Four skin cleansing tricks, have you washed the right face for so many years?

When the summer goes out, the skin will be oiling, and it is easy to stuffy acne and long closed mouth for long -term masks. The air -conditioned room will feel dry and tight after a long time, but it is too difficult! At this time, I want to wash my face once and apply a cleaning mask again, as if this can “wash off” oil and acne.


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However, I tried various cleaning methods, countless cleaning products, pores are still clear, acne is stubborn, and the skin has become rough and fragile! what to do? Of course, you need to choose a cleansing product and cleaning mask according to your skin quality. It is better to join forces with strong!

I don’t know how to choose the product? What should I pay attention to when cleaning? Today, the four sisters with different skin types shared their experiences and love to use good things, and they were like the sisters!


The dry skin is too concerned about the lack of drying the face! So the cleansing products I choose have the same advantages -dense foam, and the skin of the rear of the cleansing is not tight.

There are not many skin problems, so as long as the foam is dense enough to clean the old waste horny and dirty things on the skin, I will use the foaming tool every time I cleans.

I bought a small octopus in the Japanese drugstore, squeezed the cleansing milk in, and pressed the small octopus’s body, and I would make a particularly dense foam! Cleaning power Max! And the small octopus is very small and portable, pink and tender and cute.


Cerro Qreen

Small octopus silicone wash face brush

¥ 35/one

I have tried a lot of cleansing products. Today, Amway I have two models of Amway to countless friends around!

One is cosme decorte Diko AQ exquisite cleansing dew. I personally like its cleaning power and the comfort after cleansing. Even if I do n’t care immediately, I do n’t think the face is tight. The only bug is a bit expensive.

A friend who was planted by me feedback: “After using this cleansing, I washed the face for more than 30 years before, and it was easy to explode!”

Cosme decorte Diko

AQ treasure essence, Yueyue Living Yanlu

¥ 800/200ml

The other is Chojyu longevity Nai volcanic mud cleansing cream. It has a foam net. It only needs to take out a nail -sized cleansing paste and rub it with a foam net. Too crooked, let me enjoy the entire cleaning steps very much! The price is also very close to the people!

ChojYu longevity Naili


Ran-Volcano Cleansing Mud


¥ 188/88G


Thinking of my skin, I am very speechless and want to support my amount everyday. The three seasons of spring, autumn, and winter are dry skin of the desert. In summer, it is mixed with dry skin, the cheeks are dry and desert, and the T area and chin are neutral skin.

In order to take care of this special skin, I will pay great attention when choosing a clean product. I will pay great attention when choosing a cleaning product. I must be mild, but also experience a good sense and can lock the skin moisture.

I will use the cleansing milk sooner or later. In the morning, choose the strong moisturizing Guerlain Guerlain Jiaolan pure beautiful muscle cleansing foam mousse.

Guerlain France Jiaolan

Pure beautiful muscle cleansing bubble mousse

¥ 480/150ml

In the evening, you will choose the clean Estee Lauder Estee Lauder Platinum -grade moisturizing and glossy cleansing milk, which is just for further cleaning after makeup removal to help remove makeup residues.

Estee Lauder Estee Lauder


Platinum -grade moisturizing luster cleansing milk

¥ 550/125ml

For cleaning the mask, I recently liked the PDC meal mask. The texture is very soft like the tofu residue. The ingredients contain wine extracts, so there will be a faint wine after the face, but there will be no sense of wine.



Meal mask

¥ 206/170g


In the ingredients, there are cuminoside, curvic acid, etc., which helps the skin to turn white and remove old horny and yellow qi. After using the skin, the skin is bright and shiny, sweeping the dullness and burnout feeling before.


It is no problem to apply it for 10 to 20 minutes. Do not wash it directly with water. First, wipe it out with a wet facial washing towel, and then wash it.


I woke up every morning and felt that my facial area T area was wrapped in oil. I have not studied before. I used the product casually. The cleaning work on the first floor did not pay attention to it, so that after each cleansing, the T area was still oily, and the cheeks were dry and tight and red, but it was too uncomfortable!

For me, the cleansing milk still needs to be used with a cleansing instrument. I can only use my hands to wash off dirt and control oil. The frequency is 1 or 2 times a week.


FOREO LUNA Mini2 Philipina mini 2 cleansing instrument is very waterproof. It has three types of bristles and can clean the corners of the face. The silicone texture is soft and comfortable, and I only charge it once, which is very durable.

