Gan Yigui Zero Gan Gan Gan Gan Gan Yu ordinary: the original color is sweet and beautiful

>> “People’s Heroes” Ganhoumei heroes adhere to their original intentions

Changsha Evening News Intern Luo Wen All Media Reporter Yan Kaiyun

During the war, he was a heavy machine gunner with a machine gun. He died in the rain and died in the rain.

During the peaceful period, he returned to his hometown, but he sealed his honor to zero his life. After returning to his hometown, he had done temporary work in multiple positions and eventually became a coal miners.

甘于归零 甘于奉献 甘于平凡:本色甘厚美 干一行爱一行

No matter what he did, he was dedicated, never mentioning conditions, never giving gains and losses.

For decades, I have hidden skills and fame, indifferent fame and fortune, and self -reliance -Gan Houmei is such a sweet person.

The vow is eternal, the responsibility is picked up, and the fame and fortune is let go -this is the true nature of a fighting hero.

【Gan Yu Zero】

“I must not be the burden of the country”

In 1958, 31 -year -old Gan Houmei had been promoted from ordinary soldiers to deputy company commander, and was sent to the cultural rapid middle school of training camp cadres.

However, at the time of graduation, the injury suffered from the enemy during the Battle of Niulingling was not recurred.

Unable to return to the beloved barracks, Gan Houmei can only choose to retire with regret.

甘于归零 甘于奉献 甘于平凡:本色甘厚美 干一行爱一行

At that time, the organization told him that according to his situation, he could recur as a disabled soldier. I did not expect that he resolutely refused: “I must not be the burden of the country!”

甘于归零 甘于奉献 甘于平凡:本色甘厚美 干一行爱一行

Gan Houmei locked the military uniform with the military chapter into the bottom of the box, and quietly returned to his hometown of Liuyang. Since then, rarely mentioned the past to others.

甘于归零 甘于奉献 甘于平凡:本色甘厚美 干一行爱一行

Initially, the relevant departments arranged Gan Houmei to teach Da Yao No. 2 Middle School, but after three months of training in the teacher training class, he felt that he could not afford to eat on his body, so he resigned and returned home. “The shoulders are injured, and the hands of the chalk can not stretch straight, and the legs have been painful for a long time.” He recalled.

Later, the injury gradually improved, and Gan Houmei successively made accounting, buyers, and custodians in Wenjia City’s handling team, Qingjiang Reservoir, Qiu Harvest Uprising Memorial Hall, and Grain Station. At the age of his adults, he was like a brick in the revolution.

Although he participated in temporary work, he was very serious about each job and never picked fat and thin, as unconditionally obeying the arrangement as in the army.

Due to his outstanding performance, Gan Houmei was rated as advanced for many years. “I still remember that the wall of the family was full of father’s awards.” The eldest son Gan Ben Miao remembered that these honors include “excellent Communist Party members” and “advanced workers”.

【Gan Yu Dedication】

“Of course, the dormitory on the mine is more urgent than the built house at home”

Until 1971, a head of the Xiangtan Army Division squatted at Wenjia City (at the time of Liuyang belonged to the Xiangtan area), and accidentally saw the Gan Meimei archives, which was moved by his deep contribution, and asked the local government to properly resettle.

“All the ownership of the people, let you pick it up.” The local leader said to Gan Houmei at that time.

Gan Houmei considered it, and actually picked up the Xiaoyuan coal mine under the coal mine of Wenjia City, because it was close to home. In addition, the coal mine was needed a reliable person to be a buyer and the material custodian. In this way, the 44 -year -old Gan Humi came to the coal mine to work.

甘于归零 甘于奉献 甘于平凡:本色甘厚美 干一行爱一行

When I first arrived at Xiaoyuan Chongchong Coal Mine, the mine was preparing to build a worker’s dormitory, but because of the lack of wood indicators, we had to stop working. Seeing that the miners who have been tired for a day can only sleep in the temporary dormitory transformed by the villagers’ pigs. It is not a taste in the sweetheart of the buyer.

He hit his own wood idea.

