Bikini City

Once upon a time, as the eldest son of New China, China’s heavy industry base is the Northeast aura. However, with the restructuring of state-owned enterprises, the industrial transformation failed, and the northeast seems to be a place where it was abandoned.

In 2015, the economy of the three provinces of Northeast China is a good Liaoning Province GDP growth rate of 2.4%, ranking nationwide countdown first.

In 2016, Liaoning Province was buckled with a hat in the country’s only GDP. Looking around, the whole northeast has not developed the like to replace the industry in replacing the industry, but no one will think,

In Liaoning Hulu City, a place without any heavy industry, but producing a quarter of the bikini on this earth …


The factory is hidden in the courtyard of the city village, there is no logo. As the city gives people feel – the five-line coastal town, the winter people are not much, the noble bird is also a fashion clothing store, along the street, rarely see the store and standards related to the swimsuit.

Xingcheng is not big, an hour’s drive will take a circle around the city.

Because there is a relatively rich coastal tourism resource, large state-owned enterprises, the national ministries will set up nursing homes here … In that era, workers who have dropped their occupational diseases will regularly come to the city.

In Xingcheng’s largest swimwear factory as a sales manager, Xiao Dan, who is particularly envious of the nursing housing, because they can eat fine grains at that time.

Nearly more than 30 nursing homes are a symbol of this city.

Now, the swimsuit has become a new business card, the completed bikini square in 2014, the sun is sitting on the beach.


The Jeep passes through the Shouda Avenue, and the red green road light made from the “Chinese Dream” three words is around 1 km. “Our whole northeast is the son of New China, the cradle of the new China industry”, saying that the old print this year is 38 years old, the swimsuit Taobao shop owner, talking about the northeast seems to have a pride – New China The oil from Daqing is refining in Huludao. The first eight-lane motorway in New China is born in Liaoning Province. Xingcheng also built China’s aircraft carrier base …

In fact, Xingcheng people have been in this proud periphery, because in the most brilliant years in Northeast, Xingcheng is more like a marginal city – no industrial resources, farmers plus fishermen fishing, and the nursing homes have driven early tourism industry. The development has brought a lot of vitality to the city.

The boss of the swimwear factory is remembering. In his cognition, the development of Huludao, which is developed by heavy industry, is a city, and Xingcheng is a countryside.


The sprouts of the swimwear industry are also closely related to the development of tourism.

In the 1980s, the earliest batch of Xingcheng swimwear began to do some coats sold in the sea.

Flower cotton, continuous, neutron rubber band, bubble yarn is the earliest swimwear. A large group of workers unemployed in the 1990s. The health of the nursing homes is not very good, the old printed parents work in the nursing homes, every time I have reached the difficult time, I will have a special person to go to Beijing’s headquarters to maintain the second year’s expense.

Xiao Wu took fixed salary every month at the Japanese store, and did not worry about production and operation. In 1992, he laid off from the store and took 7,000 yuan to buy a subsidy. He began to sew the swimwear in the bungalow in the city village.

Under the waves of the times, people will always be forced to make many options.


Launching the laid, let a large number of people have to go to the swimwear industry. With the increase of customers, Xiao Wu slowly started employment, and her daughter has also joined this family-style workshop after graduating from college, responsible for the design of the swimwear, and workers hired more than 20. The workers have fewer doing less, how much is it to earn, and the new workers are sitting in the “plant” in the style of the yard.

Woman sitting neatly in front of sewing machine, blue, black and white bundle tailored fabric before the sewing machine. The hand was pressed, stepped on the sewing machine on the foot, and the thread walked together with the two pieces together, only less than ten seconds, this process was completed.

This is a swimwear workshop in Xingcheng and a very common. In fact, this small town has formed a complete swimsuit industry chain –

Nowadays, there are 723 swimwear in Xingcheng, and more than 20,000 Taobao shops. The government has set up industrial park to attract swimsuits into the world, and Xingcheng’s swimsuit is in the world, accounting for the world’s swimwear production. One of them.

The hidden family workshop in the city village, sitting in the red vest in the sewing machine, the Taobao customer service that keeps replying to the customer in front of the computer … all in the industrial chain is unsearous. Compare a large amount of domestic sales and foreign trade, Xiao Wu’s workshop is mainly supplied, and there are more than 20,000 Taobao shops in Xingcheng. Sometimes the online shop own clothes, it will find this family-style workshop production.

Life is always getting better – there is only two thousand pieces of a general worker in the city of Huludao, and in the swimwear factory in Xingcheng, you can get four or five thousand or so. The house prices in the city were speculated, the highest level reached 8600 yuan.

Dona’s positive bikini is in Xingcheng, although it is not impact on the Internet economy to the entity economy, but also aroused a small ripple.

