It’s all the tricks, the sketch clothes painting method is all here, take it away quickly

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There are also several articles about sketching, I do n’t know how everyone absorbs it. Today, I will talk to you about the drawing method about sketch clothes. After mastering it, your sketch will improve a lot.


Short coat of cashmere

With a certain thickness, the clothing pattern is not very obvious. At this time, the method of handling the pattern can be based on the compound line, so that the clothing looks soft and has a certain thickness. Remember that the line of the shift of the clothing must be clear.

Summer clothing


Compared with the human body, Luo Nake’s payment part should be accurate and affirmed. The turning point of the body can be expressed by re -line. Remember not to portray too rigidity.


Denim jacket

The texture is relatively hard. When drawing, you can use a single line and re -line to express the texture of the clothes. Secondly, men’s costumes are tough, and women’s clothes are softer, so pay attention to grasp when painting.

Winter down jacket

It is very important when performing. This dense, short -scale, and trivial clothes are the most difficult to express. At this time, we must grasp the turning point of the body to maintain the basic characteristics of the clothing.

The above is the clothing texture often encountered in the sketch. I hope that everyone can think more during practice and grasp the characteristics of clothes as much as possible. At last,


I also hope that everyone will pay more attention and support the painting industry@还 还, thank you!