Girl, don’t wear “white silk” and “shredded pork” in winter! These 3 socks are warm and fashionable

For women, stockings in winter are like “warm artifacts”, and they are also “beautiful weapons” that reflect femininity.

However, stockings cannot be worn casually, especially “white silk” and “shredded pork”, which has already become a “fashion black hole”. Wearing these two stockings in winter is too much price!

Why not wear “white silk” and “shredded pork”?

1) Light white silk and shredded pork, do not keep warm

Most white stockings and meat stockings on the market are relatively thin and thin. There is only a layer of translucent gauze, which can not achieve the warmth effect. It is no different from the “light leg” in winter.

2) Warm white silk and shredded pork, too cheap

In order to improve the white silk and shredded pork in order to improve the warmth effect, they do not consider the fashion effect. It always appears to be contacted with the clothing. The overall shape looks rustic and cheap.

3) The white silk is worn like a “prosthetic limb”, and the shredded meat is worn as if I don’t wear it.

Of course, the most critical point is because the “prosthetic” feeling of white stockings is too heavy, which seriously affects the fashion completion of the overall shape; meat stockings are very close to the skin color. Beautiful, why not directly bare legs?

In fact, you will find that few girls are wearing white silk and shredded pork in the winter, most of them have a lot to do with these three reasons. Choosing socks in winter must be warm and fashionable. The following three kinds of socks are worth recommending.

If you must wear socks, you can choose these 3 styles:

1) Black stockings

Compared to white silk and shredded pork,

The biggest feature of black stockings is that the color and complexion have a clear sense of contrast

It can not only enhance the sense of layering, but also highlight the sexy femininity.

If it is the northern region, it is recommended to choose black silk with a little fabric

, Satisfy the basic warmth effect; you can choose short skirts and inside with high color saturation, and the top jacket echoes the black color as much as possible to improve the styling completion of the styling.


In the south, because winter is not particularly cold, you can put the style first when choosing black silk, like

Black silk with a bistanic element


,as well as


Black silk fishing net socks

It’s very suitable.

The black match of the whole body can show the figure and enhance the femininity; when paired with the black silk fishing net socks, you can put on the pants outside,

Local exposure of the socks

It can improve the sense of layering and fashion.

2) Knitting bottom socks


If you are afraid of cold girls, you must choose knitted bottom socks to take care of warmth and fashion.

On the market


Most knitted bottom socks are made into pantyhose version

With certain elasticity, wearing it is close and warm.

In terms of matching, the color of knitting bottom socks should echo the color of a certain clothing or accessory

It is convenient for creating a good and cute girl image.

3) Mid -Stockings

Due to the advantages of the version, the middle socks are very popular in winter.

“Above the ankle, below the knee”

The length of the ankle has a good warmth effect. It is recommended to choose cotton or cashmere materials in winter, which is warm and fashionable.


In terms of style, in addition to the versatile solid color, like

Color and printed stockings are very suitable for winter wear

In the cold season, use color to set up a warm wear atmosphere.

In terms of matching, the middle socks are particularly exquisite and fashionable whether the body is combined with the ankle or trousers, exposing a little socks.

have to be aware of is,

The color of the socks should be echoed as the color of a single product in the shape

For example, red stocks and red bags, orange middle socks and orange clothes.



Girl, don’t wear “white wire” and “shredded pork”. This winter, wearing black wire, knitted leggings and middle socks, warm and fashionable, the key is very versatile!

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