Zhao Liying, wearing Dior’s Langfang girl

Zhao Liying has been ridiculed recently, like playing TV series, one episode one after another. The citizen is serving as Dior China Ambassador.

First of all, you have to accept a reality. Each drama can become a small flower at the scene of large facial paralysis. In the eyes of high -luxury brands, it is very popular. In the same period of the official statement, FENDI signed Naza. At least more than the work, popularity, and acting skills, ten Naza is not Zhao Liying. But in the end, it was Zhao Liying who was through the heart.

Why is she so earthy?


With this psychological base, on September 25, Dior threw out Zhao Liying’s official brand license, as if seeking hammer at a time. It is really … hard to say.


It was not dead, and at the fashion week, he hit Wang Ziwen again. The fashion circle is not good at mixing. They are all thin and short. They are all the same, but to live, it depends on who is more old than who is more old and does not deform. Zhao Liying’s feeling of girl next door can hurt her.

Original point, “Transmission of Love” video recorded by Dior. For 32 seconds, Zhao Liying, BABY, Carina Lau spoke a line “And you? What would you do for love?” Zhao Liying’s “Buddha’s spicy dance” really cried people. Cute is a bad injury, and the accent is fatal injury.

In the accent group mocked, someone took out the “Sex on the Plane” of Carina Lau. Wow, Sister Jialing is Sister Jialing, and the content is as ecstatic as the pronunciation. But forgot that before becoming a sister, Carina Lau’s “Mainland Girl” identity has also troubled her. Hong Kong people laughed at her soil, and she couldn’t speak Cantonese, which was very similar to Zhao Liying’s situation now.

The people’s life is not allowed. Thirty years ago, Wang Zuxian, Zhong Chuhong, Guan Zhilin, and Lin Qingxia grabbed the C position. Carina Lau consciously leaned. Thirty years later, the disabled disabled, 51 -year -old Sister Jialing, casually PO’s video of a husband’s surfing, envious of thousands of people. After all, crazy, Buddha spicy dance.

After another 30 years, can Zhao Liying be such a sister Li Ying? Human life is not allowed.


For example, in 2006, Zhao Liying, a 20 -year -old girl in Langfang, Hebei, borrowed her ten brain holes. She did not dare to dream of being a heroine, becoming a star, and becoming an international luxury brand ambassador.


At that time, she was not studying well, graduated from flight attendants, and worked as a clerk in a local pipeline anticorrosive company. The internship period is a bit difficult, and it will be assigned to accompany the singing and singing. It’s comfortable to turn. Nine to five, make reports, easily. It is close to home and walk ten minutes. The monthly income is two or three thousand. This cost -effectiveness makes Zhao Wen staff content.

Her biggest hope for life is to go to Beijing for a business trip. Beijing, capital, big city.

It was also too idle at work. When I went online, Zhao Liying brushed a draft solicitation. The gimmick was very big, and Feng Xiaogang, Chen Kaige, and Zhang Yimou were invited to the platform. Now listening to a scammer, in the years when the draft exploded, the predecessors of the fame have gone to the sea to make gold, just like today’s variety show.


No one wins Zhao Liying. She was a policeman’s father who deliberately asked the company leader. She went back to return, please be sure to give our little Zhao position. Xiao Zhao himself couldn’t talk about ambitions, and did not make any preparations. He played blindly and sang blindly.

She sang Zhang Shaohan’s “Fables”, and the treble turned to the Antarctic, a car accident. Those who have PK in the same field are all students of the Chinese Opera North Shadow. Their ridicule of this 49th player is probably not much worse than “Buddha’s Spicy Dance”. Zhao Liying also knew that she recalled that “the feeling of farmers just entered the city.”

But as a result, Feng Xiaogang’s champion was her farmer.


The amateur defeated the professional, not just luck.

Many years later, Zhao Liying, who grew up as a ratio, was asked by reporters to sing “Fables” again at a press conference. It still comes with the opening mouth, and it is still ugly to die. The reporter couldn’t cry and laugh, and said, “Brave, singing like this.” So, it was a kind of stiffness, and it got it out.


That’s why the old saying “cleverness and being clever.” People are too smart, easy to be utilitarian, chicken thieves, and do not go well. I thought it was not clever, but dedicated it, just like the turtle that ran to win the rabbit.

It is a bit emotional that the champion Zhao Liying, followed by Feng Xiaogang’s advertisement “Kneel”, played with Fan Wei. This starting point is very high. Zhao Liying, who plays the nobleman, is mixed in English to humiliate Fan Wei. The pronunciation is still familiar. But ten years ago, who would care about an ant?