Last year, Zhou Jia’s small peach swimwear has reached 100 million yuan, and the sales of Delong Processing Factory for them a year of 60 million yuan.

After the high school dropped out of school, Zhou Jia south, Guangzhou, all day bubbles in the Internet cafes, met a border buddy, followed them, Zhou Jia Soced the QQ number and QQ group number to apply for a certain value-added value to go to the money. After learning the ability to return home, he pulled the team almost monopolized the domestic QQ number business. In 2003, Taobao is online, because the early cultivation of the smell of the Internet, Zhou Jia has opened Taobao’s first swimwear shop in 2005, and the first online swimwear store in Xingcheng.

In the past few years, I’ve deeply felt that the network sales of Xingcheng people were in the distance of Hangzhou. He once could not find people with him with him, and immediately fly to Hangzhou. In order to chat with those “trend” brains.


Old Printing, in their e-commerce industrial park, there have been Jilin’s socks to find the door, I want to cooperate with the e-commerce in Xingcheng, but there is not much Internet thinking, take it out of the socks that want to cooperate. It is even a bit rustic, they don’t know what is popular now, “they are still too conservative, come up with the old things to work with us.” The old print commented on them.


Now, Xingcheng has built the only e-commerce base in Northeast, compared to other parts of Northeast, Xingcheng should have a lot of access to e-commerce.

Online rise, offline decline, Xingcheng’s swimwear industry inevitably stepping into historical trajectory.

Lao Zhao is the first person wholesale from Xingcheng swimsuit to Guangzhou. The earliest, he worked in the swimwear factory in Xingcheng. In Beijing’s Tianyi Market sales sales; in 2001, he leased a store in Guangzhou. In 2012, it is the best time in his store business, one There are more than one hundred million sales year.


Offlined Wholesale Market finally welcomes the front attack of the online store. Since 2013, Lao Zhao started to decline in Guangzhou’s store sales, and he felt the sense of crisis in 2009 in 2009. , Do the source of the swimsuit industry – production swimsuit. Xiao Wu no longer supplies the wholesaler, all the swimsuits produced, which are supplied to Taobao’s seller.


In the early days, the batch of people who opened online shops in Xingcheng, and they were all from Zhoujia ‘s point and guidance. After several years of education, the online store of Xingcheng has begun. The government has also begun support for the swimsuit industry.

Since 2012, Xingcheng Government will hold a swimwear fair every year to attract international big names and swimwear factories here.

The times always constantly change, starting in the swimwear factory in Lao Zhao, Koreans are still big customers, they have a wholesale swimwear from Zhao Yang’s factory, and then go to South Korea, and finally sell back to China. It will reach a high price of two or three hundred yuan. Now, with the Korean economy done, Korean customers have become less and fewer, and domestic online shops have become the new favorite of Lao Zhao.

On the day we met, I just had the online shop owner coming from Qingdao to pick the sample, and the old Zhao judge was wrong this year’s epidemic, which made the client coming very satisfied. Not only is the popularity of the popularity, in the shooting of the model, Lao Zhao also fell – long-term and his cooperation model has not seen it, and it has risen 20 pounds, and there is no way. Can save back …

Lao Zhao is going to find out how to find a model, where to do something like this.

The design of the swimwear is mastered in the hands of female family members. In Xingcheng, whether it is a factory or online store, mostly take the model of a couple shop. Lao Zhao’s factory spent a year in the purchase of foreign trend magazines and the funds on clothing is approximately 150,000 yuan. His wife rely on the latest women’s clothing to design swimsuits. At present, Xingcheng, the design and strong swimwear becomes more and more mainstream, and the South’s peers are also chasing Xingcheng, whether it is style or style.

“Before the Koreans copied Europe and America, we copied South Korea, everyone is quite, South Korea’s peers may take pictures than us, everyone’s things are produced in China’s foundry.” A industry insider told me, and Now the agent of the old print has taken the goods to go to South Korea.


Competition is fierce, and the old print can always feel the forced feelings brought by the peers, because the sales of our home online store is good, but also have their own characteristics, and the peers are always plagiarizing his home swimsuits and shops. Design, as long as there is a picture of a swimwear, you can use it directly. If you change the factory, you can produce a replica on the line, which is the normal competition in this industry.

In 2017, there was a similar person to prevent plagiarism, a bittering to all the swimsuits made a patent, a patented, and some swimsuits sold a few hundred pieces into a slow sales, patent money return.

In the online shop of the old print,

The best is always the context


. He is the analysis – Chinese girls are still relatively conservative, and the body is not so good. Women who caesarean section are also more willing to choose to wear a coat. The pink split swimsuit is the first swimwear bought by Xu Xu. In real life, she won’t wear holes in the summer, love to wear long skirts, her aesthetic standard may represent most Chinese girls.

