“Sudden Q & A 35” Samsung S20 series comes with dual C port data cable. What if you even do a computer?

The reason for this design is to conform to the trend of the computer’s USB to the C -port, as well as the Apple PD fast charging line.Now the new computers are standard as standard. The C port has advantages in reducing space, transmission, and charging speed.However, it is really inconvenient to use it at this stage. Samsung has been sending the connector before, and it is not delivered now.


Put a few common solutions.1 Samsung BUDS+comes with the data cable is the old data cable.2 Before S10, it is an old data cable. You can use it directly without any difference.3 Through the previous transition, you can freely convert the data cable. Even the computer, data backup, and charging can be charged (including Apple)


Samsung’s new mobile phone supports 25W and 15W charging speed

So the previous 15W old charger can also be used, don’t throw it away