In Africa, albinism is considered a curse, and patients with harm albin

Baihua disease is still regarded as “ominous” in Africa. In addition to being severely discriminated, patients with harm albinism will also occur to obtain superstition and cruel behavior such as good luck and blessings. The Tyongose ​​family from South Africa bravely stood up and took a photo with the media. I hope these photos can improve people’s correct understanding of albinism.


The 54 -year -old Themba suffered from albinism. He and 35 -year -old wife Nokwanda had three children: 15 -year -old Abongile, 9 -year -old Siphoethu, and 7 -year -old Linamandla. Because both the couple have albinism, none of their three children are spared, and they also suffer from this disease.

On weekdays, both adults and children have suffered a lot of discrimination. Tyongose ​​said: “This unequal treatment is reflected as soon as the child is born. If your child is found to be a albinism, the only problem for the delivery is that who else is like this? No one will give you you to you Any suggestion is a feeling of being isolated you. “

Not long ago, the media reported that a “therapist” in the province of Mumalanda in eastern South Africa was under the name of treatment and severely harmed a 15 -year -old albinistic girl and a 15 -month albinistic baby. This phenomenon is not uncommon in the local area, because many ignorant people regard albinoma as “curse”, and patients with albinism, and even cut their body organs, are regarded as a way of praying.


Ntando Gweeza is a charity worker, but he has been treated many unfriendly treatment because of his albinism. “When I went to the interview, the interviewer asked me repeatedly after seeing my face, is this resume really mine? It looks like completely. Some people will vomit me rudely.” Like the Tyongose ​​family, many albino patients want to get people’s understanding, “sickness is already painful, but it will be discriminated and destroyed. Purpose. If there is an error or infringe your legitimate rights and interests, the author is requested to contact the ownership certificate with this website. We will correct and delete it in time. Thank you. (Article Source: Overseas Story)