A shirt on fire in the early autumn, a floral shirt called “Qin Lan”, with a leather jacket to wear a beautiful international model

As a mature woman, Qin Lan’s dressing is of great reference. She is very good at wearing a sense of high -level from the ultimate simplicity. This is what we need to learn. This time, she is wearing

Pink printed shirt


Black leather jacket

The appearance, the bottom is used to use


Light blue foot jeans

In addition, she is also embellished between the neck and the same style as the shirt

Positive red ribbon

, To show the tide, it is a fashionable dress that everyone can choose everyday.

Highlight 1: Pink shirt

Qin Lan chose a pink shirt full of flowers. This is a feminine single product. After incorporating the red printing, it becomes more trendy, which will make your daily more fashionable. The pink pink is close to the skin color. The requirements for skin tone are not high. After combining the red printing, it will show a progressive sense of color, creating a rich level.


Highlights 2: Settlement method and accessories


After all, we go out everyday. We have to break the original dullness and seriousness of the shirt through some practical details. Qin Lan unlocked the button of the neckline to a few. , To play a role in modifying the face shape. It can be used as a necklace with the same style ribbon, which can also echo the shirt and greatly improve the harmony.

Highlight 3: Slim Jeans


The upper body shirt uses a relatively loose tailoring, so it is good to cover the meat. After integrating the full pavement of the print, it will transfer everyone’s visual focus, and naturally it will play a very thin role. In this case, you can match your slim jeans according to the “upper Panasonic tightness”. This can show your slender calf lines, and it will also show a sense of youthful vitality.


Highlight 4: Black leather jacket


Qin Lan also paired with a black leather jacket on the outside. It is very practical to bring a leather jacket to bring a leather jacket every day. She is more convenient to wear and take off. Not only can it play a good warmth, but it will also make you exuding a cool temperament. It has a certain gloss, which can also make you a full return rate to a certain extent.

Qin Lan is really trendy. Although she is 42 years old, her dress is definitely worthy of reference by young girls, and she will not wear a sense of oldness at all. This is Qin Lan’s strength. Women do not have a “shelf life”. Even if you are 60 years old, you can live a girl’s posture.

Let’s take a look at Qin Lan’s other wear, and easily wear the elegant goddess fan:


[Girls’ full shirt match]


The shirt is almost a single item. If there are more people, it is easy to wear the feeling of “bad streets”. In order to avoid this, we can integrate some colorful details, such as

On the white shirt, it is full of colorful patterns that you love

Just like this orange flower shirt on Qin Lan, as long as

With the same color system

It can echo the overall style and create a strong sense of girly.

You can also use a solid color system, such as choosing a light green denim skirt as a lower dress, combining with white shirts, it will give people a very simple and refreshing temperament.

[Stacking of knitted vests]

The autumn is coming, and everyone should prepare a few knitwear. You can unlock some trendy wearing methods, such as stacking,

Use sleeveless knitted vests as outer, stack some solid color skirts and shirts

This can create a rich sense of hierarchy, and it will also bring a very warm role.

Sleeveless tailoring can expose the long -cuffs inward

This kind of combination is particularly girly.

【Classic and gentle cheongsam】


if your

Good figure, skeleton petite

If you, you must try the classic and gentle cheongsam. This is a single product that has been popular since the Republic of China. It will

The soft lines of the wearer are displayed to the greatest extent


As long as you have exquisite figures, you can choose it. It has a high requirements on the body.

If your abdomen is too much, it is easy to raise,


That would be embarrassing. If you want to create a ladylike temperament, you can also

With a small cloak, it will be more attractive.

[Highlighting the tube top skirt]

If you need to attend some more important activities, you must try some dress skirts. The most common style is

Tube top tailoring

It will show your exquisite collarbone and round shoulders, which has a highly prominent effect on the figure. If you


If the complexion is fair and has right -angle shoulders

You can choose at ease, of course, it is not suitable for too fat sisters, especially


It is even more difficult to wear aesthetics.

These styles are completely different. You have to choose according to your preferences. Everyone cannot adhere to the rules in terms of wearing. Trying a lot of trials can inspire your infinite possibilities.

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A shirt on fire in the early autumn, a floral shirt called “Qin Lan”, with a leather jacket to wear a beautiful international model