E -commerce Morning Post: Lifan e -commerce responded to Sydney’s shop was sealed by Alibaba led T11

I am Bang Xiaobai. This is the CEO self -study room. I have compiled a learning material to help you review the most concerned e -commerce events.

Jianfan e -commerce responded to Sydney Lin Shanshan’s online store to be blocked

A few days ago, some netizens found that after Sydney’s Weibo account was blocked, Sydney’s account in Douyin and Xiaohongshu was also banned, and it was currently unable to find it. In addition, Sydney’s Taobao shop had removed the word “Sydney” in the name and renamed it “Mrs. Qian Custom Women’s Wear”. At present, the Taobao store has been removed, and the links have failed, and the shop can no longer be searched. After consulting Taobao customer service, it was learned that the shop’s products had been removed for violation of relevant regulations.

As for the problem that consumers are worried that the goods that could not be shipped or refunded in the store before, on December 13, the company’s company’s sail e -commerce responded that the goods that customers previously placed orders would be Ship.

Lei Jun stepped down as a number of Xiaomi associated company executives

The information of Tianyancha shows that a few days ago, Lei Jun successively stepped down as executives and general managers of Xiaomi Technology Co., Ltd., including the executive director and general manager of Xiaomi Technology Co., Ltd., executive director of Guangzhou Xiaomi Information Service Co., Ltd. Legal representative, chairman of Zhuhai Xiaomi Communication Technology Co., Ltd., chairman of Guangzhou Xiaomi Communication Technology Co., Ltd., and executive director and legal representative of Guangdong Xiaomi Technology Co., Ltd..

Former JD.com Vice President Xu Yerun served as Lihai Hongjin Technology CEO

A few days ago, Xu Yerun, the former vice president of JD Science and Technology and the general manager of the Ministry of Asset Management and Technology, officially joined the Golden Cover to serve as the chief strategic officer of Jinzheng Co., Ltd. and the CEO of Lihai Hongjin, a subsidiary of Jinzheng. Management of research and development, sales and operation, report to the chairman of Jinzheng Li Jieyi.

Lazada Double 12 Cross -border multi -category of multi -category has achieved dozens of times the growth of dozens of times

Southeast Asian e -commerce platform Lazada announced Double 12 related data: 12 hours before this 12.12, the platform’s cross -border mother and infant, small appliances, outdoor sports, women’s bags and women’s shoes have grown strongly. Among them, about clothing categories, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Thailand have completed 100%of the 9.9 full -day sales 12 hours before. The sales of women’s shoe categories on sale 9.9 Compared sales of 9.9 to increase the growth of more than 70%throughout the day. Among them, the national brand Senma’s sales at Thailand and Vietnamese sites for only 12 hours of sales have increased by more than 600%throughout the day, respectively. More than 800%, the single volume exceeds 7 times.

Pepsi Corporation increased its capital of 240 million yuan to expand its Guangdong food production base

On December 11, Pepsi Corporation’s Greater China announced that it had increased capital of RMB 240 million (about 40 million US dollars) to expand Pepsi Food Guangdong Production Base. The base is located in Foshan High -tech Industrial Park and is the first food factory established by Pepsi Company in South China. The base is expected to be 40,000 tons per year.

State Post Office: “Double 12” business volume reached a new high

According to the State Post Office, the real -time monitoring data of the National Post Office Express Data Platform shows that on December 12 this year, the postal and express delivery companies took a total of 460 million mails, an increase of more than 20%year -on -year, a record high. Earlier, during the “Double 11” period, the national postal and courier companies took 6.8 billion courier packages, an increase of 18.2%year -on -year; a total of 6.3 billion courier packages were delivered, a year -on -year increase of 16.2%.

Fresh supermarket new retail brand “T11” completes 100 million US dollars in Series B financing

Fresh supermarket new retail brand “T11” has completed a round B financing of 100 million US dollars a few days ago. It is led by Alibaba. Hongwei Capital and MSA Capital followed. Hanergy Investment was an exclusive financial adviser. This round of financing will be mainly used for service upgrades, e -commerce construction, supply chain empowerment, and retail technology investment in core business.

Pet brand “PIDAN” completes B ++ round of financing over 50 million yuan

A few days ago, the pet brand “PIDAN” announced the completion of the B ++ round of over 50 million yuan in financing. This round of financing was exclusively invested by Jinding. The funds were mainly used to build the supply chain support and strengthening of the supply chain positioning of all kinds of pets, as well as product R & D investment. After this rotation of financing, Pidan has accumulated over 100 million yuan in half a year.