What kind of experience is the first diving?

Recently, the circle of friends has been brushed well. Many friends during the holidays went to Southeast Asia to learn OW;

I am a little curious about diving, but also worried about safety or other issues;

I don’t know what it feels like the first diving? Is it a wonderful feeling to breathe freely in the underwater world?

This is a experience after diving in Tao Island.

My first diving was to Thailand’s Thailand.

Yes, it is the island with a widest point of 3.4 kilometers, the highest point of 7.6 kilometers, and an area of ​​21 square kilometers. It is close to Samui Island.

This small island that is less than 10 kilometers has witnessed the growth of countless divers. The environment of Toshima is not very beautiful, the price is not good, and the accommodation is not superior, but the overall is very memorable. I believe many people are like me. Memories.


Before going to Tao Island, I did not experience deep dives and snorkeling. It was just a novice who could standard breaststroke.


So this examination diving is just a normal teaching base? A factory? Look at the same. Not much expectations, even … no.



When it comes to the traffic from Bangkok to Tao Island, the first is that F ** K jumps out of my mind. Sorry, it is really conditional reflection.

Poorly save costs, fly directly from domestic to Bangkok, Thailand, and then airports to the famous backpacker baseland Kuishan Road, and then transport and ship, which is a bus+ship. The bus is occupying all night as soon as I sit. Fortunately, my skin is thick and thick, and it can withstand toss. The double -layer bus has nothing to do, it is clean, and there is no bump all the way. It is just the temper of the Thais. Everyone has heard it, not in a hurry.

Oh, there is a rest on the way. When you go to the toilet, you can simply wash your body and eat some snacks.

Arrive at Chunpeng Wharf and wait for the boat to change the boat, there is a small supermarket, a restaurant.

Here I want to focus on praising the public toilets in Thailand. Although it is a water -saving method, the toilet is very clean. The design of the shower head is very suitable for Southeast Asia.

The moment when the ship to the island of Tao is glanced. No exaggeration, slowly coming with the dawn (slow word is important), even a bit sacred …

Later, whenever everyone mentioned Chunpeng Pier, it described it to it, leading to it

Beautiful new world

The beautiful dock.

Soon after staying on the boat, I chose to take the sightseeing area on the roof.

The sun in the morning was not too dazzling. The sea breeze gently awakened my tiredness, as if saying: Hey, guy, don’t be so DOWN when you come out! Look at it, Toshima is almost here!

I was very impressed with Nanyuan Island. A very small dock. There were very few passengers up and down. They accumulated large stones with different shapes. The silver wolf, the beach, the yarn cage, the beautiful girl … (my brother may not be awake yet)

At this time, the crispy female voice in the radio was played:*#¥@¥%¥ ko Tao, plus the Thai style of Thai -style winter yin soup flavor, only to learn shallow, I can still think about the next stop, Tao Island.

When I arrived at the dock, I went to the reception staff of the people in the pile, blue clothes, and black Thai people, holding the brand, old enthusiasm.

Theoretical course of diving first experience

Before coming, I did not make any diving psychological preparation. After arranging the coach, follow the coach. For a few hours of video and diving theoretical knowledge, I first met the coach pea. The lectures were well logic. They told the Taiwan cavity teaching version easy to understand and easy to accept.

When I saw the coach pea for the first time, I was naked when I met, my back tattoo, black sunglasses, and the appearance seemed chic and unruly. I thought it was the underworld boss …

Later, I learned that this temperament was also given by Muay Thai. Later, pea coach was a very powerful Muay Thai master.

The swimming pool of diving first experience

Don’t look at the daily humor and cheerful of pea coaches, but he is a very delicate old driver.

During the swimming pool diving classes, peas have strong professional skills and are a bit strict. This is true.

He will give the students a psychological construction that is full of security. The students who do not swim in the same group have a panic at first. He was “taken care of alone”. In the words of peas, he would not be afraid of water. He said he was the famous coward’s star.

The basic skills of diving will be learned in the pool.

The contact of the swimming is floating, and the swimming swimming is reviewed to the coach.

