Share 10 very practical JS development tools

The application of JavaScript is increasingly important in the current web development. Good JS development can not only improve the user experience, but also reduce the pressure of the web server appropriately. Moreover, the WeChat platform is also open JS-SDK to help web development. Learning JS will definitely help you well. I recommend the following JavaScript tools. Essence


1. HTML + JSON Report

A online tool that converts JSON data into a higher -readable HTML format content.


JSPLUMB provides developers with a method of visual link element to the page, which can be used in combination with jQuery, Mootools, and YUI3.

3. Minimee


On the Internet, speed is very important. Minimee can help you automatically compress and pack CSS and JavaScript files.

4. Doctor js

Doctor JS is a tool to help you analyze the JavaScript code to test your code in polymorphism, prototype, abnormal, and callback.

5. JSDOC-Toolkit

JSDOC Toolkit is a auxiliary tool. You only need to add corresponding annotations to the JavaScript code according to the agreement, and it can generate API documents from these comments.

6. Remy Sharp ’s JSCONSOLE


A online JavaScript console tool is very useful for testing, commissioning and demonstration.

7. Jasmine: BDD for your javascript


Jasmine is a famous JavaScript unit test framework, which is an independent “behavioral driver development” framework.


8. JavaScript Library Boilerplate


JavaScript Library Boilerplate helps you create your own JavaScript library anytime, anywhere.


9. OBFUSCATEJS: JavaScript Compressor

A JavaScript confusion tool, remove blank and annotations, renamed variables, etc.

10, peg.js

PEG.JS is an expression syntax parser of JavaScript, which enables you to easily build a fast analysis of complex data or computer programming language.


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