The three new electric bicycles are here, there are many beautiful appearance, and the ride is comfortable.

There are still less than 80 days, and the transition period of over -standard electric vehicles in many places has ended. There are about 100 million over -standard electric vehicles in the country to prohibit the road on the road. Many users have to change to buy new options. Today, I will share with you three new cars. The appearance is beautiful and young.


| Immediately Le Ding


The latest national standard electric vehicle-Le Ding, the latest electric vehicle, is mainly positioned as young groups such as students and white-collar workers. It is a better performance in the national standard vehicle at the same level. The appearance is not spoken, and it is simple and durable. The front trapezoidal LED daytime running lights are side by side, which looks very beautiful.

The top power configuration of the new national bid car, 400W immediately developed a 215 -groove motor, with a 9 -tube controller and a 48V16AH lithium battery, with a battery life of more than 50 kilometers. High -incidence sponge cushion+dual -liquid pressure shock absorption, comfortable comfort, men and women are easy to ride!

| Small Knife Shang U Long March Edition

The second model is the smart new national standard electric vehicle-Shang U Long March Edition. The appearance is small and exquisite. It uses a classic skateboard shape. The color of the body is bright and delicate. The rounded tail design makes Shang U full of youth. In terms of power configuration, the car is equipped with high -power aerospace constant magnetic motors, with a large -capacity graphene long march version 5.0 battery, and the official provisional mileage data can reach 110 kilometers. In addition, the car also has many new features such as NFC card swiping, mobile phone sensing vehicles, and APP control.

| Yadi Guanneng Energy Second -generation DV6 Lexiang Edition

The third new car comes from the second -generation DV6 of the Yadi Guanneng. The biggest highlight of the car is the original shape. The DV6 innovative U -shaped fluid body design and the Fix Skin color shell process, which shows Yadi’s exquisite aesthetics. In terms of power: It is equipped with a 400W mid -range motor, and the power output is smooth and there is no sense of frustration. The battery is equipped with TTFAR carbon fiber lithium batteries, which can be charged at one time and doubled. In terms of other configurations, a multi-new technology such as the intelligent driving assistance system, the U-Smart smart center, and the intelligent voice control are still quite eye-catching.


The common features of these three electric vehicles are that they can all be on the card and have a comfortable cycling experience. The advantage of Lingle Ding is that the space is large, and the highlight of the small sword still U Long March is outstanding in battery life. These three cars just meet the needs of different consumer groups, and they are still very competitive in the future! Old iron, you finished reading these 3 cars, what do you want to say, let’s leave a message!


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