“Xinle Textile” has entered the international market in South Korea and Hong Kong.

Not long ago, Zhejiang Xinle Textile Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd. exported a group of men’s shirt fabrics to South Korea. Different from the past, the sales price of these fabrics contains nearly 150,000 US dollars of fabric flower design fees.

Zhejiang Xinle Textile Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd., located in Qianqing Town, is a manufacturer of high -end men’s shirt fabrics. Due to focusing on design and development, the company has long -term technical cooperation with clothing fabric designers such as Italy. The design of the large tirled shirts of the big shirts such as in China has become a handful of more than 300 Famous brand shirt companies in the country, as well as a number of international well -known brand companies such as “Crocodile”, “Golden Lai”, “Playboy”.

“新乐纺织”进军国际市场  韩国、香港初崭露头角

“Xinle Textile” is good at R & D and design. In order to better integrate into the international market, this year, the company has strengthened the design efforts of international element. At present, the company’s R & D design center only maintains more than 1,500 fabric design of the fabric design of the fabrics in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Among them, in order to better develop the international market and focus on the development of large bloom fabrics. After the new Lexin Corporation was determined by the service outsourcing last month, it had achieved a real time.

Flower design is a “fist” product for Xinle Textile to develop the market, but for relatively strange international markets, it is necessary to build a marketing team to understand the international market. To this end, this year’s Xinle Textile Company hired professionals with rich experience in clothing fabric sales from South Korea, focusing on the Korean fabric market. Wei Rongfeng, manager of the international marketing department, told reporters that since this year, the company’s fabric exports the Korean market has doubled. Among them, Samsung Clothing, STCO, SNC and other brands in South Korea have become customers of Xinle Textile.

As a domestic professional shirt fabric supplier, although Xinle Textile Corporation has just entered the international market, in just a few months, it has successfully emerged in international markets such as South Korea and Hong Kong. Among them, exports increased by 70%in the first quarter. “Actually, our export volume has not yet appeared, and now it is more to pave the way for the development of the international market.” Wei Rongfeng said confident that the company’s export value this year can be achieved.