The steps of the nose and mouth exchange inhaling inhalation are the beginning of breathing underwater. At the beginning, I was a bit nervous when I saw the female classmate nervous. Fortunately, the peas were imposing, and I calmed us a few times.

The process of drainage of the facial mirror is that I irrigate in myself, and the nose exhales and drain.


Then we put on all the face mirrors and then drain with nose exhaling. It sounds full of skills.


The words that peas say the most to us are -come again and again …

So everyone, the same price, I think it ’s worth it.

Summary of learning: At the time when I learned the nose underwater, my mouth was breathing, it was my most difficult and most nervous time. Haha, I’m sorry to make everyone laugh. There are no techniques, just relax and follow the coach’s guidance carefully.

The first experience of diving out to sea

After going to sea, the first few dive contents are also the skills of repeating learning in the pool.

Learning skills will make you forget the discomfort of diving, there is still a little pressure on your ears, and your mouth breathe a bit dry …

Don’t worry about these. Because you need to adjust the drainage of the facial mirror, adjust the neutral buoyancy, and adjust the posture of the legs, you will find that the pressure of the ears is really not a problem, and you will also forget the dryness of the mouth for a long time. The refraction with the sea water, the fish seems to be very close to you. You buddy accidentally sinks and floats up … When the coach is preparing to take a five -meter -three -minute stop, you will immediately feel that WOW, this is a wonderful experience, you have experienced the first time to go to sea.


After giving birth to water, the sun at this time had a little heat on the forehead, and the sea water that was accidentally imported was a little salty …

This sounds like diving.


On the night of returning, I had a common experience, and there were more words with my classmates. I cleaned up early and rest, lying on the bed and still reflecting the diving skills of learning. It is not to say how much I love to learn. This wonderful feeling will be around you. You tell yourself that you must not be too embarrassed to enter the water tomorrow.

Get up a morning bed and get a morning boat.

Coaches and most students are shining in the equipment room,

Everything, the famous Chunpeng potential point to go to pea said. Then you can graduate smoothly.

The seawater in the morning is relatively clear, and early birds are also good.

The last few potentials are easier, and you can find a slightly free state in the sea. Coach pea coach emphasizes that the neutral buoyancy can be adjusted more. It can only sink for a few seconds, and it will take a few seconds to float. This needs to feel the balance between breathing and body.

In the last potential, I will consciously deal with emotions and quietly look at all creatures. Take a closer look at the cute little fish, almost touch the coral, feel the coolness brought by the seawater in the depths, and feel the quiet immersed in the blue sea.

The time in the sea is fast, and our OW graduation dive is over.

The content of the above OW courses, when it comes to AOW, is a state of completely relaxing. Coach Pea said we can play. I don’t understand what it means at the beginning …

Put a few photos of female classmates, you feel, what is playing …

The pea coach climbed to my gas cylinder naughty and tried to pick my face mirror. Fortunately, my movements were sensitive.

“Bullying” students, peas have to fight with the famous trigger fish on Tao Island …

How many subsequent taught we teach us to draw maps on the sea? Excuse

me, this is DM’s course, right? No matter how fun it is. Seeing peas, I don’t tire of their bothering teaching, and a few girls also played happily. Finally, after graduating from AOW, everyone is a little relieved …

Diving equipment

This is the favorite question of the brother’s female friend, but unfortunately, the rough man, brother, is not particular about it.


Diving must not wipe the sunscreen and go to the water to protect the environment, everyone is responsible. In order to watch more beautiful underwater views, let’s not apply sunscreen. It will kill corals. It is recommended to apply after diving.

I am very supportive to buy jellyfish clothes, and jellyfish clothing is actually the texture of the swimsuit. You can wear it alone.


The most important role is sunscreen. When dive deep, you can also prevent being scratched.

Because most submersible schools are provided with short -sleeved diving clothes, you can put jellyfish clothes on the outside of short -sleeved diving clothes. When you verify your knees, you may prevent the sand on your legs. But now the weather can not use jellyfish+diving.

