After three years of Matego168 720P driving recorder and buying suggestions

I will explain this order from the purchase of experience, appearance, wiring, use experience, and summary. Please take me carefully ~~~


用了三年的matego168 720P 行车记录仪以及选购建议

After completing the first post of Aunt Zhang, I took a single exposure to my display: Benq BenQ EW2440L 24 -inch MVA LED, I have been pondering what I want to expose, and see who aside, and decided to start with the recorder. The machine has been used for nearly 3 years, and I have been working hard. I think the quality is too much, so let’s take a look at me.

Matego168 720p line

Car record

用了三年的matego168 720P 行车记录仪以及选购建议


Because of the township below, in order to facilitate the get off work, the family sponsored the big head and bought this so -called magic car. Essence Essence (I added 4K and waited for 3 months. The ridiculous is how many days others wrote a car on the order. I directly indicate that there is no car within 3 months …) Think about it at the time.

After buying a car, after buying a car, the idea of ​​buying a driving recorder has always been in his head. It didn’t take long for colleagues to be touched 5K by the porcelain.

用了三年的matego168 720P 行车记录仪以及选购建议

From more than 100 people who just looked at it, to PAPAGO, which was still tall, advertising, and what lipsticks were in Korea, they brushed Ma Yun’s house every day. Several people look at the comments. As long as they are not brushed, they can find some problems that some sellers have not mentioned, so as to make better choices.) Helplessly, Wallet Jun does not support it, and is locked at the price of about 300-500.

After paying attention to a lot of recorders, I summarized the factors of the below recorder: (Personal summary, hope to add)

1. Security

用了三年的matego168 720P 行车记录仪以及选购建议

The so -called safety is mainly from the machine itself. Many recorders are built -in batteries (commonly low -end machines, built -in NOKIA BL5C classics). Some friends said that the built -in battery can also be videos when it is offset. Essence Think about it in turn, the built -in battery, up to 1000mAh, how long do you think you can support it. Essence Essence

Furthermore, if the recorder below contains a battery, the machine battery should be in danger of being exploded. Even if it is stopped under the coolness, the temperature in the car cannot be considered low. Who can guarantee where to go? There are garage, there are cool, right, even when there are, when you drive. Essence Essence

So ~~~~~ I think

用了三年的matego168 720P 行车记录仪以及选购建议

Built -in large capacitance

It is a better solution. After the car is electric, the cigarette lighter can be powered by the recorder. The parking key can be automatically powered off. It happens that this car is like this. Of course, some cars are continuous power supply. It will cause the vehicle to lose electricity, so that the power supply needs to be transformed. Some car owners lead the power cord to the front row reading light, which is more advanced and cannot see the wires. Essence Essence

用了三年的matego168 720P 行车记录仪以及选购建议

2. Stability

The most straightforward role of the recorder is to determine the responsibility of the accident (if the riders take him to make a tourist video, the price is still calculated), so the stability is the factors that are the first consideration. From time to time, worry about whether this instrument is crash and pause. Personally, when you start the car and when to stop, if you forget the existence of the recorder, it is the best stability. This recorder has been used for 3 years, and the number of crashes has been fingered, so from this point of view, the stability has passed.

Generally, drive a self -inspection, 1 or 2 seconds (this process is the seat belt is just right) and then start it. At this time, it will not crash. If the car is twisted directly, the cigarette lighter may cause crash because of the current, and sometimes it will cause it.

用了三年的matego168 720P 行车记录仪以及选购建议

3, leak seconds

This is also a relatively important factor. Generally, the recorder is to store the video files according to 2, 3, and 5 minutes. The leakage of seconds means that the interval between each video will have a blank space between 1 or 2 seconds. In other words, that is to say that the document 1, the machine stuck, and then the file 2, this stuck causes the leakage of the recorder. Travel at a speed of 40 km/h, run out of 11.1 meters in 1 second, and go out for more than 20 meters in 2 seconds. Essence Essence

The most painful life is: people are dead, money is not spent!

