This winter is popular with “white pants”, simple and advanced temperament, and coats and down jackets look good

In the deep winter, the atmosphere is getting lower and lower. In dressing, we also began to tend to be conservative, and began to choose dark tones such as dark brown, black, and brown. However, if you want to wear different charm this winter, you must also pick the “white” of bright and eye -catching!

In this winter, this “white pants” began to be popular in the fashion circle. The temperament is simple and dazzling. After the upper body, it has a high sense of high -level sense. It can easily break the dull atmosphere of the deep winter season and make the shape lively and lively.

So today, let’s learn the method of wearing “white pants” together. I learned to get easy to get fashionable and high -end temperament. It looks good with down jackets and coats. Not much to say, go directly to dry goods!

1. What kind of “white pants” are you suitable for?


①: white wide -leg pants, thin meat is thin


In daily wear, the most commonly used is white wide -leg pants. Wide -leg pants are lazy and sexy, and the version is also very loose. It can easily hide the small shortcomings of the legs and crotchs, and it is thin.


At the same time, when you choose white wide -leg pants, you can choose the style with thick and strong fabrics. Like white woolen pants is a good choice, which is warm and not too bloated. It is suitable for most of the vast majority. sisters.


②: White cigarette pipe pants, favorable formal

If you participate in more formal activities or wearing as working, we can choose white cigarette pants. The upper and narrow versions allow it to block the crotch’s fat, highlight the slenderness of the calf, and compare it up and down, naturally the leg lines can be more slim. Of course, if you just wear it everyday, the formal sense of the cigarette pants is too strong, and it is not easy to control!


③: White flared pants, retro French

If you prefer white pants with stiff fabrics, you can try white straight pants and white flared pants. Here, I recommend everyone Pick white flared pants, with a strong retro French flavor, which is in line with the atmosphere of the deep winter season.

In addition, white flared pants can also show their crotch and thigh curve, hiding their calf muscles and modifying leg shapes. It is very suitable for sisters with obvious legs and obvious leg muscles.

④: white leggings, sexy and generous


Of course, if you are confident enough about your figure, you can also try white leggings. The tight -fitting version can easily highlight its body curve and sexy and generous.


However, the white self -visual expansion, if your leg conditions are not particularly excellent, then the white leggings will enlarge your figure’s shortcomings. Therefore, everyone still has to try “white leggings” carefully.


Second, the coloring method of white pants and down jackets/coats

①: white+white

The same color of the same color is matched with an extremely simple temperament, with a white coat designed with black sheep buckle. Compared with other pure white items, it is a bit more interesting and the color matching is richer.


With white pants, it is refreshing and bright, giving people a different sense of fashion. Of course, if you feel that this color matching is too monotonous, you can also decorate one or two other colors of accessories.

②: Blue+White

Dark blue can give people a very quiet and elegant feeling, not fancy, calm with a little intellectual charm, and wearing their own temperament and high sense. The dark blue suit jacket with white shirt+white pants, with the same color matching method, extended the figure line, showing high legs and long legs. The addition of coats and coats has a sense of layering for the shape.

If the dark blue is too dull, you can also choose a relatively high -level Tibetan blue. A hidden blue coat with white pants+high heels, easy to get women’s generous temperament.

③: Dadi color system+white

The earth color is a stable color system, but if you want to wear a gentle temperament, you can choose a relatively lighter earth color system, such as beige, khaki, light brown and so on. A beige down jacket with white straight pants+snake pattern boots and snake pattern elements brings a bit of lively wild beauty to the shape.


But if you want to wear more stable, the earth color with darker color will be more suitable for you, such as coffee, brown, brown, etc. are very good. The brown knitted coat is paired with white pants to use white to eliminate the dullness of brown, and then with a pair of red high heels, one click to light up in winter, feminine.

④: Morandi color+white


The gentle Morandi color coat can be said to be the favorite of many light mature women. In terms of matching, we can still choose the method of the same color system to make white as a leather pink lining color. The whole shape reveals that it is comfortable, the age is elegant, how can people not love!

After reading these methods of “white pants”, I wonder if everyone has learned to wear it? If you think the content of this issue is helpful to you, please like a lot+follow, we see you next time ~