Group purchase The bag of zero -rate evaluation on the entire network finally discounted

Hello everyone, today is tomato 今天 duty ~


I don’t sell it, this time I brought you for 800 years


Manu atelier group purchase


When we wrote Manu before, there were a lot of owners who asked for group purchase, and finally finally, this time we

Found the brand

, I got a good -looking new product, the inventory is enough, and


Talking a good price

Remember to see the end!

In fact, MANU is too frequent in our usual articles, and it is too high to search on the entire network.

There is almost no bad review on this brand


The most regrets only appear on the wrong material or color.

But to prevent new friends who just follow us, let’s briefly introduce this brand here.

Manu atelier


Manu Atelier is a brand established by Beste and Merve Manastir in 2014. The father of the two sisters is Istanbul, Turkey.

One of the oldest handmade leather products artists

The original intention of their brand at first was to hope to take Dad


More than 50 years of superb craftsmanship

The good -looking handmade leather products are displayed.

Judging from my own buying bags, compared to the same price brand, the quality of Manu can really work

Squeeze into the first three


Although it was in vain, he insisted on making a small Turkish handicraft studio and spoke with quality.

The advertisement picture is not taken well, most of the pictures of the official account number are like this.

But it does not hinder its high -quality workmanship and unique shape


Fire in a small area

All the brands of the brand are designed by father and daughter, both

Simple modern sense

And after precipitation

Classic Middle Eastern style

It won’t be out of date.

It may also be related to Turkey’s unique geographical location and natural environment -while having the warm and brightness of South Asia, it includes the beauty of the Aegean coast.

This also makes MANU’s bags different from most of the style on the market. It is neither Japanese nor minimalist European style.

Turkey’s warm and calm beauty


So the packet you see is a must, hot, calm, and advanced.

And each bag is inherited

The tailoring process of the old craftsman of Istanbul

, The bag type is stiff, the leather is soft, and the external design is designed with a special coating.

Not easy to scrape


The uniform leather on the outside is soft calf leather, soft and durable, and the color will change over time. It can also be regarded as witnessing the growth process of the bag.

Single product recommendation

The main push today is just this time

Manu 2020 autumn and winter new products


(The old model also has discounts, remember to see the end), I can only say that it is not often good.

I originally thought that my cylinder was already a classic that could not be surpassed. This time I got the new model and I fell again.

I took a look at the picture shot for Zhou Zhou in advance, and got a while of exclaiming Zhou Zhou, “It’s too good!”.

Ruched Cylinder XX

The first is the Ruched Cylinder XX. Based on the previously packet type, it has added the high heat in the past two years.


I chose the most representative

Black and vanilla color

To show everyone, the first upper body is black.


The entire packaging of RuChed Cylinder XX is relatively stable, because the folds are added, so they have more lazy and casualness than the previous classic Cylinder.

Compared with the metal chain, the folds are slightly stronger than the metal chain, and


It is more suitable to match the autumn and winter jacket

The owners who bought or watched my classic cylinder before should know that the entire type of Cylinder is

Relatively collapsed

, The hardness is slightly worse. If there are not enough things in the bag, there may be some bag types that will not be able to support it.

But there is no such problem at all, even if there is only one lipstick in the bag,

The support of some folds is also enough

It ’s okay to wear autumn and winter clothes.

Although the bag type is very high, but

Soft noodle calf leather

The leather still maintains the usual softness and delicateness, and the gloss is not to say. From a distance, it is a texture of a full texture.

The black gold color color is very high -level, the gold of the arrow is not gold with very high saturation, but


Light golden color with sufficient texture

Wrinkle of the handle part

Self -pine


Like the usual commuting party bag, there are many things, and you don’t have to worry about legging your shoulders when the armpit is back.


Disassembly chain

You can use other chains at home, as a shoulder bag or cross -body bag.

The capacity is not to say, except for the keys, mobile phones, wallets used daily; lipstick and mirror for makeup, can also

Put the next bottle of mineral water

If you have the habit of bringing a warming cup at work, this tolerance is also very suitable.


In terms of matching, I also use a suit jacket with a tight dress with a suit jacket. The bag and the color of the inside echo each other, and use the different colors of the coat to break the level between the same color.


Suitable for work and commuting back

Because there are fold elements, it will increase some casual sense, so


Go out on weekends to play

It is very suitable to wear some backs.

Next, this is just the same model of the Ruched Cylinder XX


Vanilla vanilla color

This bag was received at the latest. I didn’t have much expectations, but the upper body was really fragrant.


I don’t have to say that the delicate soft noodles are the same as black.

Soft -bone

The bag type.

I recently watched a lot of folds on the 的 我, most of the folds were very hard, but I really have nothing to say about MANU’s arc.

Smooth lines are tidy

, All lines from Istanbul’s veteran craftsman, very content.

From the weight of 0.8kg, there is no burden on the back.

The horizontal width is 28cm


There is no pressure on the small notepad.

13cm high, 33cm long shoulder straps, tall people carrying a small back,


The little man is not dragging back

And thieves can be installed.


The color of the bag is not very pure white, and some yellow tones are added,

Closer to Mi Bai

, And more gray color with autumn and winter.


Everyone knows how versatile white is, there are many dark clothes in autumn and winter, each time

You can leave if you don’t want to carry it when you go out

If you are afraid of buying a lot of highly saturated clothes monotonous, you do n’t have to worry about it. This vanilla color and any high -saturated color matching is a must.

What can I say, just look good.

If I say the previous classic cylinder, I occasionally feel,

Metal chain is a bit cold in winter

It feels like this is completely without this problem.

