Everyone knows what is the copper rate of the waste motor, and the copper rate of various models is different.

When recycling waste motors, first of all, it is necessary to look at how many pounds of copper wires can be priced, that is, after knowing the model, size, and weight of the motor, the amount of copper is calculated, and finally it can be determined to give reasonable prices. If you do n’t know what the copper output rate of the motor is, a loss will occur. Therefore, when recycling the motor, you must pay attention to these common knowledge. It is particularly important to accurately judge the copper rate of the motor. Only by mastering the bronze rate of the old motor can the recyclers earn the due profit. The basic knowledge of these motors needs to be learned and can be used in practice.

In the process of recycling the old motor, only by accurately calculating the copper output rate of the motor, and estimating the profit space of the motor, can we give a reasonable acquisition price. The following is an example of the Rit and 8th and 8th levels of the Y -level series of motors as an example. It is a simple explanation. From this, the copper rate of the various models of the motor knows. In level 6 of the Y series, 0.75 kilowatts weigh 23 kg, copper is 1.7 kg, 1.1 kW: weighs 25 kg, copper is 1.9 kg, 2.2 kilowatts: weight 45 kg, copper is 2.85 kg, 4 kW: weight 73 kg, copper out of copper 4 kg, 5.5 kilowatts: weight 84 kg, 5.2 kg of copper, 7.5 kW: weight 119 kg, 7.1 kg of copper, 15 kW 195 kg, 11.1 kg of copper, 22 kW 250 kg, copper out of 13.8 out of 13.8 A kg, 37 kilowatt weighing 408 kg, 27.2 kg of copper, 595 kg of 55 kW, 38.5 kg of copper. The bronze rate of the 8 -level motor of the Y series is as follows: 2.2 kilowatts weighs 63 kg, copper is 4 kg, 4 kilowatts weighs 118 kg, copper is 6.3 kg, 11 kilowatts weighs 184 kg, copper is 9.8 kg, 18.5 kilowatts weight weight It is 266 kg, the copper is 20.3 kg, the weight of 30 kilowatts is 405 kg, the copper is 24 kg, the weight of 37 kilowatts is 520 kg, and the copper is 29.3 kg.

The above is the bronze rate of level 6 and 8 in the Y series in the waste motor. After knowing these basic knowledge, when recycling the old motor, it will not be able to start, and it will not lose money during the recovery process. The introduction of the motor knowledge above makes everyone know the basic common sense of the motor. For those who want to engage in waste motor recycling, they must master the knowledge points. Pay attention to the bronze rate of the motor and accurately estimate the amount of the recycling motor profit. There are many types of motors. If there is a difference between synchronization and asynchronous motors and models, the bronze rate is not the same as knowledge, and there is no too much analysis here. In short, there are many knowledge of recycling waste motors, and the knowledge you need to master are also very wide. Here you just do a little bit of inferior introduction. How much do you know about these knowledge? Welcome to praise and follow. How much help can you learn how much about motors can learn from the above introductions? I hope I can express my opinion. Pay attention to the trend of waste motor recycling prices, focus on changes in waste copper prices in the market, and focus on the basic situation of the waste metal recycling market.