The power of fame will bring wealth and disaster.

Not only Zhao Liying, but also Yang Mi and Fan Bingbing were the victims of varying degrees. At the beginning, Fan Bingbing was also anxious and strived for innocence. It can be innocent. For female stars with the cusp, it is a laborious thing. It regards it as a treasure, and others only take it as cheap goods.

So you see now, Fan Bingbing is armed to his teeth with golden sentences, and Yang Mi played from black.


Zhao Liying is also the wind and rain for many years. The reporter asked some black materials. She was tired and said, “I have been used to it early.” It turns out that she is not bad about Fan Bingbing and Yang Mi. Far.

Take the recent saying. She took a selfie, and netizens reviewed her eyebrows. She fried and knocked on the next line of words.

This Monday, she spends her 30th birthday. A piece of He Shou Weibo sent by Zhang Hanyun caused a storm. After deleting, in the new Weibo, Zhang Hanyun knew softly. Thank you sorry, but Shou Xing jumped into the comment. Zhang Hanyun was so scared that she would take her “fool”.


Everyone has emotions, but to be a star on the peak, emotions are true luxury.

Zhao Liying, she really had a confused face, fleshy, smiled, her eyes were bent into a tooth. In the early years, she “cheated” Chen Xiao like this. Chen Xiao collaborated with her for the first time. I heard that there was a kiss scene. She hurriedly searched the Internet. It was not bad and practical. See real people, wow, better than photos.

However, I learned that this Zhao Liying was a cold person. It was the second time after a month.


It’s not Zhao Liying’s slow personality. She later explained to Chen Xiao that your play was too bad. It is really Zhao Xiaodao. Moreover, she is a non -scientific class student, and she dares to DISS’s handsome acting skills.

It’s because of sexuality. Chen Xiao commented on Zhao Liying, saying that her advantages and disadvantages originated from persistence. “We look at it well. She will get rid of the horns and jump.” She didn’t look pitiful and her temper was very hot. I have seen her temper, twisted, and exactly the same as Lu Zhen. “

Zhao Liying also said that the most like her role is Lu Zhen. Not only Lu Zhen, Chu Qiao and Hua Qianshu, in fact, they are all kinds of women, the skin of buns, and the stuffing wrapped in the stuffing of steel bars. Zhao Liying Benying is right.


Including Qing’er in “New Beads”. Zhao Liying liked her, she also fancy her character “In the event of a major event”. Of course, she also tried to play Ziwei. As a result, she couldn’t cry and was passed.

She doesn’t like the heroine who is crying. The only condition mentioned in “Flower Thousand Bone” is to ask the screenwriter to retain the characteristics of “Natural Tears”.

If it is possible, Zhao Liying’s most want to play is the big sister. In “News Party”, after saying this, she laughed, turned her head at the agent outside the camera, and said badly, “Haven’t you told you?”

Gangster, still big sister? interesting. Moreover, it is not impossible. At least, the movie “Breaking the Wind” is a successful attempt.

Straight men’s aesthetics, in addition to Xu Ke, take Han Han. Han Han photographed Zhao Liying, who was not Zhao Liying. It is also like a small fresh literary shape from Taobao, but compared to Dior’s sweater hot pants boot Breda hat, the soul suddenly has it.

Especially surprises are the scenes of the ballroom. The town girl Xiaohua, stepped on the fine heel, wore a dendial dress, and walked over. The slippery collarbone exudes slightly sweet but intoxicated sexy. Zhao Liying, who is rustic in the soil, only played cute, at that time, she was just dead.

Sometimes, the advanced level is not high -level, it is really not the money.

30 -year -old Zhao Liying urgently needed to transform. There is no shortage of this attempt, and she has endless enthusiasm for the performance. In the niche flowers, this is extremely precious. But at the same time, she was tested by the star identity. The culture is not high, the emotional intelligence is low, and the oldest is the longest enough to laugh at this so -called “joy”.


How can I support it? How many years are baptism, the bone is still the Langfang Xiaozhao. Repairing the road to my hometown and the best sister, I know a few 18 lines I met when I run a dragon; even buying clothes and bags such as women in the world love, she wants the agent to remind -the agent is a man.


Then, after buying and buying, she was particularly confused, “These material things can’t give me happiness.”

Don’t judge Xiao Zhao too early. Just like Xiao Liu, who broke into Hong Kong that year. After coming to Japan, 30 years later, she really couldn’t respect her “Sister Li Ying”. Human life, maybe it is allowed.

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