What are the precautions for posts? How to post it? The answers are here

What are the precautions for posts?

How to post it?


The answers are all here!

囍 囍 囍 囍 囍 囍 囍

At the New Year, every family loves to put the word “blessing”, which means blessing, but the words of this marriage cannot be posted.

There are many places who think that the stickers are inverted or not fascinated by the sticker, so it is only necessary to put the positive poster ~

The word of the 对 囍 囍 is paired. If a single door, the front and back of the side door should be posted. The decorative joy in the home should also be double -numbers.

How to post it

Do not use transparent glue, double -sided glue


Don’t stick it on decorative painting


If the neighbors have recently married, do not remove their words, cover the original character with a large character, which means “joy and joy”.

What time


On the day before the wedding, the joy of the new house is generally posted the day before the wedding.

On the wedding day, some newcomers were on the morning of the wedding.

When will you tear


① If you can tear it off the next day if you use the appliances that are often used in mirrors, furniture, electrical appliances and other life. It is best to wait for the words to fall off naturally elsewhere.

② If the character is torn down, then don’t subsidize it again, and then posting the meaning of remarriage, many places mind this small accident.

Photo: Beginity Wedding Planning