The most painful thing in life is: people have not died yet, money is gone!

For the owner:

The most painful life is: there is a situation, there is no recorder!

What is painful than above is: there is a situation, there is a recorder, but it is crashing!

The most painful thing in life is that there are recorders and no crashes, that is, T M D leaked in seconds!

4. View angle

The parameter that the recorder is often mentioned is the visual angle. Generally speaking, the recorder on the market should basically be around 120 °, more or less. Personally, it is better to be better than smaller. It is mainly used as an identification of the accident, so as long as it is not too small, the bigger the better

5. Video playback

用了三年的matego168 720P 行车记录仪以及选购建议

When an accident occurs, you can see the occurrence of the occurrence for the first time, and it can be convenient to consult when dealing with the problem.

6. Video locking function

Because it is recording, the locking function can avoid the video files recorded before being pushed down. Some recorders can automatically lock the video files after the emergency brake to avoid being washed away. My one has no function, so I used a 32G card

7. View

This is different from person to person, mainly because the machine cannot be too big, blocking my eyes. I can fold the screen without affecting the driving sight. In fact, this is also the category of safety.

用了三年的matego168 720P 行车记录仪以及选购建议

The segmentation line ========================================== =========================== ===

用了三年的matego168 720P 行车记录仪以及选购建议

According to the above points, I chose this Matego 168 driving recorder in my hand

用了三年的matego168 720P 行车记录仪以及选购建议

Now it ’s a bit outdated. The previous 720P was still the mainstream, but now I ca n’t find it. At least 1080P starts from 1080P

The recorder’s main control chip, photosensitive chip, lens and other important hardware, do not expect to use those brands in the low -end recorder, of course, there must be, but just look at the domestic urine. Let’s not say that those tall are high. Brands and parameters, let’s talk about your recorder. Don’t despise the officials. Essence

用了三年的matego168 720P 行车记录仪以及选购建议

Although pixels are generally interpolands, the 1080 interpolation is not as strong as the 720 interpolation ~~~

The purchase time is attached. has only 1080P 188 models. I bought 168 models, and the effect is improved. I bought 7 more one after another. Essence Essence They all buy it for relatives and friends, because the wiring is a bit experienced, so they are basically required to be installed

But it doesn’t matter if you eat for dinner ~~~~

用了三年的matego168 720P 行车记录仪以及选购建议

Attachments are: recorder 1, ultra -short combination suction cup, cigaretteer power supply with switch (convenient operation, no need to unplug), USB line 1

Time is too long, the box is gone (remember to be a blue box, and now 188 is a red box), you can only start with the appearance.

用了三年的matego168 720P 行车记录仪以及选购建议

The following is the appearance part

用了三年的matego168 720P 行车记录仪以及选购建议

The machine is a skin -like material, not that kind of poor hard plastic. It is still very comfortable to feel. The machine has been used for 3 years and is a bit dirty ~~~

The suction cup can no longer go up, because the above is floating point

, Sucking the cup is not reliable, you can only go to the right, but the pilot vision is affected, so this is basically the best position ~~~~

The following is the boot state

用了三年的matego168 720P 行车记录仪以及选购建议

The following is the perspective angle

From the perspective of driving seats, there is basically no effect

The eyes of the recorder can be seen from the outside. Although it is not a 24 -hour record, it is also a deterrent to bad people. Essence Essence

After thinking about a lot of ways to let everyone see the shooting angle of the recorder more clearly, I simply let my colleagues stand at the recorder’s shooting limit, and take a look down ~~~

用了三年的matego168 720P 行车记录仪以及选购建议

It should be enough about 120 °. It just made the first snow in 2015 in the morning. Essence Essence

The following wiring part

用了三年的matego168 720P 行车记录仪以及选购建议

Later, I installed the original RCD510 by myself. The help master had a good relationship with me. I took the initiative to put the cigarette lighter line in the central control. What else? Over

Then put it inside. Essence Essence Haha, Hi Mori

用了三年的matego168 720P 行车记录仪以及选购建议

The dotted line is given by the master, and it is inside. The real line part is operated by myself. Just plug it directly. According to my experience, some cars are very good, and some are difficult to stop. For example: golf 6, new Sagitar, Langyi, 408, etc. Essence

Recorded file size

用了三年的matego168 720P 行车记录仪以及选购建议

Generally 3 minutes of 720P video, the size is about 180 m, as for how big the card, 4G can be cope with

用了三年的matego168 720P 行车记录仪以及选购建议

It is recommended to start from 8G.

