“The Adorf you bought is a fake, so you don’t want to bald, so quickly throw it away!”

I should be regarded as an old customer who bought Adorf shampoo. From 15 years to last month, I have been using this brand. At that time, my friends around me were using this brand, and I was also by my sister Amway until I bought a bottle of fake bottle of fake fake Adoff changed his brand decisively.

As an old user who washed the water shampoo, it cannot be said that it is poor. There are some cleaning and dedue ability, but it is not particularly good. I personally feel that the effect of use is medium. I just get used to it when I get used to a brand. It has been used for several years. However, the reputation of Adorf’s shampoo is getting worse and worse, and many netizens feel that the hair loss has become more and more serious after using the Aduf shampoos. Although I can’t be people, after all, I have no reliability and the ears are virtual, but in recent years, the quality of this brand is indeed different, and there are many fakes. After that, there are really many hair loss.

“The Adorf you bought is a fake, and he threw it quickly if he didn’t want to bald!” The gentleman told me how to know how he knew it one night. He said that it was completely different from the genuine products used before. Very water, it is not soaked in use, the key loss is more than before. The gentleman is right. The amount of hair loss during shampooing is twice as much as usual. In fact, I was the first to use the bag that afternoon. After using it, I sighed: I bought a fake!


Immediately contacted a treasure customer service, but found that the product had been removed, and no one responded after sales. Just as the world evaporated, the complaint was unsuccessful. I also regret that there was no inspection at the beginning. After seven days, there was no reason to return the bag to the package. I also take advantage of this opportunity to change the brand. I used to hate this bundled sales before. You must buy two bottles and give you a bunch of small bags.

It is also advised netizens to buy this brand to buy this brand. At least it is not easy to buy fakes. In case you really bought fake shampoo, he threw it quickly, and the young baldness could affect the face value.