Emergency tracing: 38 -year -old mental disorder man lost in Shijiazhuang, 1 meter 73 high, wearing light gray shorts

After feedback by the family members, the family had found the man itself. To protect its privacy, the information is now removed.


Sex: Male

Age: 38 years old

Lost time: August 26, 2017

Lost location: Dazhao Village, Nanliu Township, Wuxiazhuang County, Shijiazhuang, Hebei

Feature description: 1 meter 73, thin, upper body


, Wear light gray shorts (with family contact information in the back), barefoot, suffering from mental and intellectual obstacles.

contact number

: (Brother who lost)

Whether to report to the police

According to the family, the lost those have lost many times, this time

Be lost

There are no preventive measures, and the family is looking for unsuccessful.

This search information is provided by Xinle City Rescue Station.


Searching for people is a nation -oriented nationwide



Public welfare projects, dedicated to helping all kinds of families find those who lost their loss. The principle is to find the personnel information near the missing place.

The huge users of 700 million have greatly enhanced the chances of seeking seekers to help find people. In the past successful cases, it has been confirmed,

The accurate regional pop -up window of people has a high success rate for people with poor movement capabilities such as elderly people and mental disorders such as elderly people and mental disorders in the short term.

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