The following is the actual effect. Because the video will be lost on a certain cool and a certain beans, only screenshots on the screen

用了三年的matego168 720P 行车记录仪以及选购建议

The effect of 720 is really miserable, the effect at night is a bit unable to see people, everyone shoots lightly

↑ About 10 meters in the evening

↑ It is about 1 to 3 meters at night

↑ At about 10:50, if there is no fog about 15 meters in cloudy days, the visibility is improved

↑ At 5 o’clock in the afternoon, about 10 meters from cloudy days

用了三年的matego168 720P 行车记录仪以及选购建议

The reason for the days of the gray day+ duty time (engaged in education, go out at 6:30 in the morning, do not go home on the way, and then get off work at 5 pm), the effect is really a bit miserable, and the details of the screenshot are also lost. It is much worse. As a COMS camera, it is very sensitive to light. When there is no fog, the effect is like the following figure. If the sunlight conditions are good, it will be clearer.

用了三年的matego168 720P 行车记录仪以及选购建议

↓ The following one is the effect of the Matego 188 model of the network screenshot. It can be seen that the gap can be seen, and the 188 picture is cleaner.

Summary part

用了三年的matego168 720P 行车记录仪以及选购建议

1. There are many types of recorders like cattle and hair. When you buy it, you still have to polish your eyes. The low -end ones are not troubled enough. Today, it is crashing, and it is not recommended to use it. Regarding the price, the effect of hundreds of dollars is basically the same, and it must be expected to the imaging.

2. Some riders are using PAPAGO (the specific model to forget, it should be the middle and low -end). The two people have taken the same way. I have compared, the effect is slightly better than him, but it is more than his colleagues. The effect is almost, and the importance of this resolution can be seen. Now it is basically starting at 1080. It is recommended that when you buy, you should try to choose high resolution within the purchase range.

用了三年的matego168 720P 行车记录仪以及选购建议

3. Try to choose 8G or more in the memory card. Since the recorder is recording, you need to operate the card all the time. Please also choose a card with a fast speed. No, if you need to buy a new card, you still choose the C10, after all, the price is almost small. It is not recommended to use the recorder seller to buy memory cards. One is expensive, and the other is that the quality cannot be guaranteed. In addition, my recorder is a SD card. It can be used with TF+Kato, and some cannot be used. This has something to do with the quality of Kato.

4. The clarity is determined by factors such as the sensor’s photosensitive chip, the main control chip and the lens. Under different light conditions, the impact on the effect of the imaging is obvious. In addition, the clarity of the recorder is also connected with a certain speed. The faster the speed, the fewer details captured by the camera, and often the definition will be reduced. The effect of 10 kilometers at time.

用了三年的matego168 720P 行车记录仪以及选购建议

5. Some people ask if only one recorder can effectively determine touching porcelain. For example, when the porcelain touches the side of the car, the recorder cannot be shot. What should I do at this time? In fact, don’t worry too much. The role of the recorder is to record the entire process of the incident (provided that there is no crash, no leakage seconds), and the car is good. In the last second, he walked well. The next second touched my car’s buttocks. Whose responsibility do you say? Even if there is responsibility, it is not all, this should be very good.

Prerequisite: Don’t violate the regulations! Intersection Intersection This is truth! Intersection Intersection Violation = Opportunity to the bumper porcelain

Non -professional recorder players just explain the experience of my recorder. I hope my nonsense will not make you disappoint.

The 4 -year car, the maintenance is pretty good