Dili Reba is really beautiful! A champagne color dress is glorious.

Di Lierba has

Excellent face value and figure

Every time the shape of the red carpet is very stunning, and in a offline event, she appeared elegantly with a champagne long dress.

Advanced style.

1. Champagne color long skirt

The charming Reba can control many design clothing, of which


It is the one that suits her most and can greatly highlight her

His noble and gorgeous.

Champagne color is a color system with low saturation

, But its charm is not low, it has a faint noble spirit,

Low -key but very charming


Essence And the long skirt in the picture chooses a thin flashed fabric, which is combined with champagne color, and it looks like


Well but not vulgar

There is a sense of high -level sense that cannot be ignored under the camera.

The band design adopted in the upper body shows the superior and exquisite Reba

Neck and shoulder line

, And the light luster of the skirt is linked to the fair skin, which is also more beautiful.


The material of this dress is very smooth and skinny. In order to highlight the slenderness of the waist, it is used.


Waist design

, Can be visually

The slim waistline is more outstanding and perfect.

The charm of the split design is to break the routine, whether it is the small split on the foot of the trousers or the side split side of the skirt side

, Can show independence

Special fashion sense

The most important thing is

Long legs

Essence This long skirt wearing Reba uses a split design.


Under the blessing of high heels, it will look taller and elegant


The makeup in Rebatu is not the same as before. Compared with the weakened eye makeup, she abandoned her favorite red lips this time, and switched to

Bean paste color is full of lip shape


Essence Vivid


Wild eyebrows with clear eyelashes are a bit of Thai makeup

The most important thing is

Light -colored pupil


, Make her beautiful as a standard modeling face,

It’s like a world Barbie

2. Pants

Compared with the stunning and elegant skirt, the Reba in pants is neat and stubborn. With a hairstyle, it is really beautiful and cool, easily showing handsome fashion charm.


Whether you want

Optimize your own leg length ratio

, Still want

Show your superior figure

, I recommend you to adopt

The combination of short tops and high waist pants can be visually pulled up on the waistline

, Easily wear an excellent body proportion.

Reba’s clothing uses a deeper color matching, but

The skin exposed by the vest design forms a visual blank

It can make the overall feel to get rid of the heavy feeling, and it looks lighter and smart. The style of accessories also determines the exquisite details of LOOK, so Reba chose a more conspicuous large necklace, which is more handsome and handsome.

More than ordinary

Round neck U neck

V -neck has obvious advantages

Stretching the lines of the neck, the short -necked star can also become a long neck

Essence The top of the picture has a horizontal stripe pattern on the surface. Under the sense of extension of the lines, there is a problem of widening the figure.


So it is only suitable for more slim people.

Tight pants outline the leg lines, which can show slender and superior long legs, but

Wide -leg pants can cover the small shortcomings of the legs, and use more comfortable as the highlight

Essence Reba is wearing a pair of trousers with large trousers in the picture, but because the top is tailoring, it will not look bloated as a whole.

When you choose up and down, it is best to follow the upper and lower

Fashion concepts with width and tightness or tightness


, Can effectively avoid the sense of vision.

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