Quick -dissolved tea: New Downsy for Consumer Products (Affiliated Stocks)

Tea Yanyue is believed to be no stranger to everyone. He searched for frequent customers. Ali was indirectly included in the stock; there were 8 hours after the queue, 200 cups, and so on.

Recently, they have released a new “Little Lotus Bar”. This time, there is no need to purchase, because the small lotus can only buy online. But as soon as it is on sale, it is snatched. It is still restricted, but it has been replenished one after another.

From coffee to instant noodles, from beverages to cosmetics, summarizing the birth of emerging consumer brands, it is not difficult to find two characteristics: 1. The category is relatively mature, and the market penetration rate is already very high. The market consumers here have sufficient awareness of this category and are willing to accept fresh concepts; 2. Lack of important innovation in this field.

For example, this very mature track of carbonated beverages, vitality forests play differentiated innovations by playing a health concept of 0 sugar and 0 cards, capturing the hearts of a group of consumers. Also on the new tea track, fast -dissolving tea is also perfectly consistent with these two characteristics, and there are huge potential to be tapped.

In addition, the more important innovation brought by fast -meon tea is his convenience. There is a prefabricated dish with all the way


It also represents more convenient diet models. Later, there are the first Oatly and milk sperm of Oatly, the first stock of Oatly

Jiahe Food

, Functional Drink First Stock

Dongpeng drink

… It is foreseeable that with the involvement of capital and the high -dissolving tea attempts, the market size will grow rapidly.

The following is the relevant stocks compiled by Ai stock:

Shenliang Holdings

: The only quick -dissolving tea company in the two cities, and its wholly -owned subsidiary Shenzhen Shenbao Huacheng Technology Co., Ltd. has independently developed tea powder, tea concentrated juice and plant extraction and invention patented technology.

Jiahe Food: Among them, the main clients of fat -planting (milk essence) are unified,


, COCO, Shanghai Auntie, Gu Yan and other brands. Fast -soluble coffee. In addition to coffee products, milk tea powder, soy milk powder, chocolate powder, quick -soluble tea, all kinds of fruit powder, etc. have also become an important supplement to the diversification of Jiahe food products.


Dongfeng Co., Ltd.

: Participate in Xixue, Naixue’s tea, tea face, three and a half meals, etc.

Rhein creature

: Holding subsidiaries Hua Gao Bio is mainly responsible for the development, production and sales of tea and cousin extracts such as tea polyphenol, quick -dissolved tea, catechin, tea lutein, resveratrol and other tea extracts. At the same time, the company’s natural sweetener series products are widely used in health foods, functional beverages and other fields!