Hot spring water vitality soothing baby muscles -Pigeon launch a new baby hot spring soothing series products

On June 28, the international mother and infant supplies expert Pigeon launched a new baby hot springs to soothe series products. Mr. Yamano, president of Pigeon China, Dr. He Laijian, vice president of Pigeon China, and Ms. Ye Fangying, vice president of Pigeon China, and Zhang Yangguo, a famous host, witnessed the advent of hot spring soothing series.

温泉水活力 舒缓宝宝肌——贝亲推出全新婴儿温泉舒缓系列产品

Mr. Yamano, president of Pigeon China (second from right), Dr. He Laijian (first from left), Vice President of Pigeon China, Ms. Ye Fangying, Vice President of Pigeon China (first from right) and the famous host Zhang Yangguo (second from left)

温泉水活力 舒缓宝宝肌——贝亲推出全新婴儿温泉舒缓系列产品

The power of naturalness is gentle

Pigeon launched the first baby wash series in Japan as early as 1974. For decades, Pigeon has developed a variety of high -quality wash products based on the characteristics of baby skin, which is favored by mothers. For a long time, Pigeon has been committed to the study of strong baby’s skin barriers. The launch of the hot spring soothing series is a re -upgrade for the pursuit of quality. Pigeon hot spring soothing series adopts Japanese Tangyuan Hot Spring Water+Plant Extraction of Licorice Essence Star to soothe the CP. With the power of natural power, it brings a pure and mild skin care experience to the baby. Cure.

Pigeon Baby Hot Spring Question Series Products include: baby hot spring soothing shampoos, bathing, two -in -one foam, baby hot spring soothing shampoos, baby hot spring soothing moisturizing milk, baby hot spring soothing moisturizing oil and baby hot spring soothing moisturizing cream

温泉水活力 舒缓宝宝肌——贝亲推出全新婴儿温泉舒缓系列产品

The Pigeon Baby Hot Spring Retoning Series is a full imported product, which brings a new care experience for the baby with the Japanese hot spring power. Dr. He Laijian, vice president of Pigeon China, shared with you the inspiration and product highlights of the hot spring ease of product development.

Dr. He Laijian share the highlights of the hot spring series products

The Tangyuan hot spring water used in the Pigeon Baby Hot Spring Retoning Series has a history of more than 1,700 years. Tongyuan Hot Spring is a low -tension and simple hot spring. It is rich in a variety of minerals and trace elements. It is easy to penetrate into the skin. At the same time, the water quality is also very mild for the skin. With plant extracting licorice essence, no flavor, alcohol, pigment, hormone, Nepalese albumta preservatives, mineral oil and other ingredients, mild and low irritation, can effectively alleviate skin sensitivity, redness and other discomfort, repair due to stimuli caused by stimuli Multiple skin problems. After testing and identification by authoritative agencies, the use of Pigeon Hot Spring to soothe the skin cream, which significantly improves skin redness in 28 days, and the skin’s moisture content increased by 29%. The research results of Pigeon have been published in the Chinese core journal “Daily Chemistry Industry”.

温泉水活力 舒缓宝宝肌——贝亲推出全新婴儿温泉舒缓系列产品

Star Call CALL strength cure

Star experience officer, well -known host, and Chao Mom Zhang Yangguo came to the scene to call the hot spring series. As a result, as a host, it takes a long time to bring makeup, and the skin is prone to sensitivity, which is very concerned about the ingredients of skin care products. The baby’s skin is more tender. When choosing a product for your baby, you will pay more attention to whether there are additives such as fragrance, alcohol, pigment, and hormones. The Pigeon Hot Spring Retoning Series can not only meet the prevention of the baby’s skin problems in daily use, but also to repair and soothe sensitive skin problems.

Zhang Yangguo tried the on -site hot spring series products

As a second child, Bao Ma, and also shared the parenting experience with you at the scene. From the perspective of it, building a healthy physical and mental state for the baby is the most important foundation for the growth and development of the baby. As a result, a parent -child cheats were shared with the audience: the baby’s bathing process is not only the need for skin cleaning, but also a scene of emotional interaction between mothers and babies.

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The natural soothing effect of the hot spring series with scientific touch methods can bring better results and experience to the baby’s skin care. Pigeon nursery experts at the scene also introduced the correct touches and techniques of the baby after taking a bath, so that the mothers can communicate with the baby’s emotional communication between the bathing process of bathing the baby.

温泉水活力 舒缓宝宝肌——贝亲推出全新婴儿温泉舒缓系列产品

Baby nursery expert on -site demonstration

When taking a bath for the baby, mothers will also worry that excessive cleaning will make the baby dry. Pigeon hot spring soothing series products contain skin -friendly components such as sodium hyaluronic acid and corner sharkane. After using the hot spring series products, the baby’s skin will not have a tightness. The long -lasting nourishment of the baby’s young skin, giving the baby’s SPA -level bath experience, making the mother’s care more gentle.

温泉水活力 舒缓宝宝肌——贝亲推出全新婴儿温泉舒缓系列产品

Since the establishment of more than 60 years, Pigeon has insisted on the study of the baby’s nature and living habits, only to provide all babies with more intimate, safer and better products and services. The hot spring soothing series carries the concept of pigeon love, with healthy and natural ingredients, and bring a comprehensive, detailed and mild skin care experience to more babies.