Modify the work mode of telecommunications light cats, popular science NAT network type, improve game film and television viewing experience


Telecom broadband is basically accepted by optical cables. After the optical cable is entered, the optical cat is connected to the optical cat. The light cat is responsible for turning the light signal into a electrical signal, and then you can access the Internet after dialing the PPPOE. PPPOE dialing can be completed on the light cat side or on the router. The light cat dial is a routing mode. The router PPPOE dial -up time cat works in the bridge mode.

Network type science


NAT is the first letters of the three English words network address translation, which means the network address conversion. We can simply understand that NAT has converted the LAP address in the IP data packet head to another public network IP address. And our common wireless routers have three functions: NAT, wireless AP and switches.

Generally speaking, there are 4 NAT types, namely: NAT1, NAT2, NAT3, NAT4. The permeability from 1 to 4 is getting worse and worse, and restrictions are increasing. Nat1 is

Full cone (




, Nat2 is

Limited cone -shaped address (

Address-restricted cone nat

, NAT3

Port is limited to cone -shaped (


Port-restricted cone nat

, NAT4


Symmetric nat



Light cat work mode


The light cat is commonly known as the light -modem, also known as a single -ended portal machine. Light cat function is responsible for the conversion of light signals and electrical signals. The business opportunities of the business opportunities to prepare the network signal to the laser. The user ends the network information from the laser through the light cat.

If users need to access the Internet, they need to dial PPPOE. The light cat can complete the dial -up process. This is the routing mode. The dial -up process can also be completed on the wireless router. In this case, Light Cat works in the bridge mode.

Modify the light cat mode

In the routing mode, the light cat dial, and the light cat is responsible for NAT conversion. Because the specialty of light cats is photoelectric conversion, the routing performance is weak, the capacity of the network equipment is insufficient, and the number of equipment is large, the number of equipment may cause the network to not be smooth. In the bridge mode, the wireless router dial and NAT conversion, the router has stronger capacity, and the network experience is better.

ZTE Light Cat F650 Modification Method

Here is a telecommunications light cat, and ZTE F650 as an example to briefly explain the modification process. The computer and the light cat are connected through the network cable to open the light cat management page, and enter the super administrator account number and password login. The user name of the super administrator is Telecomadmin, and the super password is Telecomadmin+eight random numbers. The super password is dynamic when registered with a light cat, and you need to ask for the installer. Of course, you can also obtain it through some tools or disassembly TTL.

Click the menu, network-network connection-network settings, click the connection name drop-down box, click to select the internet_b_vid_41. In the following connection mode, click the drop -down box to select the bridge. The VLAN number below is the same as the routing mode. Remember the original number before modifying, and finally click the saved below.


Wireless router settings


The telecommunications optical cat mode is a routing mode. After modifying the routing mode to the bridge mode and saving it above, the wireless router WAN port is connected with the light cat LAN1 port, and fills the PPPOE broadband account and password to the router dial page.

Under normal circumstances, the router will be dial immediately, and it will be successfully dial after a while, otherwise the light cat and wireless router power will be turned off. After a few minutes, turn on the light cat and router power supply.

In order to build an ecology, the operator is a routing mode by default, which is not friendly enough for heavy network users. General users, there are few network devices, but only basic browsing information watching videos, there are basically no difference in the two modes. For heavy network users, there are many network devices, and the network access speed and connectivity are high. Such as online games, NAS private network disks, BT download, etc., experience in the bridge mode will be greatly improved. Watching online videos, online film and television, etc., the bridge mode is smoother and buffer faster.