What is the difference between 18K gold and rose gold and platinum

K gold is a alloy made by gold and other metals

The gold content of 1K is 4.166% and the gold content of 18K is 75%. Due to the softness of jewelry made by high gold ductility, it is soft and easy to deform. Therefore, adding other metals to gold to increase the strength and toughness of gold, which is also called K gold.

什么是18K金 跟玫瑰金 白金有什么区别

Now the jewelry shop buy jewelry, the clerk often tells you the AU750 rose gold or platinum inlaid. AU750 refers to alloy containing 75%gold and 25%of other metals, which is 18K gold. Rose gold, Platinum refers to its color. 18 gold rose gold, white 18K gold. Therefore, when buying things, don’t think that rose gold or platinum sounds tall and expensive. In fact, it is gold with 75%gold.

Then let’s talk about its value

什么是18K金 跟玫瑰金 白金有什么区别

As an international currency, gold has a certain floating price every day, so the price of 18K gold is constantly changing. If you are customized jewelry, the price of 18K gold in the processing store is 75%of the international gold price on that day. That is, the price of gold is 350 per gram. Then the price of 18K gold is 350*75%= 265.5

什么是18K金 跟玫瑰金 白金有什么区别

In the future, when you go to buy jewelry, you do n’t have to be priced by 18K gold or AU750 rose gold and platinum jewelry.