Suitable for slightly fat girls to wear, these cotton -rich trench coats make you comfortable and thin

Whenever the autumn and winter season, the windbreaker jacket will always be loved by street fashion people. Even if the classic version and style are not good at matching, as long as you put on the windbreaker jacket, you instantly inject the overall score. For girls with slightly fat, it is really important to choose the right trench coat. Take a look at the following cotton hooded trench coats, beautiful and generous, comfortable and leisure, let you wear thin and stylish. Oh!

Fashion mid -length hooded loose trench coat jacket


Mid -long hooded trench coat, loose version, comfortable fabric, and hooded design, showing the trend of leisure. Metal zipper, easy to wear, paired with dual stuck plackets, flip pockets on both sides are very practical and beautiful. The neckline design of the collar hood to protect the neck. Simple cuffs, comfortable to wear, fine sutures show texture. Pocket pockets on both sides are convenient to insert pockets, and you can also place some belongings. The slim -fitting version of the superb cut, clean and stylish.


Fashion Literature and Art long hooded trench coat jacket


Fashion hooded windbreaker coat, literary style, comfortable and stylish. Fashionable collar design, modify the face shape, makes you more feminine. Threading cuffs tightly to better fit the arm curve. The symmetrical pocket design on both sides is beautiful and practical. Comfortable and leisure, fit version, temperament is free.


Simple mid -length hooded casual jacket

Simple and loose casual hooded jacket, high -quality fabric, loose version, exquisite craftsmanship make the cloth texture more delicate and elegant. Leisure hooded neckline, fashionable temperament, elegant and atmospheric. The cuffs are simple and beautiful. Symmetrical diagonal pockets on both sides are beautiful and practical. Use high -quality fabrics, soft and stylish, full of lines, comfortable and skin -friendly.

Fashion mid -length hooded trench coat

Fashion hooded trench coat, comfortable fabric, classic and gentle temperament, loose and comfortable version, wearing elegant charm. The simple hooded neckline design shows the trend of leisure style. The drawing belt design on the waist creates a high waist shape. The design of the symmetrical pocket on both sides not only meets the habit of inserting pockets and practical. Loose version, simple intellectual, elegant, soft, soft and comfortable, wearing style.

Casual personality stitching long hooded jacket


Elegant long jacket, leisure personality splicing design, elegant reveals that silk is free, simple and atmospheric, comfortable to cover meat to modify the body, comfortable and elegant. The stand -up collar hooded design, protecting the neck very well. The simple shape of the cuffs is comfortable and stylish. Symmetrical diagonal pockets on both sides are convenient and practical. Combined and comfortable version, modify the shape, tolerance and thinness, and not picking up.


Fashion and leisure mid -length drawing rope comfort jacket

Middle -length drawing jacket, elegant and leisure fan. The neckline design of the stand -up collar hood protects the neck very well. The drawing belt design of the waist is simple, comfortable to wear, highlighting the shape. The symmetrical oblique pocket design on both sides is both beautiful and practical. Comfortable casual fit, free temperament, simple life art. Use high -quality fabrics, soft and comfortable, full of lines, good comfort.

Fashion Light Literature and Art Medium Hooding Course Jacket


Mid -long hooded jacket, literary trend, loose and lazy, comfortable and stylish. Simple lapel design, fashionable and generous, comfortable and atmospheric. The tight design of the cuffs is comfortable and not tight. The symmetrical vertical pocket design on both sides not only meets the habit of inserting pockets, but also convenient and practical. Comfortable version, golden ratio division, and diversified elements to create a gentle and retro vision.

Fashion hooded stitching trench coat

The hooded stitching trench coat is fresh and elegant. Casual hat, detachable design, can be worn according to needs. Straight sleeve design, blocking the arms, lengthened slender lines. The symmetrical pocket design on both sides can be placed with some portable items, which is very practical. The pumping belt around the waist is simple to pull the pull -up, creating a high -waist version, which is thin and tall. Loose version, comfortable to wear, casual fashion.

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