Exploration AWE2021 Kitchen Electric’s high -quality model SMEG enriches your kitchen life

On March 23, 2021, the annual appliance feast that has been two -year for two years was officially opened in Shanghai. As one of the world’s largest professional kitchen appliances manufacturers, SMEG, a high -end home appliance brand from Italy, made a grand appearance at this exhibition. The booth uses immersive scene design to create sensory artistic conceptions. The lineup should not be late, come and take a look together.

Seeing this cute and retro refrigerator, the retro refrigerator in the 1950s was a classic of SMEG. It has won many international design awards. So far, there are 12 basic styles and 9 special styles. It can be said that it is a combination of beauty and strength.


In addition to retro -style small refrigerators, minimalist oven can be controlled. The integrated blackened glass design, the embedded oven makes the kitchen overall beautiful atmosphere, saving the kitchen space, the whole machine can be completed by only two knobs. There are 20 preset modes to choose from, and Xiaobai can easily get started. The asymmetric air outlet design makes the baked ingredients more uniform and the taste is more delicious.

There are also some exquisite and elegant kitchen appliances, such as vintage products such as bread machines, electric kettles, coffee machines, and the paint process with carefully polishing treatment, exuding the elegant temperament of European -style nobles. The design, I believe it is also one of the reasons why SMEG can be based on high -end appliances.


This exhibition SMEG also shows their different styles of washing machines. There are ultra -thin washing machines that can accommodate in the narrow space, the classic retro washing machine, and the drum washing machines that are convenient to interact with them. Type can be selected.


The bright color and exquisite texture of SMEG home appliances make it one of the most stylish booths in the AWE exhibition. As a brand from a fashion capital, SMEG pays tribute to each living attitude with an innovative retro style. The connection of life brings a more diverse style.