Remember, rhinestones, Olympic diamonds, Czech diamonds, and acrylic diamonds are not diamonds

Sometimes customers go to unconventional stores to buy jewelry, and they will be introduced by the clerk that this is a rhinestone. What the customer asked what was a rhinestone? The clerk would say it was a diamond.


In fact, rhinestones are not diamonds! Including the popular Olympic diamonds on the Internet, Czech diamonds and acrylic diamonds are not diamonds!

Diamonds are long -lasting, and a forever spread. Diamonds are a symbol of love and loyal marriage. Therefore, once it is called a diamond, the value will increase many times.

Diamond is a natural mineral,


It is a monocular crystal composed of carbon elements under high pressure and high temperature conditions. Diamonds are the hardest substances found in nature at present and are often used in industrial cutting because Mo’s hardness has reached 10. So what are rhinestones, Olympic diamonds, Czech diamonds, acrylic diamonds? What is the difference between the four and diamonds?


Diamonds are not specifically refer to a certain material, but

The collective name of imitation diamond material


For example, artificial glass, artificial sapphire, artificial crystal, artificial vermiculite, etc., their common features are artificial. It can be produced in batches, and the price is cheap.


Because the rhinestone can achieve the bright color and gorgeousness as the diamond through cutting, coupled with the cheap price, it is very popular with people. It is generally used for jewelry and ornaments. But “Li Gui” will not become “Li Yan”, and “rhinestones” will not become “broken diamonds”.

Olympic diamond

Olympic diamonds, all known as Austrian diamonds, are produced on the northern bank of the Rhine. Specifically, Olympic diamonds are artificial glass with lead. Why add lead to artificial glass? Because the higher the content of the lead element, the stronger the gloss, the more bright the fire is.

The most famous brand of Ao Diamond is Swarovski. The “Swarovski” rhinestone produced in Austria in 1895. The cutting surface can be as many as more than thirty faces, the refractive index is extremely high, the naked is almost the same as the diamond, and the gloss is lasting. Swarovski has now become light luxury products. The unit price of a product ranges from thousands of yuan and ranges from 10,000 yuan.

It is also an artificial “imitation diamond”, why is Swarovski so expensive? It is because of its unique cutting, absolute purity and fashionable design. Swarovski has a very high requirements for cutting accuracy. The accuracy of Swarovskic’s cutting surface guarantees the refraction of light. The light reflected in each direction must be calculated with the computer first, and then simulated with 3D, optimized and finally eventually optimized and eventually eventually optimized and eventually eventually optimized and eventually eventually optimized and eventually eventually optimized and eventually finally optimized Converted into a complex machine for control programs.

Therefore, Swarovski has a strict standard process from the selection and processing of the material to the final polishing.

Mercedes-Benz SL600 sports car with 300,000 Swarovski rhinestones

Czech diamond


The Czech diamond, similar to Olympic diamond, is also artificial glass, produced on the south bank of the Rhine.


Czech diamonds are not as good as Olympic diamonds. The cut surface is generally more than ten sides. The refraction effect is better. Although it is not as good as Olympic diamonds, it is also like diamonds. The fire color is shining. Czech diamonds are generally used in the inlaid of mid -range accessories.


Acrylic drilling

Acrylic, acrylic acrylic acrylic diamond, is a specially disposed of organic glass. Generally, the front brightness is increased. There is a silver reflex coating at the bottom, usually aluminum foil.


Diamonds have the characteristics of light quality, low price, bright color, and clear and translucent.

The price of acrylic diamonds is very cheap, usually used on headwear, earrings, bracelets, rings, mobile phone chains and other accessories. Compared with rhinestones and Olympic diamonds, Acrylic’s diamonds are very plastic and look cheap. At present, the origin is mainly China.