Testing 14 children’s shampoo and shower gels such as Shiba and good children. Which cleaning is powerful and mild?

618 Do you want to consider a wave of baby products, such as children’s shampoo and shower gel? Can two -in -one products that can wash their hair and take a bath at the same time take into account both “cleaning” and “mild”?

In February 2019, the Clear Road was tested for 14 babies shampoo and shower gel. The indicators include the pH value and the content of active substances.


14 test samples


Schuba, Honey, Crocodile Baby, Sunda PH and Primary Babies are even more


The World Health Organization (WHO) suggested that the first bath should be taken 6 hours after birth, and washing with water is the best cleaning method. This has been recognized by many countries including the United Kingdom as a nursing method for newborn babies.

However, the cushioning ability of water is questioned because it can increase the pH of the skin to 5.5 to 7.5, and only water is not considered a effective way to clean, because it cannot clean the oily stool and sebum oily. dirt.

The United States is recommended to use warm drinking water mixed with mild cleaner (pH 5.5-7.0) suitable for human skin.

The pH on the surface of the skin is weakly acidic is an important factor that can resist microorganisms, and this is the core of the mature function of the epidermal barrier and repair process.

When the birth of a full moon was born, the pH was neutral, with 6.3 to 7.5. Two weeks later, the pH dropped to about 5. During the second and fourth weeks, the pH gradually became acidic, about 4.2 to 5.9.

However, Gao Jinna, the marketing director of Aigu Company, said: “Although the PH value of infants and young children at different ages is different, the pH value has not changed much. In the process of dynamic development of infant skin, the skin is basically weakly acidic. At this stage, pH5.5 is the PH5.5 is the stage. A pH of the slightly balanced and healthy development of infant skin slightly ecological and healthy development. “

She believes that mothers choose whether they choose to give their babies



Products or skin care products should pay attention to the protection of weak acidity.

Therefore, in addition to being required to be weakly acidic, for newborns, the pH of a baby bath product is best close to 5.5.

The test results show that the pH value of 14 children’s shampoo and shower gel is weakly acidic, of which

Schuba, Honey, Crocodile Baby, Songda

The pH value is close to 5.5, which is more suitable for babies who are born for more than 2 weeks.

Johnson & Johnson, Ai Weino Aveeno is better cleaning effect

Most of the cleansing effect of shampoos and shower gel depends on the active objects and content that can take away “dirty things”.

The test results show that 14 children’s shampoo and shower gels meet the national standard requirements. in,

Johnson & Johnson,

Ai Weino


The total active content is relatively high than the remaining 12 models, and the cleaning effect is better.


Red small elephant, baby Jinshui


Harro Flash Sanosan

The relatively clean ability is slightly worse, but it is still above the standard requirements.


▲ Johnson & Johnson bubble shampoo

▲ Haro Small Baby Clean Baby Two -in -one shampoo shower gel

In addition, consumers should choose to use the skin characteristics and age of infants and young children to choose to adapt to their age groups.

For example, children’s washing products are currently subdivided into “infants and young children” (suitable for children aged 0 to 3) and “children” (suitable for children aged 3 to 11) according to the age group of children’s growth.

Some parents may feel that “babies do not need to take a bath, and they can not have to shower gel 6 months ago”, but Gao Jinna did not agree with this approach. She explained that due to the fast metabolism of the baby, daily living will also be stained with dirt. If it is not washed, bacteria and dirt remaining in the baby’s skin can stimulate the skin to cause inflammation. Therefore, 6 months ago, it was necessary to take a bath for your baby to use a baby -specific shower gel.

However, bathing frequently will also destroy the baby’s skin, especially for newborns, the skin’s fat is protected. Therefore, if the baby is not particularly dirty, you don’t need to take a bath frequently. After the baby takes a shower, you can appropriately apply the baby’s dew for the baby.


[Special statement: The test results in this report are only responsible for test samples, which does not mean the quality status of the same batch or other models of products. .