Song Qian just put on a Barbie powder T -shirt and paired with a white denim skirt.

Although Song Qian rarely participated in the filming of film and television works, she was also busy participating in various star festivals. At the airport, Song Qian’s dressing style was more advanced than before. When Song Qian appeared at the airport, she put on Barbie powder. T -shirts and white denim shorts, great.

Wearing this airport dress, Song Qian put on Barbie coat, Barbie powder has always been regarded as death powder by many netizens. This is because the color of Barbie powder is very picky. Generally speaking, only the skin tone of the Barbie doll we played as a child when we were young At the same time, we can hold Barbie pink completely in our hands. Barbie pink, whether it is a lipstick or a dress, is difficult to control, but Song Qian even tried Barbie pink T -shirt this time.

Song Qian’s Barbie pink T -shirt, the middle main part uses triangular patterns, triangular patterns are drawn by black. Although the pattern is simple, this triangle pattern will appear more unique than some animation patterns.

What’s more, Song Qian’s Barbie pink T -shirt sleeves are pink on the sleeves of the sleeves, gradually becoming purple and blue, which makes people feel very dreamy and sweet. Therefore, compared with pure Barbie pink T -shirts The color gradient Barbie pink T -shirt will be easier to control.

In the choice of skirts, Song Qian was paired with a white leather denim skirt. This skirt is a short skirt style. In the upper belt part, although there is no belt, it increases very obvious waist shape effects.


This white denim skirt is more matched with Barbie pink than the blue leather denim skirt. If you want to control the Barbie pink T -shirt, you may wish to wear a white denim skirt like Song Qian.

Song Xi is also very cautious in the choice of the hat. I chose a white and blue striped hats, and a lot of white sequins were added to the top of the hat. Whether it is close or from a distance, I feel very unique and eye -catching. Essence

In another celebrity gift, Song Qian also put forward a great challenge on the hairstyle. Song Qian’s usually hairstyle is Qi Liu Hai and Bobo Touther. In this star ceremony, Song Qian divided Liu Hai into two halves, as Liu Haixia Does Song Qian in the middle look gentle and moving?

In the choice of clothes, Song Qian also put on a black suit. Although there were not many embroidery in this suit, a more rigorous atmosphere was also shown in the background of Song Qian’s halo.


Well, dear netizens, Song Qian, these two dress styles, one is a unique trend, and the other is rigorous and gentle. Which one do you prefer?