The giant bag this winter must have it

Different bags have different missions. Some bags are very mini and can only be equipped with the next pack of paper towels. Some bags have a large capacity of fried chickens.

Different requirements, different choices.

If your own economic strength is online, it is not a problem at all, but most people still have to pursue a little cost -effective. After all, there are too many places that girls need to use RMB.



Those who can not spend money are firm!


For the experience of choosing bags with years of grains,

buy the right one and not the expensive one!

Like the most frequently used in my daily use, I have to be medium -sized bags. It is not small or small. It is moderate in size. It is not particularly tired to go to work or shopping.

After seeing the picture, it was attracted by its high value.

Bat bag

Essence It is named because of the upside -down bats, and its shape has always been the evergreen tree in the bag industry. It is simple and atmospheric, as if you don’t look tired.



Buy a bag and buy a classic model.

Why are people more and more easy to become now?


It is impulsive saving you. Do not look at the needs to chop your hands, blindly pursue fashion and fashion.

I do n’t know when, the large -capacity bag has become the standard in the fashion circle, as if you are not fashionable without your back, but I want to say that you really have so many things to install? Those fashion bloggers are usually just

Take out a concave shape, take pictures

Can anyone go to work every day.


Not to mention the too small bag. A friend had spent five or six hundred to buy a niche brand MINI bag.

After a few times, I sold it in the second -hand, and lost more than 200 more than 200

Is this too much money to make others leak?

For ordinary office workers and student parties,

The cost -effectiveness is the first priority

From all aspects to see if you meet your needs. After all, the bag is served by others, not the slave to the bag.

Moxibustion suggests that you can start with the following two aspects:



Like this medium bat bag, first pass the level in appearance, it

There are two handlers myself

One is convenient for you to carry one hand, and the other is that it is convenient for you to carry on your shoulders. This is enough to hang half of the bag, which is very user -friendly.

As a girl, it is easy to carry one hand with one hand.

After shopping for an hour, I don’t feel much

It feels like an elegant female charm when the shoulder is back,

The recognition is high and it will not be slightly exaggerated

There is a kind of “low -key luxury” charm.


After the appearance can be entered,

Let’s take a look at the capacity

This is also an important step in the process of choosing a package.

For example, today’s bat bag, its size

The proportion is almost perfectly balanced


The bag is 32cm long and 22cm high,


Put a 13.3 -inch Mac Pro no problem

Don’t be too friendly to those who often bring your computer on business trips ~

Another thing that attracts me is its bottom design, and I really feel the designer’s intentions.

Wide entrance+generous bottom

, Book files can be placed flat, and there are some umbrellas, cosmetics, insulation cups and other debris, and can even be a mommy bag.


Some bottles, diapers, etc. can also be installed.

The most important thing is that it


You can sit up by yourself and won’t pour

This is really too poke to me, knowing all.

(The bag is always too crooked to make people irritating …)



The material is quite wide and good, I give full scores in this wave of details

After the appearance and capacity are passing, let’s study in detail


Its fabric uses all cotton canvas fabrics, and the texture is clearly seen under the high -definition lens. It is not the rough line.

There is no sense of cheapness at all


This canvas are better than leather bags,

Don’t worry, you will be skinny after a long time

If you want to take care of, brush the surface with a dry brush, and the dust is easy to remove.

All the lining of the bag is custom -made deer velvet skin, especially

Soft and wear -resistant.

Not only can

Protect valuable items such as mobile phone screens, bus cards, keys and other valuables

Its service life will be extended a lot.

There is also a small design, that is, there is one in the inner mouth and one

Independent anti -theft pocket

You can put important documents such as ID cards and easy to get.

Regardless of whether you are shopping or traveling, you will definitely feel at ease.

In addition to the fabric is very conscience,

Hardware accessories are also a surprise.

Usually when the bag is for the first time, I will take a look subconsciously

Zipper, magnetic buckle, hook

These places, because I think this is also the most reflected part of the details.

This bat bag is really not disappointed at all, all of which are very advanced

“Golden Horseshoe Gate”

The shape of the shape is buckled, and it looks like fried chicken is expensive.

Don’t give a big -name bag at all


And the straps of this hand -widening are widened,

Not only can reduce the sense of “load”

, I won’t do it for a long time. With such a user -friendly design, this wave of praise must be given to it!


Three color schemes, fully meet your matching needs

The color of this bat bag is also very particular,

There are 3 colors

It is the result of carefully after color matching, so each one looks high -level.

Fish bone pattern+honey brown edges


This is my personal favorite, this color matching

Very autumn and winter at a glance

And my style, hahaha, narcissistic.

Whether wearing a camel coat or a black down jacket

It is all very temperament. If the little cute people want to buy it, I suggest that this classic color must be entered.

Light beige+honey brown edge

The edge of this one is the same as above, but the background color is replaced with light beige. I think

It is more suitable for some cuteness of the temperament route.


With a trench coat and a cool coat such as overcoming

The whole is an elegant intellectual sister Fan Er.

The beige is not very picky season,


It can be well matched all year round

In the summer of the summer, wearing a small skirt with temperament is also fashionable!

Crowded gray+ink color edge

This color scheme, don’t look at it is cold and light, but it is actually very versatile. It is just like everyone who likes to buy clothes in winter is a reason. It is not easy to make mistakes.

It is a simple and atmospheric design, plus black and gray color matching,

The sense of advanced has improved another level

If you are too lazy to wear it, it is undoubtedly the most suitable to choose it ~


In the past, we bought a practical and face value. At least four or five hundred bags were still online. Take this bat bag home and let you

Christmas and New Year’s backs have face.



three colors

If you have the conditions, let’s have a good deal with us.

Give your girlfriend or mother as a birthday gift

, Giant Gate!