Handmade soap made with potatoes can wash dishes and wash oil and pollution tutorials

It is said that the 721 Tudou’s family soap is a well -washing effect. It can wash dishes, washing, laundry, and oil. I made this soap.

Formula: 490 grams of refined coconut oil, 140 grams of palm oil, 70 grams of EV olive oil, 122 grams of sodium hydroxide, 367 grams of potato sauces (3 times alkali)

Added object: 35 grams of potato sediment

Soap liquid weight: 1224 grams

用土豆制作的手工皂 能洗碗 洗衣 去油污 教程

INS: 220

Production date: September 9, 2016

Indoor temperature: 23 degrees

Humidity: 65%

Production process:

1. Prepare tools, materials, see in the picture (the row of the window is not soap making, it is my kitchen seasoning)

2. Take half of the palms of potatoes, Master Kang’s pure water 500 grams of water (can be used with distilled water), peel the potatoes, put it in the water, and use a cooking machine to make potato juice with a cooking machine

3, the potato juice precipitate for 2 hours, pour the juice out, call 367 grams of clear juice, 35 grams of precipitation, and the excess is dumped. Be careful not to precipitate for too long to prevent deterioration.

用土豆制作的手工皂 能洗碗 洗衣 去油污 教程

4. Pour the three kinds of oil into the stainless steel barrel and heat it to 30 degrees

5. Pour the sodium hydroxide four or five times into the potatoes and clear the juice, and stir it upside down until it is dissolved into alkaline water. At this time, the temperature of the alkali water is very high. Spend

6. Pour the alkaline water into the oil, put the eggbeater vertically into the barrel, start stirring in the same direction for 20 or thirty minutes, and then start the machine stirring. To ensure that the mixing is well stirred, the manual and the machine are mixed in turn.

7. After mixing for more than T, add potato residue, speed T. I will stir with the machine for 80 minutes by hand and the machine. Note: Prepare the mold before adding potato residue, because adding potato residue will be fast, and it is too late to prepare.

用土豆制作的手工皂 能洗碗 洗衣 去油污 教程

8. Entering the mold, the silicone mold I use, the soap of the family is very hard, do not use the acrylic mold that cannot be disassembled, it will be difficult to remove

9, heat preservation, soap liquid in the insulation box, the temperature is adjusted to 30 degrees, the insulation is 8 to 12 hours, I heat up for 12 hours. Note: In order to prevent heat analysis, you should touch the mold temperature at any time. If you specialize in the heat, take it out of the thermal insulation box. The temperature drops to less than 30 degrees and stabilizes.

10. Decarry up, I take out the mold for 2 hours from the thermal insulation box.

11, cutting soap: If the hardness is appropriate when the mold is removed, try to cut the soap. If it is not easy to cut, wait for the first cut, the time is uncertain, and experience.

用土豆制作的手工皂 能洗碗 洗衣 去油污 教程

12, dry soap, wait for cooked, family soap is expected 15 to 20 days

Talk about the feeling of the potato family soap:

1. I use the bowl of it first, one word: cool! The foam is rich, the oil removal effect is good, and it is easy to rinse!

用土豆制作的手工皂 能洗碗 洗衣 去油污 教程

2. Wash my hair, I originally liked the most likely Hai Fei silk, refreshing after washing, good dandruff, and fluffy hair, but my hair loves oily, and Hai Feisi can keep it fluffy for 1 day. Therefore, you must wash your hair a day, wash it with this family soap. It is slightly astringent when washing. Unlike others said, it is particularly astringent with shampoo. Taking the soap on the head a few times, it feels very comfortable. The hair is fluffy for 2 and a half days, and the Hai Feisi is better than the sea! As for whether there will be too much dandruff, it is estimated that you can’t see it in a short time. Take a while!

用土豆制作的手工皂 能洗碗 洗衣 去油污 教程

3, oil removal, I cleaned the oil box of the range hood, the oil removal effect!

4, clean the lipstick toasts, molds, etc. I used to clean the cup mold, it felt particularly difficult to wash, kitchen detergent, soap, soap, oil removal agent, together, still unclean, the little hand is always red. thorough!

用土豆制作的手工皂 能洗碗 洗衣 去油污 教程

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