Blowing up imitation leather plants in winter is more fashionable than coats, noble than down jackets, so realistic temperament

In winter, there are not many fashionable, warm and noble items, and the imitation of fur jacket is definitely one. In addition to fashionable and warmth, imitation fur jackets are more environmentally friendly and textured than fur jackets. Select the right color system in winter and easy to wear a chaebol. No wonder there are so many people who love it this winter.

This winter blows the imitation leather grass sleeve, which is more fashionable than a coat and noble than down jacket. It is so realistic that I hope to bring you inspiration!


1. Elimination of fur grass outer sleeves

There are many advantages of imitating leather and grass coats, but there are still many women who love it and hate it. The reason is still not the right style, and it is naturally difficult to get rid of the bloated atmosphere.

Fur coats have always been a single product used to show their identities, but it is easy to give people vulgar and greasy. The fur jacket is quite similar to the fur, but it looks more noble and environmentally friendly. When selecting styles, women can give priority to light -colored or black styles, such as light brown, rice gray or beverage, which is relatively good.

This light brown imitation leather jacket is stacked with black slim knitted long skirts. Black boots enhance their sense of fashion. The overall look looks light and elegant, and its temperament is good.

Short -style imitation fur jackets are relatively easy to control, which is not only noble, but also can be used with different personal styles with different decorations. It should be noted that when choosing inside, women are best to use a slimming bottoming shirt as a coat to easily resolve the fluffy feeling of the coat.


Light -colored fur coat stacking a white slim bottoming shirt, and the blue high -waisted jeans on the lower body to enhance the casual fashion atmosphere.

The long fur jacket has a unique advantage in protecting the warmth and warmth. I am afraid that the cold star or the northern girl must not miss it.

This rice -gray -long imitation fur outer outer style is simple but not losing the high -level texture. Blogs use black thin waist bands to light the waistline, and the belt echo the black knee boots. The 100 yuan fur can also be noble and generous.

Second, play the imitation fur jacket in various styles

With the advantages of warmth, fashion and cost -effectiveness, it is welcomed by women around the world with the advantages of warmth, fashion and cost -effective, and play an important role in various styles.


Large lapel thick imitation fur jackets are both warm and comfortable, but also can easily improve women’s winter aura. After wearing V -neck knitted cardigan, it is gentle and sexy.


It should be noted that long -thick fur jackets have better requirements for women’s height and skeleton.

There are no shortage of fur jackets in the pursuit of simple, comfortable and elegant Japanese wearing. This black medium imitation fur jacket is light and elegant, deep in color, but rich in luster.

The black high -waisted pleated umbrella skirt of the lower body echoed the color of the coat and the layers were clear. Japanese bloggers who are good at color matching are familiar with the “different color” techniques of “different colors”.

The imitation leather jacket is usually mainly solid -color models, but there are some fashion sense of superimposed printed patterns.

This superimposed light -colored short -colored short imitation fur jacket is fashionable and personalized. Black slim inside and black pants have a sight extended effect. With a pair of black pointed high -heeled knee boots, women with one meter six can also be tall. Ghone again.

Third, imitation leather jacket+trousers


It seems fluffy and unavailable in imitation leather jackets, but it is not difficult to disintegrate bloated. A slim bottoming shirt and a pair of casual pants are sufficient.

Jeans have always been a good partner of fur jackets. On the one hand, it adds a sense of leisure and fashion. On the one hand, jeans can also resolve the grace and luxury of fur jackets, making wear daily and close to life.


Light khaki -like imitation leather jacket stacked wearing a slim bottoming shirt. The blue denim tights highlight the slender leg shape.


Of course, you must not forget accessories, such as sunglasses, scarves, scarves, or earrings, all can improve the bonus of the styling grade.

In addition to jeans, lattice casual pants are also magic weapons that reduce the formal sense of imitation fur jacket, and they are reducing their age. If you are worried about winter wear, you may wish to start a fur jacket and copy these wearing demonstrations to easily improve your temperament!


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