admire: too dreamy, too beautiful! Living in such a bed, happiness is almost burst into stactions. Well, ok, wipe

This solid wood bed double -layer height bed,


The arc staircase handrail is exquisite, and the surface of the ivory white environmentally friendly paint is smooth and beautiful. The room is placed in the room to outline the unlimited beauty, like a landscape,

It is now the second child. Many families have two children, allowing them to sleep high and low bed to increase their feelings and save space.

This solid wood pine twin -layer bed mother and child bed,


Adopting a beautiful three -dimensional shape design, very atmospheric, thick solid wood bed board, super load -bearing capacity, high guardrail design, security and guarantee,


Just a small space can create learning for the baby. The space of sleep, every corner is incorporated into the practicality of life, and is solid and durable.

Such a children’s room is really in love. The main color of the light blue space and the large tree -like pillars make the whole room look like in a fairy tale. The design also gives the beds a very good vision, beautiful and practical, and can also enhance children’s feelings.