For 40 years of debut, Jinba men’s clothing finally “out of the circle”

With Chinese designers such as Alexander Wang and Jason Wu shining in the fashion industry, Chinese supermodels such as Lu Yan, Liu Wen, Sun Feifei conquered the international show in the international show, and successfully affected the trend of world fashion. The power of Chinese brands should not be underestimated!


This time, what Chinese power is going to “out of the circle”?

As a familiar and fresh Chinese fashion forces, it is well known in China, with a new secret weapon, and successfully obtained the favors and recognition of Milan Fashion Week, one of the four major international fashion weeks of the famous qualifications, , Entering the 2020fw official schedule of this authoritative fashion event to open up a new fashion journey. It is the brand that is about to enter the 40 -year -old high -end business leisure men’s clothing brand


K-boxing Jinba men’s clothing



Being able to use Milan Fashion Week as the first step towards the international stage. Thanks to the stable quality of Jinba Men’s clothing in the long history, it is inseparable from the unremitting persistence of this Chinese men’s brand to design, quality, and version. And at this Milan Fashion Week, the secret weapon that debuted by the world’s debut–


Brand high -end light luxury series KB hong


Whether it is design aesthetics or thinking about sustainable fashion, it has aroused high recognition in the fashion industry and clothing field.


Want to know what kind of wonderful show is? And how fashionable KB Hong is, follow ELLE’s footsteps and go straight to the show!


On January 13, 2020, Milan time, in the 20th Century Museum in Milan National Treasure Hall, “


Seeing Vientiane the Mirage

“The theme,


K-Boxing Jinba Men’s High-end Light Luxury Series KB HONG 2020FW Milan Fashion First Show

Wonderful opening. This time, the Milan national treasure -level art hall was the first transformer show in Jinba Men’s clothing. It opened the first fashion show to the Jinba men’s clothing that also had a deep accumulation in the field of clothing, allowing East and Western culture and art to blend here.

In 1980, the founder of Jinba Men’s clothing used two door panels to cut the first eggplant in the history of Jinba. Since then, Jinba Men’s clothing has opened the road to focus on eggplant for 40 years. After three generations of orderly inheritance, in the three generations

40th anniversary

On the occasion of going abroad and opening the fashion journey of Jinba men’s clothing officially “out of the circle”. Focusing on ingenuity to sneak, you can have a determined state of not blindly following the flow, and you can steadily feel the future.

Seeing Vientiane and seeing everything is the microcosm of the four0 years of professional accumulation of men’s clothing, and it is the beginning of the beautiful vision of the next 40 years.

Known as “the most dressed man in the world” -British supermodel Richard Biedul


International Fashion Red Man Andrea Faccio, Paolo Faccio, Manuel OTGIANU


Fashionable people on the spot

Such a wonderful show has also attracted the high attention of the world’s fashion industry. Many international professional buyers, male fashion media, authoritative media in the clothing industry, and known as

“The most dressed man in the world” -British supermodel Richard Biedul

Seven international fashion celebrities such as Marc FORNE, Carlo Sestini came to the show, and experienced and experienced the professional ingenuity and creation of Jinba men’s clothing as a fresh and fashionable power in China.

K-Boxing Jinba Men’s CEO CEO and Creative Director Mr. Hong Boming


“Milan Fashion Week relies on the deep artistic and cultural heritage of Italy. The textile and apparel industry is highly developed. The authority with high gold content is an authoritative fashion event. Jinba men’s clothing selected the first step towards the world in Milan because our 40 years of development has always been awe of professionalism. We always adhere to providing international and high -quality men’s clothing for our consumers. With the changes in the humanities of the times, the trend is changing. ) When applying for an application, we present these one by one, not only the presentation of Jinba men’s clothing, but also expressing

The determination and self -confidence of a Chinese men’s clothing brand


Do not obey, do not ride, do not show up, do every piece of clothing and be down -to -earth.

Very honored, Jinba men’s clothing can be favored and recognized. Mr. Hong Boming, CEO and creative director of Jinba Men’s clothing, said.

Shot straight


In this exciting show that is looking forward to, the 40 sets of exciting shows of the best -created shows have interpreted the inspiration of retro futuristicism to the fullest.


Chinese aesthetics


Elegant elegance

In the high -end and fashionable design, it can be presented. The design full of pioneer and artistic sense not only shows the fierce collision of excellent and lines, but the use of Hanfu’s large -profile design and the use of Chinese cross -collar makes the simple men’s version of men’s clothing. The pioneer of Pioneer’s Pioneer Master of Paris Painted Painting Master Chang Yu combines the art and fashion, while the irregular texture of the use of multiple naturalism not only expresses the sense of natural rhythm, but also entrusts the symbiosis and coexistence of human beings and nature. Pray for your proposal and express

KB Hong’s practice and longing for sustainable fashion

Essence The wonderful design and exquisite quality make the show of KB HONG’s big show amazing.


