Three minutes understand the black technology on the new generation of Audi A6L

The new generation of Audi A6L

Today, let’s talk about the new generation of Audi A6L, a popular C -Class luxury car that has not been listed recently. The new car has been greatly upgraded to technology. It is equipped with the 48V electrical system and gradual steering system used by the same level. Times MMI human -machine interaction, as well as the leading driving assistance system at the same level. So what changes will be brought to driving for such a burst of technology configuration? Let’s take a look at these explosive black technology today.

Still the lamp factory we are familiar with

Audi, as a lamp factory in the eyes of fans, will naturally work hard on the lights of the lamp this time. The 5 -stage parallel daytime running lights are very recognizable. There is a dynamic identification function to identify the opposite vehicle to ensure safety. When the owner is unlocked or locks, the lights will say hello to you in the form of pulse.


Newly upgraded Quattro Ultra four -wheel drive system

Maybe we are more impressed with Audi that the LOGO is a mechanical gecko’s Quattro full -time four -wheel drive system. In the case of a new generation of Audi A6L in the four -wheel drive system technology, the Quattro Ultra four -wheel drive has been upgraded again when it has already led the same level opponents. system.

This electric four -wheel drive system inherits the excellent genes of Audi Quattro, which can realize the distribution of all -electrified variable torque. At the same time, the response speed is only 30 milliseconds. It is only a quarter of the four -wheel drive. It brings a more secure driving experience to the driver. As for the consumers who pursue the ultimate driving experience, the BMW of the rear -wheel drive is more suitable for you.

Running lamp group

Progressive steering system

The new generation of Audi A6L is equipped with a gradual steering system. When it comes to this, we have to say a little bit to deepen everyone’s understanding of Audi. The Audi family updates the product and starts the flagship Audi A8.

Therefore, this technology was first used on A8. Now we see this on the new generation of Audi A6L. It can be said that Audi has decentralized in the technology field. Now it can allow vehicles to have a larger movement ratio.

For example, as the steering angle increases, the steering ratio of the vehicle will become more and more direct, so that the vehicle has better flexibility and comfort, and the stability of vehicle control will further improve.

C -class car uses 48V light hybrid system for the first time

The biggest highlight of the new Audi A6L comes from the 48V light mix system standard in the entire system. It is also the first time that this level is equipped with a light -mixed system. It has to admit that Audi once again walked in front of Mercedes -Benz and BMW.

The 48V light hybrid system has now become the standard of the current luxury brand. This mild hybrid power system not only saves fuel, but also helps vehicles to improve their acceleration performance. The system is not only for fuel saving or acceleration.

The most important thing is to bring a faster response time to the electronic auxiliary system of the entire car, such as controlling engine start -stop, air spring, four -wheel drive system, and gradual steering system.

The new generation of Audi A6L’s 48V electrical system uses a belt-driven startup motor and 10 ampithium lithium ion battery. The “taxi” function can be achieved at a speed of 55-160 km/h, and the automatic start-stop function can even be 22 speed of 22 speed 22 per hour. Start in the case of kilometers/hour. According to the manufacturer’s information, the 48V light hybrid system can reduce the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers by 0.7L.

Virtual cockpit mass production version

Four -screen linkage, MMI human -machine interaction system

The new generation of Audi A6L can be said to move 80 % of the technology on the Audi A8 to the new model. When we enter the car, the most eye -catching is the three large screens of the center console. The 12.3 -inch LCD instrument panel, a 10.1 -inch multimedia display, and the 8.6 -inch air -conditioning control display.

In addition, the rear row of the new car also provides a 5.7 -inch OLED central control display. With it, it can realize the four -screen full interface intelligent touch and interaction. It is indeed the most modern operation concept in the same level models.

The system also supports continuous handwriting input in Chinese and English, which can easily achieve blind operations during driving, which greatly reduces the interference of driving. At the same time, the new Audi A6L provides a multi -touch interaction experience that surpasses smartphones, which also makes the operation easier than daily use of mobile phones.

While providing a sense of technology, the new MMI has not weakened the practicality of the operation, because the system provides touch back. When the display screen is touched, the system will be confirmed by sound and touch feedback, so as to solve the problem of blind operations during driving, greatly reduce the user’s adaptation time, and better ensure driving safety.


In addition to the point -point point of conventional operations, the new MMI also supports the natural voice interaction system. It can accurately and quickly identify the global voice command control of the vehicle and realize the free talks between users and vehicle planes. As long as we say the export language -based and life -like voice instructions, we can give an order to the control system.

Quattro smart four -wheel drive system

Intelligent driving assistance system

The new Audi A6L also provides a wealth of driving auxiliary systems, as many as 39 safety auxiliary systems include adaptive cruise, active lane keeping, emergency braking, parallel auxiliary, blind zone monitoring, narrow road sections, and so on.

In fact, these systems are controlled by the central driving auxiliary system control unit. It uses 5 radar sensors, 5 visible light cameras, 1 for night vision infrared camera, 12 ultrasonic sensors, and 1 laser scanner for perception of surrounding conditions. At the same time, the management of the control system, the blessing of these configurations greatly improves the safety of the vehicle.

In addition to many safe driving assistance configurations, the new Audi A6L supports the intelligent avoidance function of matrix LED near -light for the first time. It can adjust 32 LED units according to traffic conditions to achieve dynamic and accurate lighting effects.

The new generation of Audi A6L interior

Mobile home theater

With the support of the MMI human -machine interaction system, the new Audi A6L Bang & Olufsen brand audio has naturally been upgraded. As many as 19 speakers constitute a perfect sound field, bringing excellent audio effects.

At the same time, the new car has increased the 3D sound function of the front and rear rows, which also brings a better way to present the sound. As far as the audio effect is concerned, the audio system of the new Audi A6L is obviously at the top level, so that you have the illusion of being at the music scene.

The sense of technology and fashion is vividly reflected


Technology has long been synonymous with Audi, but in addition to a series of cutting -edge technology configuration, the new generation of Audi A6L has also improved a lot in the fashion atmosphere. The design of the new car has a clear sense of lines. The C-pillar curve combines smooth short car tail shapes to create a coupe feeling. This time, it also provides the S-Line sports appearance kit for choice.

With the 10.1+8.6 -inch full -touch dual -screen mid -screen control zone on the interior, it is more important to provide a virtual driving experience for members of the car in addition to creating a sense of technology. The mass production version of the published virtual cockpit, clear and easy -to -use menu logic, smooth and rapid operation response, these are the intelligent convenience brought to us by real scientific and technological progress.

Audi that is armed to teeth

There is no doubt that the new Audi A6L is indeed the most explosive technology configuration in the same class. It is equipped with the 48V electrical system and the gradual steering system that is not common in the same class. Leading driving assistance system at the same level. Therefore, in terms of comprehensive, Audi once again further improved the technology configuration that he is good at on the new generation of A6L to continue to consolidate his competitive position at the same level.

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