甘于归零 甘于奉献 甘于平凡:本色甘厚美 干一行爱一行

“Our family was preparing to build a house at that time, the foundation was all beaten, and the woods that had been saved for a few years.” The second son Gan Benli remembered that at the time, the family of seven was squeezed in two or three earthen brick houses. Live a new house earlier.

“There are so many workers on the mine. Of course, building a dormitory is of course more anxious than building a house in his own home.” Speaking of the decision of the year, Gan Houmei was still light and light. The family knew his temper and had to rely on him.

In this way, Gan Houmei called a large tractor and sent the 126 cubs of the 126 cubic meters to the coal mine. It was temporarily borrowed. Soon, the flat dormitory of 12 rooms was built.

Gan Houmei’s own house did not start construction until 4 years later.

【Gan Yu ordinary】

“So many comrades -in -arms are sacrificed, what else I still have?”

“Gan Lao had five children. At that time, the family burden was very heavy, but he never asked the organization to take care of it.” Said Sun Jianmei, the former head of the coal mine of Wenjia City this year, said that in the late 1970s, he was in the third team (transportation Team) Being the captain, Gan Houmei dragged coal in the transport team.

For a period of time, in order to earn more subsidies to maintain a large number of family living expenses, Gan Houmei took the initiative to apply for coal digging.

“Three shifts of coal digging in well are really not ordinary hard work, lung disease, rheumatoid arthritis … It will fall into a disease after a long time.” Zhang Kaiyou, an old colleague of the coal mine, said that the underground was two or three hundred meters deep. Even if you need to shrink your hands to climb, “the whole body is dark, and no one can recognize who.”

“I only know that he had been a soldier and fought. I didn’t expect it to be a fighting hero.” A few days ago, I saw Gan Houmei who was full of military merits when I was interviewed. Peng Lin Fucai was surprised to learn that such a “people hero” hidden many times around him.

The mine is deep and the hero is speechless. Gan Houmei was unknown and dedicated to 55 years old. In 1982, he retired from a coal mine as an ordinary worker.

Until 1999, Gan Meimei’s archives were unintentionally turned out. Overall the coal mine leader immediately drafted a report to the Changsha Labor Bureau in the name of the Mining Party Committee to give heroes that the hero should enjoy and should enjoy Economic treatment.

Subsequently, the Changsha Labor Bureau issued a document to give Gan Houmei’s deputy department -level political treatment, which is set as “a retired old worker who participated in the revolutionary work before the founding of the People’s Republic of China.” In this regard, Gan Houmei said: “So many comrades -in -arms are sacrificed, I am lucky to survive, and I can enjoy such a high treatment. I have a salary receiver every month.

The more ordinary, the more you can see the original intention


The original intention is not changed, although it is far from being unscrupulous. Gan Yigui Zero, Dedication, and ordinary evaluation have too many details to support the elderly in Ganhoumei. He not only moved us, but also inspired us. For example, how to treat work, how to treat life, and how to make yourself more valuable … These problems are related to the word “respect”.

Why are people respected? The answer is because he has done a lot of respect. Take work, a job can be just a rice bowl, a lifestyle, or a mission. The difference is the choice of life value and the level of personal realm. Those who keep their first heart and have a sense of mission, they are like a screw in any job, and they will not loosen everywhere. Because in their opinion, doing a good job is social and state needs. As long as the state needs and the organization has requirements, you should work hard and not in order. Therefore, over time, people around them will be infected by their mental and led by their behavior. They told us: the more ordinary, the more you can see your original intention. Only by forgetting the original intention can we write extraordinary life in ordinary posts.

The role model is the best action ruler. Today, the theme education of “don’t forget the original intention and keep in mind the mission” is to adhere to the original intention, the mission, the gap, and the implementation of the implementation; to be a person who is respecting and admired by the hearts of the heart like the old man; Show your passion and wisdom to your career and work. We learn the spirit of revolutionary heroes, and then know the charm of value; practice noble standards, and then know the height of life; inherit the tradition of revolution, and then understand the lofty mission. We do every job well, to create a shiny ourselves!