Not to mention that the suit jacket won’t wear it! The matching strategies of the beauty inside and outside will help you interpret a variety of charm

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The recent temperature “changing the face” is fast. Wearing a sweater in the morning will tremble, and we wear a cool summer dress at noon. Many girls have chosen in order to cope with changes in temperature.

Putting on the inside and thin


And a coat allows you to calmly deal with the temperature difference between morning and evening.

The “king” in the autumn jacket said that no one should refute the suit jacket. Worried about being unable to wear fashion, you must need to wear this period of wear strategy,


Help you change from dressing Xiaobai to master


Color selection and matching

The suit jacket has always been the favorite item of office workers. It has its own rigorous and capable atmosphere, which can easily help us wear professional charm. Of course, too rigid workplace Look, for women who love fashion, have no attraction!

It is the easiest way to break the professional sense of the suit and change the temperament with color matching. In order to cater to the autumn atmosphere, choose a warm and textured caramel -colored suit jacket,

Fashionable feelings are simply handy

In addition to catering to the earth’s earth color, in addition to catering in the earth, you can also choose the natural color of the autumn. The green system is undoubtedly the color that can make us stand out in autumn.

What needs to be known is that green is not easy to control, picking skin tone, and the tolerance of other colors is still poor, and it is easy to step on the mine. The green suit reduces saturation, or has white tops, or inner white tops,

At the same time, it can also be recessed with elegant and generous look

Whether the shape looks good or not, does not rely only on one color. The color of the entire shape is suitable to allow us to wear a high -value look. What I have to say is that the lively color matching in autumn can make us younger and more beautiful.

In order to avoid stepping on the mine, we choose


Color suit + light -colored jeans

The matching and color matching contrast will not appear obtrusive.


The stacking skills of the suit

Compared with mixing, the last group of LOOK’s stacking skills can improve the fashionable value of the shape. Most people with suit jackets, they will choose a classic, and the color is relatively simple, the upper body


, But it is easy to give people a sense of sense.

Fashionables prefer 1+1+1 stacking, and the combination is more. It can avoid hitting shirts and more novel and beautiful styles. And using shirts as a transition layer of suits and tops, simple and easy to operate, we can try it first.

Don’t think that stacking is to wear two more clothes in a suit jacket. It also requires skills to wear flavor. First of all, in terms of colors and styles, we must not ignore the simplified ways of wearing. This approach helps us to wear more advanced Look.

In addition, the stylish sense of shape depends on the details of the shape! Reveal

High waistline


The method of wearing seems to be tall and thin, and the upper body temperament is up. And the accessories such as bags, necklaces, leather boots, etc. can improve the sense of style.

Details to improve temperament

Everyone knows that the more classic items, the more investment value, because it is not time to wear. The black silhouette suit jacket gives people a very rigorous feeling and wants to wear fashionable. This time, the look can provide you with ideas.

The silhouette coat is easy to press, so

Sigh and thin


The details of the details are easy to wear a very fashionable look. And this time the same color system and the wearing of the jacket corner, it also shows the personal gas field, giving people a cool feeling!

The suit jacket can also interpret multiple charm. This time, the combination of suit jackets + wide -leg pants looks casual and casual. But because of the fresh and lively top, it softened the styling temperament, and it looked sweet.



Accessories can also change styling temperament

, Sexual cold -winded metal accessories, college style baseball caps, canvas shoes, gardening straw jewelry, etc., can help you interpret different styles.

The yellow black leather needs to pay attention, the color of a suit jacket + top should not be too dull,


The way of wearing can help us wear younger skin conditions, and age reduction without losing elegance.

I am a settlement. If you are confused, you can trust me privately, and welcome to leave a message to discuss! Following it and learning to wear, we become better and beautiful people together!

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