The futuristic fabric and detachable functional leather shoulder collar design gives retro futuristic three -dimensional display. The combination of retro and old and future sensor elements is full of tension.

The traditional black and white, the orange and electric blue, which represents the pioneer, strongly collided on the runway, and the bright color rhythm creates a coherent full emotions. Simple and practical silhouette integration into deconstructionism, interprets a new sports style.

The collision and integration of two aesthetics of Chinese aesthetics and Italian elegance is a highlight of the KB HONG series KB HONG. The use of Hanfu’s large -profile design and Chinese cross -collar makes the minimalist version like a new life, and the simple and high -end material and color use to convey elegant and extraordinary men’s charm.

The pioneering flower type of the naked girl series of Chinese painting everyone’s masterpiece is integrated into the sweater, so that the modern men’s clothing and the body charm are paid to the artistic beauty of the Oriental Shen Yun and the spilled temperament of the Western flavor.

The trees, dirt, and tiger and leopards with traditional Chinese painting texture are restored in modern men’s clothing. Naturalist flower types are designed with dark brown tones. Irregular patterns, time -loving and dense textures will naturally be perfect with fashion and fashion. Combine, it also expresses KB HONG’s sustainable fashion practice and longing.

As one of the unchanged classic fashion elements, the checkered element is renewed with a pioneer design on the KB HONG show. The changes in different colors and different lines make the classic checkered strong modern tension, and the avant -garde shape is shiny.


ELLEMEN Rui Shi has cooperated in depth with Jinba Men’s clothing this time. During this Milan Fashion Week show, a group of wonderful fashion blockbusters were shot. The supermodel Yu is full of extraordinary texture and fashionable Spring Spring. New strolling on the streets of Milan, performing the early spring style.

The whole set of large pieces not only shows the atmosphere and versatile silhouette brought by the men’s eggplant and deepen the design of men’s eggplant, but also the design of fashionable and practical design allows all kinds of items to show the taste in the matching. Fashion.


Whether it is a classic black and white gray single product or bold color and print design, it provides more fashionable options for stylish men. The mature and grim temperament presented by the whole set is perfectly echoed by the atmospheric and retro lines near the Milan Fashion Week Show Farm.


High -end business elite men’s life show “strong time”





It is reflected to the fullest.


If the wonderful blockbuster has not made you enjoy it, you can also see the style of the new product of K-Boxing early spring through a video!

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Why can Jinba men’s clothing successfully “out of the circle”?

Not only the brand’s strength is too strong, but the as usual ingenuity and the development direction of internationalization are indispensable.

/ Power + ingenuity /

Jinba Men’s clothing focuses on the 40 years of tomato, and continuously injects innovative vitality into the Chinese business and leisure men’s clothing market, and succeeds

Men’s eggplant with superb craftsmanship, excellent fabric, and continuous fashion has become one of the business leisure clothing representatives of Chinese men’s representatives


Essence Jinba Men’s clothing not only has a national -level eggplant laboratory that has been established for more than 20 years, but also led the production and revision of the national standards of eggplant in 2010. It was established as the “China Eggplant Color Research and Development Base” by the China Pop Color Association. Research, analysis, and formulation of heavy tasks. Jinba Men’s unique design ended the monotonous of the eggplant, continuously leading the research and development design of eggplant and supporting clothing, making business leisure clothes younger and more fashionable, making more fashionable and pretty men more fashionable and stylish. In life.

/ New Blood + Freshman /

Massimo Foroni, co -creative director of Jinba Men’s Design, Director of KB HONG and KB HONG Milan’s first show

Under the leadership of the CEO and Creative Director of Jinba Men’s Men’s Clothing, Massimo, originally designed by Italy, has continuously accumulated and optimized the Jinba men’s brand and eggplant DNA. The successful integration of elegance is the essence of traditional men’s clothing.

As a high -quality, high -quality business leisure men’s high -end line, which will be launched in the domestic and foreign markets, it will inherit the 39 -year -old Men’s Men’s ingenious accumulation. , Passing the consistent costumes of men’s clothing and the ambitions of sustainable fashion roads. Insist on the design and quality of design and quality,

Jinba Men’s clothing hopes to present the international, fashionable, high -quality, and high -quality Chinese business leisure men’s clothing through high -level, elegant, and stylish KB HONG


Essence Jinba Men’s clothing shoulders the responsibility and mission of Chinese local fashion brands, so that China’s excellent local clothing brands can also lead the world’s new fashion!

Inherit the classics, continue to innovate, adhere to quality, and lead fashion. K-Boxing Jinba Men’s clothing and high-end light luxury series KB HONG opened the road of future advancement with the concept of internationalization and fashion, so that the world can not only see Made in China, but also the power of China!

Every man who tastes extraordinary and pursues quality life, Jinba Men’s clothing hopes to start more life shows with you!

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