The chocolate sandwiches that can’t be popular, the fire sandwich moon cake

There is still a month of Mid -Autumn Festival. The ice skin moon cake that can be made without an oven. The method is super simple. The soul of the moon cake lies in the moon cake filling. This moon cake filling is made from Oreo and sweet cocoa sauce.

By Newska_nusica


Moderate amount of glutinous rice flour

Chocolate ice leather material:


Glutinous rice flour 25 grams


15 grams of Cheng Fan

25 grams of dipped rice noodles

Cocoa powder 5 grams

15 grams of corn oil

115 grams of milk

15 grams of sugar powder


Sandwriting part:

Oreo biscuits 175 grams


50 grams of milk

Newska hazelnut flavor cocoa sauce moderate amount

Practice step

1. All ice materials are mixed evenly

2. Steam the plastic wrap on high heat for 20 minutes, steam the ice skin slightly, knead and mix well, divide into 20 grams each, cover the plastic wrap


3. Oreo removed the sandwich, crushed it with a cooking machine, mixed with milk to mix well, divide into 25 grams each, and set aside.

4. Left: Ice skin material (20 grams per copy) Right: sandwich material (25 grams per copy)


5. Take Oreo ball

6. Join Newska hazelnut flavor cocoa sauce

7. Take Oren ball and wrap into the cocoa sauce


8. Take the cooked glutinous rice flour, wrap the sandwich, and use the moon cake mold to press the favorite lines


9. Have you learned this kind of chocolate ice cake?

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Ice skin materials need to be covered with plastic wrap

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