“The swimwear produced by Europe and the United States is very province, the girls are hot, that is, bikini, African countries like the color of the big red flowers, and the Korean girl’s body is basically only one L code, and China’s various codes have Everyone needs a large demand, but in general, it is still good to sell relative conservations. “

After many years in the swimwear industry, the old print summed up the different needs of the swimsuits, which also represent the cultural traditions and female character of different countries and regions.


The old print has also encountered a wonderful customer – there is a pseudo-mother bought his home swimwear, and it is still very beautiful. It is really beautiful to send them a buyer. A little girl bought twenty swimsuits. I have picked up my most satisfied with a try, and the rest of the nine pieces directly. Write the address of Beijing’s Shanghai photography studio, is the customer who is the least stay, because these people will take back the clothes, buy a freight insurance, there will be no loss.

Today, swimsuits are not the functional costumes wearing in swimming –

The girls asked her to be beautiful enough. When playing on the beach, I can shoot the most beautiful picture to send a friend circle.


. The wife of the old printed wife told me that the girl went to the sea with two sets of swimsuits, and the average life of each suede is a time trip.

With the improvement of the income of the Chinese, the prospects in the swimwear industry look still, the girls are more refined in the swimsuit, the material of the clothing is used by the swimwear, and the process of embroidery represents the exquisite costume process from 2017 Start slowly appearing on the swimsuit.

Xingcheng also has the swimwear brand of “going out” – Van Dean, it opened the door shop in Beijing’s old Buddha department store, and many styles have been fashion magazines, and they can sell more than 2,000 yuan under a swimwear.

Compared to workmanship and products, Taobao store is still a picture.

Every time I get new, the investment on the picture is a big spending. The shopkeeper of the swimwear shop likes to shoot the costat pictures by the seaside of Thailand, because the sea is enough, the effect is moving, old print Recently, I took out 500,000 to compete for a model for a model, and the competitor is a brands of swimsuit factories. According to the contract, each model can only take pictures to a online store, so that the picture is unique.

Xingcheng is more than 300 kilometers from Beijing. In the summer, visitors in Beijing or Tianjin love to live in private cars, and local developers will drive their sales to Beijing. The newly built real estate is bought in Beijing. Because of the comfort of climate, many Heilongjiang people come here to buy a house, like other cities in China, in the last ten years, local real estate industry fried red.

In the 2017 Xingcheng Government Work Report, Xingcheng Binhai Economic Zone ranked among the provincial economic development zone, and the swimwear industry cluster was rated as “China Textile Industry Innovation Demonstration Cluster”. Xingcheng entered the country’s first list of creation of the national tourism demonstration zone, and was rated as national e-commerce into rural comprehensive demonstration counties.


However, the government also realizes the dilemma of industrial development, and the swimwear industry is still a traditional labor-intensive industry.


In the government work report, “Accelerating the construction of swimwear industrial parks, promoting the size, standardization of swimsuit enterprises.


Implement swimwear industry improvement projects, strengthen brand building, eliminate industrial chains, support enterprises independent innovation, promote design R & D standardization, high-end, and continuously improve product added value and industrial competitiveness. “Become a new pursuit of Xingcheng Swimming Industry.

Retail price is more than 100 swimsuits, still doing the business. Innovation and brandings are not the most important thing in current. Xiao Wu found that the recipe is getting harder and harder. There is less technical worker on the machine, the use of the swimwear enterprises is large, and the per capita salary is not coming, how to find suitable people have always been her heart disease .


Long-term development, with the rise of the employment cost, the needs of people’s consumption upgrade, only pursuing quantity, the time of fighting the price war will eventually passed.

Students in the university city will also went to the Xingcheng Taobao Industrial Park during the summer vacation, but when I graduated, I stayed. Like other cities in Northeast, Xingcheng is also facing the dilemma of talents. The core team of the small peach swimwear is still the top brother who will encourage QQ with QQ. The staff is also a problem –

A small peach swimwear has been recruited 10 college students, and eventually only one is left.

Old Impressors let relatives’ family-designated children in his studio specially designed swimsuit, but after graduation, they choose to go to Beijing, and the charm of big cities will be more flat than the flat small town.

The factory owners are all worried. Now the average age of workers is over 40 years old. The young people are not willing to do sewing work in the factory’s workshop, and young people who stay at home have chosen. Open Taobao or when the waiter works more comfortable.

Zhao Chun came to the age of forty this year, and it was a sewn job in Xiao Wu’s factory, and white chest is sewn on a black flower cloth, she is producing the black bottom of the white origin flower. The coated swimsuit is The woman who works like this is all the style, but everyone has no chance to wear this go out to play – the peak season of winter spa and summer summer heat, but they are the most busy time.

Big red vests that are warm than in swimsuits, belong to their clothes. There is only simple, I didn’t want to wear them to the sea to go to the sea, I would like to sit in this glass house. And they are also getting older.

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