It has 8 gear strengths that can be adjusted. Usually my cheeks are easy to flush, so it will be enough to adjust to 2 gears when it is used.

FOREO Filuner

Luna mini2 Luna mini 2 clean cleansing instrument


¥ 1280/piece

I chose the CPB skin key light and washing the facial cream. I don’t like the feeling of dry cheeks, so I use a moist type. The texture is smooth, the foam is dense, and the face is gentle and comfortable.

After using the cheeks, it will not feel tight. After rinse, the skin feels soft and tender! When the cleansing instrument is not needed, I will massage more for a while on both sides of the n -zone and nose wings.

CPB skin key

Light Washing Ointment

¥ 450/110ml

If it is a sister with a lot of oil, it is recommended to choose a refreshing type, with small particles with clean particles, the oil removal effect is very good, and the sides of the nose can finally breathe. Sisters with blackheads in the nose can massage for a while. After cleaning, the pores are much cleaner.

If you want to clean the pores further, you still need to rely on the mask. I recommend ORIGINS Yuemu source activated carbon pore cleaning mask, which is also commonly known as “clay doll”.



Activated carbon pores net transparent mask

¥ 200/75ml

The texture of this cleaning mask is relatively moist. I will apply the whole face once a week and only apply it to the T area twice a week. It contains salicylic acid, and the effect of using acne or closed mouth is also very good. After 10 minutes of thick face, it will form a film, but it is not dry at all, and the cleaning ability is max!


As a girl with big oil skin and acne, I really break my heart about skin care! Therefore, I have also demanding skin cleaning products. It is really painful and happy to make a delicate girl!

I have a heavy makeup in Europe and the United States almost every day. After the basic makeup remover, I still feel that the makeup on my face is not unloaded very clean. The cleaning product of cleansing products is very important. Today I will give you two unlimited repurchase of good things for everyone. Let everyone’s pores zero “garbage”!


The first one is of course the very famous Chanel Chanel soft skin cleansing milk, which is the tea facial cleanser in everyone’s mouth. The cleaning power is very strong. As long as the soybeans are squeezed out, you can rub the dense foam.


Chanel Chanel

Soft skin cleaner cleansing milk

¥ 435/135ml

Once I went out for forgetting to bring off mycanne water, I really had a nightmare for my eyes makeup, so I took out my camellia facial cleanser with a mentality of trying it. At that time, I just wanted to say two words! (Everyone knows!) Amway gives daily makeup girls!

However, the makeup removal with cleansing products is limited to accidental events. Makeup remover is to be handed over to the special makeup remover.

CEMOY Platinum Facial Washing Milk is unintentionally discovered. It is very friendly to the student party. It can be used for cleansing milk. It can also be used as a cleaning mask. Distressed. After cleaning, you will not dry the face in time, and will not dry the face, Amway!


Platinum lofty facial cleanser


¥ 169/100ml

The thick makeup COOL GIRL daily fear of makeup residue caused closed mouth, acne, and blackheads, so I clean the skin once a week.


I don’t know how many cans of Kiehl’s Kiehl’s Kiehl’s Amazon white mud cleansing mask, I really love it very much. Before use, I wipe the whole face with the cotton pad with toner to promote the adsorption ability of the subsequent cleaning mask.


Kiehl’s Keyan


Amazon white mud cleansing mask

¥ 290/125ml

After thick coating the whole face, wait for 10 minutes. There is a slight tingling sensation in the lack of water in the skin. I usually rub and massage with my hands in semi -drying. I can clean it when I rub it up to almost melted. The excess oil is taken away, especially refreshing and smooth.

When the acne is very serious, I will choose a VT tiger pudding cleaning mask containing Clampoors and green tea particles. After the face, I will feel cool on my face. The creamy texture is easy to push away, which is very mild.

It is very convenient to carry independent packaging, and the amount of one is thick enough to coat the whole face. It can also calm the skin while cleaning. After washing it, I really feel that the acne is a lot flat!



CICA Tiger Pudding Mask

¥ 129/10 capsules

Finally, I should remind everyone that after cleaning, apply a sliced ​​mask in time to replenish it! Being a girl is really too tired and tired! I’m really tired for my beauty! But I am beautiful and I am happy!

Cleaning is the first step to make the skin smooth and translucent. Sisters don’t underestimate this step, you must pay attention to it!

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