Jellyfish long -sleeved short sleeves are available. Generally, I suggest that long -sleeved and trousers are divided. When girls wear jellyfish clothes, they have to go on a swimsuit on the boat.

The ordinary price of jellyfish uniforms is within 100 yuan, that is, a general brand of about 200 yuan, a more expensive brand, such as famous names MARES, Scubapro, Cressi … it will look better, the price is naturally more expensive, the price is naturally more expensive, the price is naturally more expensive, the price is natural Within 300-500 yuan.


When taking pictures, wearing jellyfish clothes and swimming trunks is beautiful.

If you can buy the respiratory tube and facial mirror, you can buy it yourself. In fact, most of them are second -level heads and are publicly available.

Other equipment suggestions: The swimsuit must be brought, wearing the innermost, that is, the most personal clothes. It is generally recommended to bring two sets.

Beach socks/diving socks will be used by wearing a foot, and it is not easy to leave your feet on the boat and the beach. More practical things can be used for many years, and the price is not expensive; if not, you can wear cotton socks instead, just bring two pairs.

Sun sunscreen, then apply after water, not apply water, sunglasses can be used on the boat.



Waterproof bags, just buy a big one. Put your mobile phones, change, sunglasses, sunscreen, sunscreen towels or big towels.


The headscarf can prevent the forehead from being sunken. You can also cover your neck.


The overall depends on personal needs. Except for the swimsuit and swimming trunks, my brother feels that it is not particularly necessary.


Cooler coach

I want to talk about the coach.

Fall in love with diving, Cool Substation has a lot of contributions. I heard that not every school coach is so good. Many students who have finished OW from other students have come to Cool Subsida A for a reason.


Thanks to coach Pea, I am also very patient with me, I have patience to teach skills, wait patiently for you to adjust, and patiently control your emotions. Do not panic when dealing with the problem, not only the most important, but also the most concerned, sense of security, commonly known as reliable!

I like pea very much, strict and patient, and temperament is indeed a male god.


So I said that Tao Island was worth it and value. Instructor is worth value.

Good teaching is a solid foundation. In the future, you have to rely on yourself. Speaking of this person, it is a bit sad.

Tao Island scenery


It’s not a foodie, I don’t want to recommend Tao Island’s food …

The graduation meal is the choice of 90 % of the classmates who dives in Cool Substation -Toshima 169 Autonomous Hot Pot. The coach contributed his Chongqing hot pot bottom material. How to say, the spicy spicy, fruit tea, all dishes are self -service.

Brother was drunk and couldn’t remember the taste, I just remember that the students smiled happily during the same period.


The Spanish restaurant is good. It is a good viewing spot. I also check in, suitable for couples. If a single dog is alone, please make an appointment with your companions, don’t find it easily.

There is a cooler coach who wrote the Tao Island food collection. You can go to the cool dive service to discuss it yourself.

The beach of the school is a good attraction. It is the best time for everyone to take pictures during the day and watch the sea view during the day. It is also my favorite place. (Because of lazy)


Beer is accompanied by the sunset, beautiful scenery with beautiful ladies, sleeping dozing, walking dogs, not thinking about Shu, happy.


Report Diving Summary


This diving research is an unusual experience, and it is also one of my unforgettable memories.


The only regret was that there were no whale sharks, no turtles, no jellyfish, but there were many unknown little yellow croakers. It may be that they all hid me.

With the 71%of the world’s pass, it is unforgettable for a long time after returning home. I do n’t know what the reason for the next time, so I have the story of my brother returning to Tao Tao Island to test DM later. I saw the whale shark … This time I talked about it. Start.

I heard that a male student was crying when he left Tao Island, because the cooler big dog coach made him very memorable. (Don’t think about crooked, he has gone with his girlfriend.) He also heard that he mentioned in the group of Cool Suddenly. He will definitely return to Tao Island to test DM, and he will definitely go to the “trouble” of the big dog.


Seeing the circle of friends who sent the cool dive service in April and May … Whale sharks often come to Tao Island’s dive together in 1-2. Who will be the next Buddy?

Next year’s Similan Shipu is still waiting for me. Everything is not only now, but also in the future.