How does the good -looking boots and shoelaces be tied? Several simple methods, fashionable and personality

The good -looking boots naturally need to be a good -looking shoelaces. Such beauty is complement each other. When you tie the shoelaces of the boots, do you tie it in a conventional way? Is there any personality and simplicity? Today, Xiao Crazy came to share with you a few good -looking boots and shoelaces. It is a special fashionable personality. Let more beautiful babies learn together.

01, ribbon bow knot method, sweet and personality

The rate of boots and the softness of the ribbon is also a more perfect combination. These two elements look out of reach, but they are more sweet. Putting the bow of the bow as the laces, put it together neatly, and finally hit a beautiful bow, which is a very sweet personality style.


02. Single -knotting system method, more personalized fashion

Single -ending method is also different from the conventional system. Instead, the two laces were wrapped together, but instead hit a single knot on both sides of the shoes. This method is more fashionable. We only need to make good -looking single knots at the end of the shoelaces, which is a very personal and stylish style.

03. Ordinary method, simple and convenient

If you want your own style to be more simple and low -key, you don’t need to choose a variety of complex shoelaces. The simplest ordinary method is good. Such a lace lace method is simple and monotonous. Bring a knot, and then tie a bow at will so that the shoelaces are tied, is it very simple?


04. Winding style method, more suitable for long -lace

If the shoelaces of the boots are relatively long, we can choose this rim -type system, and take the shoelace around the boots a few circles, so that the shoelaces will be too long The boots coming out will be more handsome, and it is also a very refreshing style.

05. Put the shoelace into the boots, more fashionable and neat


It is a relatively simple way to plug the laces into the boots. If the laces are relatively long, we can choose this way to plug the lace into the boots, which is more refreshing and fashionable. Whether it is a skirt or boots, it is a relatively simple and generous way.

Well, the above is the fashion information shared by Xiao Crazy today. Which of these boots and laces, which one do you think is more beautiful? I will share the knowledge of fashion trends every day, please pay attention! (Original text, picture source network. If there is any infringement, please contact it.)