Who is the most adorable of the bunny and panda? LOL9 Ti Mo skin inventory

LOL is now more and more skin. Playing and playing has become a card game. When you see good skin, you can’t help but chop your hands. Timo’s skin experience mostly. In general, Timo’s skin quality is good. The early skin of the game is mainly discolored skin. In the later period, the skin special effects are relatively complete, and there are also T1 levels.

兔宝宝和熊猫谁最萌? LOL9款提莫皮肤盘点

1. Omega Agent Team -T1 -level skin

兔宝宝和熊猫谁最萌? LOL9款提莫皮肤盘点

When this skin was just out, I started with the original price. The legendary skin of the 79 ocean is a T1 skin with skill full special effects, death special effects, returning special effects, sound special effects, voice packs, egg special effects, and action special effects. Essence In general, it is still very good. Q skills are throwing a knife, Xiao Mo Fei knife, mushrooms are mines, and it is spectacular after stepping on the explosion. When Timo returned to the city, there was a special helicopter aircraft.

兔宝宝和熊猫谁最萌? LOL9款提莫皮肤盘点

2. Rabbit baby skin -the most ridiculous skin

兔宝宝和熊猫谁最萌? LOL9款提莫皮肤盘点

This skin is the first Timo skin that I started. It turned out to be only 79 yuan. Because the popularity was too high, the price increased to 99 yuan. The special effect of this skin is that the mushrooms become eggs, and they are very cute when walking, and there are colorful skin. Of course, although the bunny Bao Timo is cute, it is the skin that has its own ridicule. Team battle can be lost. Timo must die!

兔宝宝和熊猫谁最萌? LOL9款提莫皮肤盘点

3. Panda Timo -the most Chinese -style skin

Panda Timo is the skin from the Dragon Boat Festival. Unfortunately, this skin with the most Chinese elements has no limited brand. When the skin was first came out, it was 99, and the price was reduced to 69, and it became a reversal with the bunny baby. I think the panda Timby Rabbit is more cute. The panda’s big move mushrooms have become dumplings. The glutinous rice splashed when the dumplings exploded, which was also very beautiful.

4. Astronaut Timo -Timo’s high -tech skin

The price of this transmitted skin is also 79, the skill is full of special effects, and the voice has changed. Timo goes into weight. Timo’s mushrooms became radar. When I saw others using this skin for the first time, I saw the radar on the ground and I didn’t know what it was. I felt very surprised. I walked over and looked at it. As a result, I was killed.

兔宝宝和熊猫谁最萌? LOL9款提莫皮肤盘点

5. Superman Timo -the national hero of the Jeder

Superman Timo is also legendary skin. I found that Timo has a lot of transmission of skin. The price of this skin is 45, which is a lot cheaper than the above. When Superman Timo’s W is accelerating, the superman is flying, and the big moves of mushrooms have become flying disks. The letters above are T, and Timo’s first letter.

6. Ice and Snow Festival Timo -Christmas Ice and Snow Festival Skin

The ice and snow festival Timo was an early skin. It was drawn by a raffle by 5 dollars. It will be released during Christmas. The price is 89. This skin has no special effects. In fact, it is a set of CP with the snow and ice festival. After entering the game, it is found that this skin is not much different from the original painting. In addition to Timo changed a hairstyle and dyed yellow.

兔宝宝和熊猫谁最萌? LOL9款提莫皮肤盘点

7, dense forest hunter -TGC limited skin

This is a TGC -limited skin. At first, only the TGC Tencent Game Carnival event could be obtained. It was a series of princess with Annie’s ball. It was sold at 79, but the lottery can be drawn later. This skin is actually changing the skin. There is no special effect. The value of the value is TGC -limited brand.

8. Five military conditions -the cheapest Timo skin

The military situation was changed to a camouflage suit. The price was only 10 yuan. It was not worth starting. Akali’s store was bought at 30 % off.

9. Great Demon King -Halloween -limited BOSS

It is also called Little Demon Timo, which is the limited skin of Timo. It could be bought directly at 79 and the special effects were relatively complete. Let’s take a look at the time.

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