Children’s early teaching machine is too deep? Huawei Wisdom Selected Huohuo Bunny Smart Early Early Early Early Early Early Early Early Early Early Early Early Evaluation Comment comes

Recently, I was fortunate to have come into contact with the early education machine products. I saw that there were various products on the market. What were the main partners, the main artificial intelligence, and telling stories to children. Can’t count it, but for children, is these functions really practical?

Today, I got Huawei Zhichuan Huohuo Rabbit Intelligent Early Early Early Early Early Early Teaching Story Machine, let’s take a look.



When I got the box, I was attracted by the appearance of the fire rabbit, and it turned over.

The simple rabbit shape, the merchant sent a drop -proof, a manual, plus a data cable.

The rabbit tail on the back is a switch button, which can be turned on by twisting. To a certain extent, the baby’s misunderstanding is avoided.


After the rotating tail opened, the sound of “Hello, I’m your good friend Fire Rabbit” sounded, and the two ears of the rabbit will emit different colors of light, and the eyes are sparkling. The design is very cute. Children should be able to love. In addition, they can sing and speak, which is particularly easy to become a baby partner.

Another advantage of this early education machine is that it can be separated from the phone. After turning on, automatically play children’s songs or tell stories, and press the button on the touch machine to operate directly. No matter whether the adult is next to it, it can easily open the operation. It is very friendly to the elderly or children. Essence

The content of Huawei Wisdom Fire Rabbit Intelligent Early Early Early Early Early Early Early Early Teachers Itself is relatively abundant, which is unmatched by ordinary Bluetooth speakers or mobile apps. It covers the process of nursery rhymes, knowledge encyclopedia, mathematical operations, Chinese and English translations, and English enlightenment education. It eliminates the process of going to the Internet to find these resources. Many times we do not lack resources. What is missing is the time to select resources and the execution of resources. This early education machine has a certain classification. The fool -style operation method can also switch FM radio according to the voice prompts. It is particularly convenient to find resources.


Some people often advocate parent -child time. Of course, parent -child reading is good, but not every parent has the conditions to be full -time at home. Children want to read the picture book as calling. English reads like a mother tongue. In these two aspects, at least reading the fire rabbit can make up for it.

Simply put, everything that needs to be “listened” in all needs to be used! And go out to eat and take a car if the baby is noisy.


It is recommended that mothers who do not have time to accompany their children to start one, and expectant mothers should start buying prenatal education from pregnancy! Huawei Zhichuan Huohuo Bunny Intelligent Early Early Early Early Early Early Early Early Teachers Machine Sound quality is also very good. The key is portable. Children like to take them when they go out.