The whole body is selected to choose a bright color, and the others are matched with rice with the same color as the bag.

Always, this is a one


Can be casual and commute, gentle or sweet

, Super -sufficient bag.

Xx mini cylinder

The new paragraph to the second paragraph is from the Cylinder series, but the size has become Mini (not Micro model).

Many small people were afraid of the classic Cylinder carrying the height of the classic Cylinder (although I don’t think it would not be), and asked how about the upper body of the MINI model in the background. This time, I will test it for everyone.

The biggest change in this new MINI is

Thickened chain

It’s right.

The previous mini was the same metal chain as the classic Cylinder. This time

Double -layer overlapping thick chain


It’s really good, I screamed crazy.

Left: Old MINI

Right: New MINI

The clothes we wear in autumn and winter will be thicker than spring and summer. The previous fine chain will be a bit “unable to suppress”, but this time the thick chain will balance the texture and quantity.

And the 39cm chain length, even

The tall back will not feel cramped


The color matching continues the classic “


The combination is very foreign. Whether it is a dark suit, khaki trench coat in autumn, or black and white gray coat in winter

Light up the whole body

The role.

From the perspective of size, my 166cm height, this is just right, this is just right,

Never sting at all

if only

Height does not exceed 170cm

I think this mini is OK.

But if you like super small bags, you can also buy a Micro as a pure accessory.

The most touching is

The capacity is also very considerable

In addition to the mobile phones, card bags, keys, and makeup supplies that you usually go out,

You can also put down Xiaoping Yibao

Even if things are not filled, you can use your body

Keep standing upright

It is even more different than my classic Cylinder’s shape.

In addition to the chain, the bag also

With a shoulder strap

It can be disassembled and turned into a messenger at any time, which is very convenient.

However, if the band is too long, you can get the tailor shop for treatment.


In short, this is a

Very suitable for small people

, But the tall back is not timid to show; wearing a small skirt in summer is good -looking, and it is also very suitable for wearing coats in autumn and winter.


Taking advantage of the weather, it has not been completely cold,

Go out for a walk at night

It’s good to hold it.

Finally, I will show you the three types of Cylinder. From left to right from top to bottom: Micro, MINI, classic size, mini.


The last one is also a new product of this time, a rectangular bag that breaks the classic package of Manu.

The bag is connected with a sharp side line to the soft bag, and

One Rouyi

Combine into a brand new feeling.

This CARMEN bag chain is different from each of the previous series, which was designed by the 1960s

Rectangular gold chain


It is more than the previous arc -shaped chain

Resolute and stubborn

a feeling of.

In addition to changes in the chain, the iconic arrow logo of Manu also moved from the center to the lower right corner, which is a bit

Calm and low -key

The feeling is particularly suitable for social animals that survive in the gap every day.

When you see the bag, you remind yourself: a little stronger (dog head)

The capacity is not much to say, you can also see it,

Very capable

Even if you go out for a short trip on weekends, you can install the required items.

The color continues the previous RedBole brick red, because it has been used for 800 times before, and I don’t say much about the color performance and finishing touch.

Spring and summer, just wear one casually

White shirt, white T

In autumn wearing a trench coat, the whole feeling comes,

Low -key aura

In addition to the back and oblique back method, you can also grab the hidden leather handle under the bag body


If you need to participate in a small party after get off work, you don’t have to worry about getting two bags when you go out ~

In short, this is a considerable capacity,

Suitable for social animals to go to work and carry, weekend short -distance travel

And the two kinds of life (?) During the day and night ~)

Talk before talking about the discount information

The true and false problems of the bag

We have specially made the true and false evaluation of the MANU bag before, the imitation of ¥ 300, and the so -called “genuine purchasing” of ¥ 1000+. As a result, you can go to see it. The difference is still very large.


So our bag this time,

Contact the brand directly


, Direct mail from Turkey, there is no need to worry about authenticity.

This time we are particularly going to “

85 % off the whole store

“the discount of,


During the period, everyone enters when the payment page is settled


You can enjoy 85 % off.

In addition, we also help everyone to get it


Free 125 yuan postage

The discount and promised taxpayers (Manu’s official website is not included in tax postage).


Click the picture below

You can see the 4 fairy bags I recommend today.

In addition, it should be explained that the discount this time is “

Full -store discount

“It means that if you don’t want to buy the four bags I recommended above, and buy other bags in” NS15 “, you can also hit 85 % off.


Click the picture below

You can enter the homepage of Manu’s store.


There are many good -looking bags this time, such as the new color of cylinder, modern and capable Jackie, this season

Ore blue, sandy land and walnut color


It’s too good -looking, literary and pioneer.

In fact, as a new product, our price is already very cost -effective, and the one is looking at it.

By the way, I also wake up with you. This classic Cylinder’s price is not the most beautiful here. Going to other platforms can get more wool, but if we are afraid of buying fake goods, we are still super safe here ~

Pre -sale notice

1. Activity time: October 20th-October 26th at 23:59:59;


2. If you have questions such as consulting, please send the problem information on the Manu Atelier public account;

3. The activity code can be repeated during the activity period, and the audience discounts for 85 % off;

4. 4..

Except for the quality of the product, there is no reason to return and exchange without reason

Please confirm the styles and color before ordering;

5. The receiving address is an order for mainland China. The tariff is already included in the price of the product. You need to assist you to submit customs clearance information. The delivery time of the pre -sale item is based on the product page. To facilitate the collection, please fill in the name of the real recipient.

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