Old users of Huawei Mate X and Mate XS come over! Free led cortex protective case

[Mobile China News] In addition to the mainstream direct -screen mobile phones, curved screen mobile phones, and the price of folding screen mobile phones on the next floor. Compared to ordinary mobile phones, the price of folding screen phones is really not cheap. How to protect your own love machine is also a question that many folding screen mobile phone users are very concerned about. After all, the price of tens of thousands of tens of thousands is distressed for a while.

Huawei Mate XS folding protective case

华为Mate X和Mate Xs老用户看过来!免费领皮质保护壳

Recently, Huawei Consumer Business CEO and Huawei’s executive director Yu Chengdong said on Weibo that at the time at the Mate X2 conference, a folder leather protective shell for old users of Mate X and Mate XS users, everyone can contact Huawei’s after -sales service The center is free. This folding protective case can strengthen the protection of the folder, and it is very convenient to expand and fold. Huawei announced that it is very conscience to presented the folder cortex protection case to the old users of Mate X and Mate XS for free. After all, this protective case can not only effectively protect the user’s love machine, but also has a good texture, which has improved the style of the mobile phone.

Huawei Mate X is the first 5G folding screen phone released by Huawei, and Huawei Mate XS is the second folding screen phone in Huawei. Although the price of these two mobile phones is expensive, it is still in short supply, and many people even use them as “financial products”. Because after the sale, the prices of these two mobile phones in the market will not rise and fall.