Spend 3,000 yuan, please bricks? Use Xika MEGA tile glue

There are not many budgets, and you want to decorate your house high -end atmosphere. I also need to be environmentally friendly. I do n’t know how many people are like me. Anyway, my decoration principle is to save money and spend silver on solid decoration materials, especially those places that are not easy to repair in the later period. For example, tiles, hydropower. Today I mainly share with you the experience of the brick.


Originally, I planned to go to the building materials market to buy tiles. As a result, the process of buying tiles was visited to a dender tiles, and I knew that the tiles were used in tiles now. Although the previous cement tiles are cheap, it is easy to drop the brick or empty drums. In this way, I immediately thought about the price of tile glue when I heard it. In the following, the order was directly placed.


In fact, I was thinking about myself, but I checked on the Internet, those who were ingenious, and those walls that were uneven, and I felt like I was likely to play. I just ask a decoration master. After letting my neighbor recommend a teacher, it was 20 years of decoration experience.

This master is also very interesting. When I entered the door, I saw the Sika tile glue I bought. I said directly that I had money. This Sika tile glue is generally used by people living in the villa. It is easy to use, which is slightly expensive. When I heard it, I said it was bought.

When the master posted tiles, I looked at the post. I felt that the master’s technique was still very professional. During the process of the tile, he had a process of double -sided pulp, and he kneaded and pressed after stuck. Change me, it should be a state that gives up directly. This money is a bit worth it.


Let me tell you this Westka MEGA tile glue. It is really a bit easy to use. Seeing the master using it to use it, there is a smooth watching feeling like Dove, which is a bit addicted.

In the end, you may wish to try the good Sika MEGA tile glue. I experience it in person. It is really possible, easy to use and environmentally friendly!