Potential development, starting with the right toys

When it comes to the education of children, I naturally talk about the concept of “playing middle school”. This is what I have always shared with you: the development of preschool children’s potential development is not deliberately “teaching”, but to prepare “soil” and let the children let the children be allowed to children I have the ability to do what I want to do, have the curiosity of exploring the unknown world, and the thinking of solving problems.

Sensory development toys

Objective: Stimulate sensory development, understand color, shape, and perform early mathematics enlightenment

The first step in the enlightenment of early education is the general sensory development. The senses are the channel for children to receive information. Only the channels are unblocked can there be the next step to absorb. The development of eyes, hands and ears in sensory is particularly important. For children before the age of 1, there is no need to introduce toys that develop separately. Parents do more touch to their children every day, talk more to their children, sing more for their children, let the children see their parents’ faces, and introduce some different materials. The colorful toy is a good enlightenment education.

After the age of 1, you can introduce some sensory play games, such as playing with rubber puree, power sand, etc., and there are many ideas without spending money, such as playing water, playing pasta, etc.

Brain tendon toys

Objective: Cultivate the ability to solve problems, concentration and resistance

It should be said that all toys need to be brain, but there are a type of toy that requires children to focus on a certain goal to solve specific problems. For example, the child wants to put the building block into a tower, and wants to stack the circle in order. Such toys often doubt their parents: What do you buy? Which toys are this category? Searching in a certain treasure, toys with the banner of “developing the brain” are all very cool toys. These toys are not only expensive, but also misleading parents.

Art toys

Objective: Aesthetic influence, cultivation of creativity, hands -on ability

When it comes to such toys, everyone’s first reaction is to draw, which is too limited. Here we share a small game -tearing paper. Many kindergartens are playing. Open your mind.

Without children who do not like tearing paper, many parents will move their headaches for this, and feel that the picture books they buy are broken by their children. In fact, tearing paper is one of the children’s exploration behavior. Rather than stopping it, it is better to provide an alternative solution.

Playing toys

Objective: Cultivate imagination and promote language development, and develop children’s self -cognition

Art toys are a must -have for each kindergarten, and each classroom will have some of the characters in a corner. Some kindergartens will prepare various professional clothing to let children play their role; some kindergartens will provide small kitchens.

Role -playing toys are also a “big pit”, because many of them are large toys, and they are expensive. My feelings are, don’t follow the wind a lot, you can choose a part of the following categories.

“Another me in the world”

At about 1 year old, the child began to awaken for the first self -consciousness, and began to recognize “himself”. This is a very important development and progress. Only when children know themselves first, can children consciously understand the world, and be more confident to explore the world.

After the child knows “himself”, he will notice what the people around you do. How parents treat their children will affect their children how to treat and accept this world. For this impact, the best way to exercise is to prepare a doll for children. In fact, boys can also have dolls, the ability to love and take care of others is regardless of gender. If the boy’s parents can’t accept the doll, you can buy a plush toy. Letting children learn how to take care of “another me in the world” is the way to continuously strengthen children’s self.

Scenario toy

The most common are the scene toys such as kitchen, doctor, afternoon tea, eating, shopping cashier, etc. If you buy it, you don’t have to buy a special large piece of toys. You can buy a “protagonist” and then play with the existing toys at home.

Regarding the theme of toys, it is best to be interested and familiar with children at first.

Dressed toy

For example, firefighters, capes, cloaks, and even a blanket. When we were young, toys are not as many as now. Girls are fairy in a blanket, and boys are superman in a blanket. Sometimes less toys are not a good thing, but exercise more creativity for children.

The introduction of this type of toy does not need to be too early. Generally, when the child is 3 years old, he is willing to introduce with other friends. At this time, several children discussed the distribution of characters together, directed and performed, and also exercised on social ability.

The smarter the children who play, the smarter, the early education enlightenment should start with the right toy.